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Newsletter May/June 2011

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Newsletter May/June 2011

  1. 1. Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario May – June 2011Dear Member,We’d like to share some of the activities held during last month and invite you to theactivities planned for the near future. FAAPI’s Annual General Meeting The Annual General Meeting took place in Córdoba on April 30th following the agenda forwarded to associations in advance. APrIR President Prof. Graciela Castelli and Prof. Mariel Amez travelled to Córdoba to attend the meeting. FAAPI authorities presented the Annual Report, and Treasurer Prof. Mario López Barrios submitted the audited Financial Statement. Both were approved by the members present. During the meeting matters of common concern were discussedand APrIR received general congratulations on the activities that have been presented tomembers since may 2010. Decisions were made after debating the different topics, and theannual fee that associations must pay to FAAPI was agreed upon.The AGM also elected new members for some of the positions in the FAAPI ExecutiveCommittee, as detailed in the agenda. The full detail of the EC is as follows: Pte. Dr. Daniel J. Fernández ASPI Sta Fe Vice Presidente Cristina Mayol AMPI Misiones Tesorero: Dr. Mario Lopez Barrios ACPI Cba Secretaria: Emma Figueroa APISE Vocal 1 Titular Paola Sviatschi ACPI Cba Vocal 1° Sup. Angelica Pereyra As.Ca.P.I Vocal 2° Tit. Ana Isabel Agüero APISE Vocal 2° Sup.Elena Gil de Forgas APIT Revisora de Ctas Tit. Claudia Naom APIBA Revisora de Ctas. Sup. Ana Triboli ASPI Salta
  2. 2. Annual Fee: End of Early Bird Discount on May 31st As you know the Annual General Meeting established the fee for active members for 2011 to be $160 (one hundred and sixty pesos), payable in one or two instalments. The special "early bird" discount is $140 (one hundred and forty pesos), for those who cancel their dues in full before May 31st at our office or through online payment or bank transfer. This special offer is notapplicable if you ask for the fee to be collected at your place.There will be a special fee for retired members: $120 (one hundred and twenty pesos) inone or two installments, regardless of the method of payment chosen. Proof of retirementstatus is required.Payment methods:a) On-line transfer or bank deposit: b) Cuenta Digital: Claim your paymentBanco Nación Suc. 3020- Rosario slip at aprir.cd@gmail.com and thenCBU Nº 01104442/40044427146462 cancel it via Rapipago, Pagofácil, etc.Cuenta Corriente Especial c) Postal order or cheque payable toNº de cuenta: 444271464/6 LEDA NOEMÍ SIBURUAsociación de Profesores de Inglés deRosario d) Ask for the fee to be collected atCUIT: 30-6805210-9 your place. Recent activitiesChatting Meal – April 26thAs every month, advanced students and teachers got together to have a friendly chat -and a hearty laugh - over a tasty meal with Profs. Julieta de Zavalía and María del CarmenFernández Beitía .
  3. 3. The atmosphere is warm and humour prevails amongst the participant. We encourage youand your students to sign up early, as seats are not too numerous. We can only hold a partyof about 15 guests.New Venue: The next Chatting Meal will take place on May 26th. at Ristretto Caffe,Tucumán and Paraguay, at 9 pm. Enrol in advance filling in the formhttp://tinyurl.com/meal-mayPearson Education – May 12thPearson, with APrIR’s sponsorship, presented Mr Nick Perkins at St Bartholomew’s Schoolon May 12th. Mr Perkins introduced a number of interesting ideas and suggested many sitesto use ICT to enhance our lessons with children. The event was free of charge.The Buenos Aires Players - May 19th and 20thThe Buenos Aires Players visited Rosario and staged a number of fun plays. TheBroadway Theatre swarmed with teachers and students of all ages and everyoneenjoyed the performances. Where else could this group of outstanding actors andactresses perform but on Broadway?Teas and Fashion - May 20th,We regret to have had to put off this event till a later date. The new date will be announcedpromptly.
  4. 4. New teachers On May 13th ISPI Nº 9123 “San Bartolomé” held their Graduation ceremony for teaching and translation programmes. During the ceremony the novel teachers who got the best average marks were awarded APrIR’s medal and membership for one year. MaríaGuillermina Sonnet and Luciana Stefani are now members of our association. We areproud to welcome them both. 2011 FAAPI Conference Remember to check out the new website created by APIT for the September Conference: http://www.faapitucuman.com.ar/The following text has been received from APIT. “La CD de APIT se dirige a Uds con el fin de informarles lo siguiente: 1. FE DE ERRATAS: En el Call for Papers correspondiente al FAAPI 2011 se indica erróneamente que los " Workshops" serían incluidos en la publicación final. Debemos aclarar que solo los "Papers" serán publicados en los Proceedings, pero no así las propuestas de "Workshops". 2. Presenters Form: Luego de repetidas pruebas verificamos que el Presenters Form funciona correctamente. Sin embargo recomendamos revisar que todos los datos ingresados sean correctos, ya que si un dato no cumple con el formato requerido no será posible enviar el formulario. Por lo tanto sugerimos prestar atención a los mensajes de error generados, antes de enviar su propuesta. 3. Extensión de plazo para la presentación de propuestas académicas: Les recordamos que el plazo para la presentación de propuestas ha sido extendido hasta el 29 de Mayo.”You can download the Call for Papers from the site. Bear in mind it closes on May 29th.You may also be interested in the following information about fees. FAAPI member Students Non FAAPI member From May 7 to June 6 $340 -- $460 From June 7 $400 $350 $540 Please cancel you annual fee before enrolling with a member discount.
  5. 5. Forthcoming activitiesSIGs and Workshops:Remember they are free of charge for APrIR membersCALL SIG Coordinated by Mary Di Mónaco (marydimonaco@gmail.com) Monthly meetings to experiment with the new technologies and think of ways to use them to enhance our teaching practice. Teachers who own a laptop or netbook may choose to work on them. Fee: $10 for Members - $25 for non-MembersLAST SATURDAY of the month, at 9.30. Venue: Zeballos 1220 (cybercafé), 528-3228.Workshops:Remember they are free of charge for APrIR members. Non-members: $20. Pleasecontact the coordinators to sign up. Reading for Pleasure, coordinated by Nora Séculi, noraseculi@express.com.ar Monthly meetings, in which to read, analyze and discuss short stories, poems or plays, according to the preferences of the group.SECOND TUESDAY of the month, from 4 to 6 pm.Do get in touch with Miss Séculi if you intend to attend so that she has the photocopiesready for you. Teaching Tips: Conversations about our Practice, coordinated by Graciela Castelli. Venue: AprIR. First Wednesday of the month at 9 am. Enrol in advance bywriting to graciela.teachingtips@yahoo.com.arNext SIG meeting will be put off till August.Bloomsday - June 17th, 8 pmVenue: Asociación Católica San Patricio - Salta 2643. Bloomsday is a commemoration observed annually in Dublin and elsewhere to celebrate the life of Irish writer James Joyce and relive the events in his novel Ulysses, all of which took place on the same day in Dublin in 1904. There will be a social gathering, music and reading of extracts from James Joyce’s works. Join us! The enrolment form will reach you via email, as usual.
  6. 6. APrIR Seminar: "Teaching and learning together: 35 years and counting". August 19th - 20th - Venue: UCELOur speakers will broach interesting topics of their expertise, with a selection of 2.0technology geared talks and non-technology ones. All talks will be held f2f, on Fridayevening and Saturday morning and afternoon. Prizes will be raffled, includingenrolment for the FAAPI seminar. Confirmed Presentations: Cecilia Acquarone (Title to be confirmed) Malena Botto Revisiting the Concept of Test Washback Pablo Labandeira Defying classroom gravity. Carla Raguseo Striving for Relevance - Content and Language Learning for secondary EFL students Silvia Rivero (Title to be confirmed) Cristina Thomson de Grondona White Unveiling the Art Behind Picture Book Illustration Raquel Vergara English through Art…why not? Florencia Viale Weaving paintings and language in the EFL kindergarten classroom. Rita Zeinstejer Telling Tales with Technology Note that only APrIR members can take advantage of the early bird fee. APrIR member Non member Students Until June 24 $120 -- -- Until July 29 $180 $300 -- Until August 12 $250 $400 $250Payment options:On-line transfer, bank deposit, Cuenta Digital, Postal order or cheque. (see Annualfee for details.Enrolment form to be sent soon.
  7. 7. SeptemberTeacher’s DayWe are planning a get-together to celebrate both APrIR’s birthday (September 4th) andTeacher’s Day. More details to come.OctoberSession with Viviana Valenti (f2f). Details to come. APIBA – APrIR Google GroupThis group is open at https://groups.google.com/group/espacio-de-colaboracion?hl=es.All teachers who are members of FAAPI affiliates are welcome to join in. It is undoubtedlycrucial for all of us to continue interacting to help our associations grow together. Your Voices:Join Professor Jeremy Harmer - and many others already - in celebrating APrIR’sanniversary!You can send a greeting to our association on its anniversary by mail or email, or you canleave an audio / video message at: http://voicethread.com/?#u1642534.b1734523 Checkthe March Newsletter for detailed instructions to use Voicethread. We would love to hearyour voices! News from our members Prof. Rita Zeinstejer delivered the online presentation “La educación digital” last May 14th, organised by SBS under the auspices of APrIR “. Due to its success it was repeated on May 21st. Prof. Malena Botto lectured on “Cambridge English KET and PET … or Cambridge English KET and PET for Schools: an informed decision” on May 21st, an activity corresponding to Cambridge ESOL Professional Development. APrIR would proudly like to congratulate Prof. Andrea Monserrat on having been elected Vice-Rectora at IES. Nº 28 "Olga Cossettini". Andrea, we wish you luck!If you are an APrIR member and you are giving a presentation, please keep us postedby filling in this form:https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHMxMTgxVnhYdjFpR2luM2hiTEFwUFE6MQWe will be delighted to share the information in our Newsletter.
  8. 8. If you are already a member, read on:An association is only as strong as its membership. You dont need to be an ECmember to help APrIR grow.Would you like to coordinate a workshop? Do you have a pet project that APrIR canhelp bring to life? Can you persuade some friends to join? We are sure we cancount you in to contribute in some way. Contact us, please. If you are not a member yet, why don’t you join us?Take advantage of our special offer: 5 x 4: Every five colleagues enrolling together, only 4pay.Complete the online form at http://tinyurl.com/29fdqyw (access by pressing the controlkey while you click on the link, or copy the complete link into your browser)Then scan your certificate and email a copy to APrIR’s mailbox. (aprir.cd@gmail.com )Or else drop by APrIRs office. New MembersWe would like to give a warm welcome to the new members, who joined us in the lastmonth: Melisa CARBÓ Ma. Fernanda COLONNELLO Evelyn ECHEVARRÍA Ma. Eugenia FERRANTI Nadia GALLUCCI Alejandra María GARRÉ Romina GEREZ Mariela GIANOLA ROCHA Valeria Verónica KUNC Sandra Viviana MORETTI Claudia PASCULLI Mariela RODRÍGUEZ Luciana STEFANI María Inés TESTONI Brenda VILLALBA
  9. 9. Useful information:Our office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 7 pm. Corrientes 1323 (P.B.) Rosario.Our telephone number is: (0341) 153-983562 Outside office hours, please leave a message.You may also contact us via email: aprir.2009@yaho.com.ar (about general matters) aprir.cd@gmail.com (for administrative matters)Remember to follow us online Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/APrIR/127774673899632?ref=ts , Twitter: http://twitter.com/aprir http://groups.google.com.ar/group/aprir These institutions support APrIR: Are you a Director of Studies? Contact us to find out how your institution can also support APrIR. Write to aprir.cd@gmail.com APrIR is your association. Take pride in belonging.