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  1. 1 S. B. Jain Institute of Technology, Management & Research, Near Jain International School, Kalmeshwar Road, Nagpur-441501. Mob. 9823218380 Visit : Created By :-  Ashish Sadavarti (ETC) Buttercup Always For Your Memory …
  2. Buttercup Always For Your Memory …
  3. Content  Introduction  Work in market  Transparency foundation  Franchise  Marketing strategy  Event Planners  Vision & Mission BUTTERCUP ALWAYS FOR YOUR MEMORY … 3
  4. Introduction What Is The Meaning Of Buttercup ?  Buttercup its a website & App it basically works on a domestic level , in this app we provided the best deals to the event planners , hotels owners, resort and customer. BUTTERCUP ALWAYS FOR YOUR MEMORY … 4
  5. How buttercup work in the market ? We are the backbone for events planner & hotels owner, we are filling the gap between customers and event planner and hosteler’s, we are the agency customers come to us and book event teams and hotels for their events in their budget.
  6. Transparency is the foundation of buttercup?  PAN card number.  GST in number  ISO certificates.  FSSAI  So customer easily trust on us . BUTTERCUP ALWAYS FOR YOUR MEMORY … 6 What's our meaning about transparency , we have some legal documents and certificates to work in market just like ,
  7. Franchise Franchises plays the most important role in our start-up. We wanted reach all over the India and we helps to increase the business of event planners , hotelier's and marriage lawns and we solve the problem customer to find their best deals. BUTTERCUP ALWAYS FOR YOUR MEMORY … 7
  8. Why link with ? BUTTERCUP ALWAYS FOR YOUR MEMORY … 8 - A trusted matrimonial & matchmaking service, has always differentiated itself from other matrimonial through its innovation-led approach by redefining the way Indian brides and grooms meet for marriages after that we arrange events for them perfectly. Buttercup Always For Your Memory …
  9. BUTTERCUP ALWAYS FOR YOUR MEMORY … 9 What is the marketing strategy of buttercup ?  Social Media Marketing.  Mouth To Mouth Marketing.  Feedback Through Marketing.  Holdings In The City.
  10. BUTTERCUP ALWAYS FOR YOUR MEMORY … 10 Which type of theme we done with event planners? Destination Wedding. Wedding Ceremony. Birthday Party. Surprised Events. Flash Mobi. Collage Functions. Tv Show Like An Indian Idol, Dance +, Shark Tank Etc.. And Many More Types Of Events.
  11. What's the vision and mission of buttercup ? VISION • Vision of buttercup is make it a international company. • In the current scenario no one is the comparator of buttercup. • If in case Oyo enter in this space so we going to type up with Oyo because its a multinational company. MISSION • Mission of buttercup is reach the goal of 10 crore in this current year and after 5 year we wanted to make it 100 crore + revenue . • Most important target is make every event memorable with buttercup. PRESENTATION TITLE 11
  13. T H A N K Y O U B U T T E R C U P b u t t e r c u p @ g m a i l . c o m w w w. b u t t e r c u p . c o m BUTTERCUP ALWAYS FOR YOUR MEMORY … 13