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Going Viral January 2011 Presentation

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Going Viral January 2011 Presentation

  1. 1. Going ViralMaking & DistributingOnline VideoArik Abel * http://arikabel.com * @arikabel * arik.abel@gmail.com
  2. 2. Two Types of Outbreaks: One-to-Many (Viral), Many-2-Many (Meme)
  3. 3. TechniqueTopic Talent Timing Tension
  4. 4. Topic Who is your audience? What are they talking about? Mash-ups. Parodies. Post-It Note Videos. All in One Take… Is your technique unique? Technique
  5. 5. Talent Who is in your video? Is their audience the same as yours? What is happening in the world? What can you add to that event? What is the right time to add it? Timing
  6. 6. Tension What is the source of your disbelief, surprise, polarization? Celebrities getting mad or surprised… Is it real or fake…Fat guy in a little coat… Susan Boyle…Kanye West…You love it, I hate it… All in one take…Impossible circumstances…
  7. 7. The Law of Distributed Influence Imagine all the people, singing in Trafalgar Square Did you see the frozen people in Grand Central?
  8. 8. Group Exercise1. Pick a particular audience, it can even be “anyone with an internet connection”.2. Which of the Ts are they talking about, searching for, watching and sharing right now? Topics, Talent, Timing3. How can you apply a unique technique?4. How can you add tension5. Give the idea a catchy description thatʼs easy to remember and search for.
  9. 9. producedistribute share
  10. 10. produce :: storyboard
  11. 11. produce :: rule of thirds
  12. 12. produce :: shot variety
  13. 13. produce :: a-roll / b-roll
  14. 14. distribute :: video-sharing sites
  15. 15. distribute :: seo, keywords
  16. 16. share :: do it yourself
  17. 17. share :: help them help you
  18. 18. Review1. Observe what people are talking about, searching for, watching and sharing2. Apply the Five Tʼs and Law of Distributed Influence to develop an idea with viral potential3. Follow best practices to produce, distribute and share your content4. Inspire others to produce, distribute and share their own related content5. Repeat ad infinitum