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DBA for leading financial company in NJ

Atlas Systems Case Study

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DBA for leading financial company in NJ

  1. 1. DATABASE SERVICES Case study for Leading Financial company based in NJ
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Client is a leading global finTech 100 technology provider of wealth management and cost basis solutions. • Client was seeking offshore Database Support for Oracle and DB2 Production, Development and QA Databases with the objective to drive down costs, through increased use of resources and services delivered from lower cost (offshore) locations. • Technology • Oracle 11g and 12C with Oracle RAC,Data Guard, Exadata, and Cluster environment. Tools: OEM Cloud Control 12c ,Toad) Manager • DB2: LUW 10.5 (Tools :DSM)
  3. 3. CLIENT CHALLENGES • Atlas Systems was chosen by the client to meet the below major problems, issues, requirements and challenges: • Quality Improvement of database administration • Serious performance issues and customer complaints during the peak business hours. • Cost Reduction • 24 x 7 offshore and Oncall extended support • BacklogTickets
  4. 4. ATLAS SOLUTION • Improved database quality by implementing database administration best practices. • Improved database performance to an optimal level by reducing response times for business-critical applications. • Improved database availability by efficient backup and replication process • Improved and efficient 24x7 remote DBA management • Round-the-clock Production support coverage. • On-Call support during holidays, week ends. • Implemented ITIL process efficiently to clear backlog tickets.
  5. 5. CLIENT BENEFITS • 24x7 Oracle/DB2 Database Monitoring,Administration and Troubleshooting services with reduced cost ensuring high standards. • Minimized performance issues during the peak business times and reduced the number of database performance incident tickets.. • Improved database availability by efficient backup and replication process • Improved ITIL-based Service Management processes—Change, Release, Incident and Problem management