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  1. 1. Klassik Benchmark-15 storey Apartment Bangalore Klassik Benchmark is located in the nodal point of Bannerghatta road which links to outer ring road and electronic city. The two identical East, West towers combines 240 flats of 2bhk, 3bhk. The central festival plaza acts as a grand place for all dwelling units for community gathering and celebration. Klassik benchmark with double basement car parking enjoys a vehicle free space for children to play and for elders to walk freely. With 85% open space of 3.3 acres it is flourished with tennis court, swimming pool, jogging track, barbeque space, children's play area and state- of- the- art clubhouse. Designing an apartment is not just 'lifestyle change' but building a perception of well-knitted community place.
  2. 2. Pristine township is a proposal for a 11 acre residential site at off- sarjapur road, Bangalore. Affordable housing, Modular construction units, Retaining the Site's natural contours and creating more open spaces and community places are key planning points. It is a competition project hosted by Klassik builders, we as poetics own the competition. I was involved in all stages from schematic design to presentation. KLASSIC PRISTINE- Bangalore
  3. 3. Published : Architecture + Design (A+D) magazine' may 2008 ‘Sriash’ residence is a pure urban house. The design sprouts out from the staircase as a tree which bears fruitful spaces. The modest entry welcomes you to a one and half height volume of guest living space. SRIASH RESIDENCE The formal guest living space at ground level opens to an urban court, which means that setbacks and compound walls could be modulated into the courtyard. The urban court establishes privacy from road and the same compound wall becomes water fall wall on the inner side. The double volume family living opens to a green court which is more personal for family members. In the same way, dining space opens to mural wall. The eight feet ht. sliding doors are melting point of the interior and exterior spaces. The materials (stone, exposed concrete, wood) used are more pure in modern and elegant living. The aesthetic comes from monastic caves and simple living. In technical function aspect, the thick composite masonry of stone and brick brings the inside climate of the house more uniform through out the year. The green court acts as lungs of the house. The eight feet ht. sliding doors in both living spaces opens to the northern light. The thick flat slab makes the structure with invisible beams. The state of the art home theatre is done with acoustic proof and controlled light into the space. All the service pipelines are merged within inner walls/ ducts. The service pipelines become veins of the house. The exterior lights are connected with solar power to utilize the natural energy resource. Separate rain water sump collects all roof level rain waters which used for gardening. The sustainability of the house has been achieved by placing every single space /openings / materials under meticulous planning and execution. Then it leads to a five step level where you find the family living, kitchen and dining space. Steps/ staircases are the embryo of the house. From family living level you climb ten steps and it opens to home theatre. From that mid level, you climb again it opens to study space and links to two children bedrooms. From the study space you could look down to the family living. The spacious master bedroom too opens to court. At first floor level the children bedroom opens to the terrace. The terrace being in the northeast side becomes a place of shade in the evening for play, conversations and party. “The organic nature of A Tree is a vital concept in residential architecture. Every space should grow and become part of the people and vice verse”
  4. 4. SRINIVASA NAIK RESIDENCE - Bangalore Srinivasa Naik residence is located at rainbow residency, Bangalore. The house is an independent duplex house with a working studio space. The functional volumes of the house are set as per sun movements. The natural sun shade in northeast terrace creates a play space for kids during evening hours. At the ground level the living hall along with the green courtyard extends as an informal gathering space. Target DUO Residence-Chennai Target DUO is located at medavakkam, Chennai. The project is designed for a builder as two independent houses sharing a common wall. The central level differences and staircase core is a direct response to the climate of Chennai. The double volume living space amplifies the small space into more measurable interaction in the house.
  5. 5. Administration block Administration block NALANDA UNIVERSITY Nalanda Institute is located at Bylakuppe, Madikeri, Karnataka. The institute's 100 acre land, master planning is done based on site contours and future of the institution's growth. The central library springs from the inner courtyard to bring efficient light to reading halls. The inner courtyard ignites the inner mind which interacts with books Master Plan