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Araex Newsletter March-June 2012

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Araex Newsletter March-June 2012

  1. 1. 13 March/June 2012In this issue ARAEX & SFW launches new brand of sparkling wines2  Araex expands its portfolio This New Year 2012 means for us the launch as Brut Selección, Brut Reserva, Brut with Cava Villa Conchi of new projects, which we have develo- Reserva Imperial and Brut Rosé. At the4 Harvest Report 2011 ped under the name THE GRAND WINES. request of our clients, we will launch this new range of sparkling wines for6 New labels for Val de Vid, To the range of wineries integrated the first time, which complements Luis Cañas and Pazo in ARAEX & SPANISH FINE WINES, the ARAEX portfolio of still wines de Señorans we add two new projects: R&G and available since 1993. VILLA CONCHI. R&G is the name8 Vineyard surface in Spain of the initiative led by Michel Rol- Finally, I would like to add that in 2011 by varieties • Top 30 land, in partnership with ARAEX ARAEX represented 21% of the total & SFW, to make quality wines in Rioja Alavesa wine exports, a histori-9 Red Rioja wine exports three Denominations of Origin: cal record to date. by country in 2011 RIOJA (ALAVESA), RIBERA DEL DUE- RO and RUEDA. The project started in We hope to keep counting on your10 Spanish Fine Wines launches 2010 and will be in the market in June support and cooperation. new range of wines 2012. After all our efforts to make it a reality, we are very excited about this12 Araex wines shine on first brand of the ARAEX & SFW Group. Decanter magazine Rioja 2007 tasting VILLA CONCHI is the brand that in- corporates a wide selection of spar- kling wines from the D.O. CAVA, such
  2. 2. Araex expands its portfoliowith Cava Villa ConchiIn our quest to offer a wider and The new brand, called Villa Conchi, We hope you like the new cava. Ifbetter service to our customers, includes two cavas with an attrac- you would like to know more aboutAraex has expanded its range of tive and modern presentation: a these wines, get in touch with ourwines in its portfolio to include Brut Selección and a premium Brut sales team and they will be verya cava that matches the singular Reserva. The grapes used to make happy to help you.quality of the wines in the Araex both cavas are located at an aver-and Spanish Fine Wines portfolio age altitude of 250 metres abovesince 1993. sea level in the Baix Penedes, in Catalonia, where about 95% of all Spanish cava is produced.2
  3. 3. Cava Villa Conchi Cava Villa ConchiBrut Selección Brut Reserva 3
  4. 4. Harvest Report 2011 OUR D.O. IN NUMBERS Area Surface Total Production Prod. change (Ha) kg (2011) over 2010 (%) D.O.Ca. Rioja 62,125 383,030,000 +3.34 D.O. Rias Baixas 3,966 41,787,783 +31.87 D.O. Toro 5,675 19,086,305 +15.19 D.O. Rueda 12,590 74,890,428 -2.18 D.O. Ribera del Duero 21,381 96,647,494 +35.84 D.O. Navarra 11,758 71,849,000 -16 D.O. La Mancha 169,900 136,500,000* -3.43 *Estimated production in litres. RIOJA As a result, the harvest started on elegant ripening levels and great September 8, eight days earlier than complexity.ALTOS DE RIOJA, BAIGORRI, LABAS- in the previous year. Regardless of anTIDA, LAR DE PAULA, LUIS CAÑAS, earlier harvest date, the ripening pe- Harvest began on September 16 andAMAREN riod was slow and long –as it should lasted two weeks. We picked aroundProduction this year was lower due to be for Albariño grapes– with large dif- 600,000 kg of Tempranillo grapesthe lack of rain and the high tempera- ferences between day and night time which are full of polyphenols andtures that continued at the end of the temperatures, which enhanced vari- tannins that will result in wines withvegetative cycle, which also induced etal aromas. plenty of colour, good structure, greatthe start of the harvest to mid-Sep- aromatic complexity and alcohol lev-tember. The dry weather required amore exhaustive care of the vineyard, The sanitary condition of the grapes els of 14.5%. We expect these wines tobut also meant that grape health was was good, as well as the acidity. Alco- be suitable for prolonged aging.excellent, with very low incidence of hol levels dropped almost one degreediseases. The intensity of the wines from the previous year to 12.5% re-is medium-high, with complex aromas sulting in spicy primary aromas. Weof ripe fruit. The resulting wines are expect wines from this vintage to be RUEDAexpected to be well structured, with excellent, with balanced acidity andgood colour, longevity and top quality. plenty of fruit character. VAL DE VID. The 2011 harvest in Val de Vid took place between September 12- 26 and produced 500,000 kg of Ver- dejo and Viura grapes - a little lower RIAS BAIXAS TORO than last year. This was due to the ir- regular weather throughout the year,PAZO DE SEÑORANS. The 2011 har- SOBREÑO. Lack of rain marked the with a rainy winter, a dry spring andvest was abundant -30% more than2010- and quality was very good. The 2011 harvest in Toro, with 324 mm of a very hot and dry summer. Despiteweather was more irregular: we had rainfall compared to the 350-400mm this, the sanitary condition of theplenty of rainfall in the winter, a very average. Mild temperatures in June, grapes was very good with an excel-warm spring and a mixed summer, July and part of August combined lent ripening thanks to the high tem-with cool weather in June-July and a with the scarce rainfall have resulted peratures at the end of August andvery hot, dry August and September. in healthy grapes with balanced and early September.4
  5. 5. We harvested mostly at night to en- We picked 386,000 kg in our 86 Ha As a result, white varieties show lesssure that the grapes were picked at which represents 4,500 kg/Ha, well be- aromatic intensity than in previouscooler hours and reached the winery low the maximum allowed by the DO harvests, low acidity and good struc-in optimum conditions. Alcohol lev- Ribera del Duero (7,000 kg/Ha). Our ture while alcohol levels are slightlyels are around 13% with intense fruit wines this vintage have great balance, higher. Red varieties present a goodaromas, especially white flowers and aromatic and polyphenolic concentra- tannic structure, good concentra-tropical notes. tion, excellent acidity, sweet tannins tion, low acidity and ripe fruit aromas and plenty of fruit. We can say that (plums, prunes, dried fruit). 2011 was an excellent harvest at Val- RIBERA DEL DUERO travieso.VALTRAVIESO. The weather was mild NAVARRAthis year, with a cold winter, enoughrainfall to feed the reserves and a mild LA MANCHA PAGO DE CIRSUS. The harvest start-spring with rain in the first half and ed at Pago de Cirsus on August 26. Thean absence of frost with dry weather MUÑOZ. This year’s harvest started first variety to be picked was the Sau-towards the months of May and June. on August 18 and finished on October vignon Blanc, followed by the Char-Summer was irregular, stormy and with 12. The crop at Bodegas Muñoz was donnay. Both varieties, as well as thehigh differences in temperatures that 10% larger than last year. We had to Tempranillo, Syrah and Merlot thatranged from 5ºC at night to 27ºC dur- buy extra grapes to compensate for were harvested later, were in excel-ing the day. As our vineyard is at 915m a 20% drop in production brought by lent sanitary conditions. Winter wasabove sea level, the weather help delay hailstorms in May, a spot of mildew af- irregular with a very cold January andand extend the phenolic ripening, giv- ter a very rainy spring, and low initial a warm rainy February and March. Theing more balance to the grapes. Har- flowering levels. warm weather continued in April andvest started with the Merlot variety at May, which brought forward the flow-the end of September and finished at The second half of the summer was ering. Grapes ripened at an optimumthe end of October with the Cabernet marked by unusually high tempera- rate due to the lack of rain in the har-Sauvignon. The grapes, which showed tures, which continued throughout the vesting months. Wines are expectedoptimum sanitary conditions, were harvest and accelerated the ripening to be of high colour intensity and ex-harvested by hand in 15kg boxes. process in both white and red varieties. cellent quality. 5
  6. 6. New labels for Val de Vid,Luis Cañas and Pazo de SeñoransBodegas Val de Vid, in the DO Rueda, award winning Albariño Pazo Seño- image for its Luis Cañas Blanco Fer-has just released new labels for its Val rans Selección de Añada. The renewed mentado en Barrica, Crianza, Reservade Vid and Eylo ranges. They are strea- label maintains the watercolour but and Gran Reserva. The change is con-mlined versions of the former labels, adds a modern touch with new fonts siderable, with new labels and capsu-which maintain the silhouette of Con- and sharper colours. les and new colours and papers.desa Eylo, a countess who lived in theValladolid area in medieval times. Ano- Meanwhile, Bodegas Luis Cañas from This is what they all look like. Let usther bottle that sees a change is the DOCa Rioja, has also launched a new know what you think!6
  7. 7. Luis Cañas RiojaVal de VidVerdejo RuedaEyloRuedaCondesa EyloRueda Pazo Señorans Selección de Añada 7
  8. 8. Vineyard surface in Spain by varieties • Top 30Although Spain is known for its red wi- in La Mancha, where two thirds of all Garnacha and Monastrell although thenes made with Tempranillo, the most the grapes grown in Spain come from. introduction of foreign varieties isplanted grape across the country is Tempranillo comes second, followed gradually turning the tables, with anAirén, a white variety found mostly by other native varieties such as Bobal, exponential growth in the last decade. Variety Colour Hectares % of Total Variation %   2010 - 2000 Airén White 239,400 23.50 -15.9 Tempranillo Red 212,443 20.86 -83.3 Bobal Red 76,138 7.47 -8.1 Garnacha Tinta Red 66,963 6.57 -13.2 Monastrell Red 53,427 5.24 -2.9 Macabeo (Viura) White 35,002 3.44 4.5 Pardina White 27,566 2.71 -39.0 Garnacha Tintorera Red 20,010 1.96 195.1 Cabernet Sauvignon Red 21,646 2.12 252.2 Syrah Red 19,615 1.93 n/a Palomino Fino White 2,626 0.26 -30.5 Merlot Red 13,362 1.31 273.4 Blend - 11,235 1.10 -70.5 Blanca Cayetana White 11,705 1.15 10.3 Verdejo Blanco White 16,985 1.67 111.0 Moscatel Alejandría White 9,840 0.97 18.0 Pedro Ximénez White 8,471 0.83 -13.8 Listán Blanco White 9,312 0.91 -3.2 Mencía Red 8,789 0.86 -20.1 Parellada White 7,829 0.77 -15.6 Xarello Blanco White 8,412 0.83 -12.8 Chelva Red 5,040 0.49 -30.1 Tinta de Toro Red * 0.0 37.8 Malvasía White 4,951 0.49 -20.6 Mazuelo /Cariñena Red 6,284 0.62 -35.2 Chardonnay White 6,180 0.61 181.4 Albariño White 5,523 0.54 20.9 Prieto Picudo Red 4,583 0.45 -34.1 Zalema White 4,395 0.43 -20.6 Jaén Blanco White 3,750 0.37 202.7 *Tinta de Toro is classified under Tempranillo since 2010. Data for 2010 Varieties Hectares % of Total White 443,264 43.51 Red 530,506 52.08 Other 44,885 4.41 TOTAL 1,018,655 1008
  9. 9. Red Rioja wine exports by country in 2011Fifteen countries around the world dom, Germany and the US top the con- va, with 134,991,902 million euros, fol-concentrate 91% of consumption of sumption chart, with over 57% of the lowed by young wines (99,580,082Rioja red wine, with an annual turno- total. In terms of turnover, the largest million euros) and Crianza (96,665,637ver of 314.8 million euros. United King- proportion of Rioja wine sold is Reser- million euros). Country Hectolitres Turnover E Average Price E % of Total 1. United Kingdom 284,716.40 102,238,201.44 3.59 29.66% 2. Germany 151,755.94 57,490,884.47 3.79 16.68% 3. United States 77,048.64 37,285,981.4 4.84 10.82% 4. Switzerland 63,226.89 30,549,286.4 4.83 8.86% 5. Sweden 26,144.32 11,540,015.53 4.41 3.35% 6. The Netherlands 28,623.79 10,026,345.74 3.50 2.91% 7. Mexico 17,243.76 9,389,001.86 5,44 2.72% 8. Canada 14,192.27 9,010,026.02 6,35 2.61% 9. China 16,378.43 8,709,992.31 5,32 2.53% 10. Ireland 18,972.19 8,369,202.53 4,41 2.43% 11. Belgium 18.205,19 8,233,574.27 4,52 2.39% 12. Norway 12,658.57 7,099,968.17 5,61 2.06% 13. Denmark 12,085.71 5,890,291.07 4,87 1.71% 14. France 13,581.40 5,007,725.51 3,69 1.45% 15. Austria 10,249.53 4,012,530.86 3,91 1.16% TOTAL TOP 15 765,083.03 314,853,027.58 4.12 91% 9
  10. 10. Spanish Fine Wines launchesnew range of winesThe ARAEX and Spanish Fine Wines above the sea level, this region is Domus de Veleia “Edición especial”team has created an attractive, ap- considered cooler than the rest of range aims to express the typicalproachable and modern family of Central Spain, which allows us to character of Spain’s most outstand-wines crafted to give pleasure to produce fresher wines. ing grape variety: Tempranillo. Ele-any wine lover. gance and vibrancy are the essence And part of our vineyards has the of these wines.Domus de Veleia translates 20 years distinction of being one the oldestof passion into wines that offer the plantings of Tempranillo and Gar- Domus de Veleia “Gran Colección” isbest Tempranillo and other leading nacha in the region. The Domus de a homage to the diversity of Span-Spanish grape varieties. By sharing Veleia range has a common base: ish grape varieties and terroirs. Ourthe know-how of 12 wineries within at least 70% of the blends are made winemaker uses selective blending7 of the most important Spanish with Spanish grape varieties. and an abundance of passion to pro-wine regions, Domus de Veleia en- duce premium wines. Both softnesscompasses the best of the Iberian Domus de Veleia “Clasicos” repre- and intensity are perfectly achieved,Peninsula. sents the most famous Spanish grape while demonstrating the full poten- varieties. The wines show the expres- tial of the Domus the Veleia wines.The vineyards of Domus de Veleia sion of soil and climate, with intenseare located to the southeast of Ma- aromas emanating from the fruit,drid around the village of Noblejas. showing elegance and concentrationAt an altitude of over 737 meters and fresh, well-balanced flavours.10
  11. 11. Entry Level Domus de Veleia “Clasicos”Barrel Aged PremiumDomus de Veleia “Edición especial” Domus de Veleia “Gran Colección” 11
  12. 12. Araex wines shine on Decantermagazine Rioja 2007 tastingSix wines in the Araex portfolio were spice and tannins under control”. The za: “Deep and complex with plumpgiven three and four stars in the Rioja seven panel judges, including Sarah fruit, huge tannins and fresh acidi-2007 Decanter Panel Tasting, showing Jane Evans MW, Pierre Mansour from ty”; Angeles de Amaren: “Generousthat the quality across the range of the The Wine Society and Rioja expert and typical cherry jam flavours”; Larour Rioja Alavesa wines and wineries John Radford, described this 100% de Paula Crianza: “clean fruit, hintsis consistent and steady. Tempranillo as “expressive, layered of chocolate on the mid-palate and and really appealing” adding that it good structure”; Solagüen Crianza:Rated “very good” by the Denomination will be “fabulous”. “Mouthfilling fruit” and Altos de Laof Origin Rioja, the 2007 vintage is, ac- Guardia Crianza: “Balanced fruit,cording to Decanter magazine, emerging At Bodegas Baigorri, gravity is the tannin and acidity”.from the shadow of the “excellent” 2005. driving force in the winemaking pro- cess, completely avoiding the use of Rated the “best vintage between 2005Baigorri de Garage, the signature pumps. Built 32 metres underground, and 2010”, the judges praised the te-wine of Samaniego-based Bodegas the winery is one of the landmark rroir in some of the wines: “ManyBaigorri, obtained four stars. The pa- buildings in Rioja Alavesa. Alavesa wines showed class, style andnel highlighted its aromas “of really charm”, according to Mansour. Mikedark, concentrated bramble fruit, spi- Five more wines in the Araex portfo- Ritchie MW agreed, finding “lively aro-cy oak, mint, high toast and cedar”, lio obtained three stars in this panel. matics and minerality” in the wines ofalong with “rich syrupy fruit with big They were Castillo Labastida Crian- this sub-region of the DOCa Rioja.ARAEX - Rioja Alavesa, S.L. araex@araex.comwww.araex.comSpanish Fine Wines, S.L. sfw@sfw.eswww.sfw.esRamón y Cajal 7, 1ºA. 01007 VITORIA - SPAINTel (+34) 945 150 589 (+34) 945 150 588Fax (+34) 945 158 28312