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The State of Finance Apps in 2017

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Mobile has disrupted traditional banking and financial services. In 2017, App Annie saw finance app gain momentum and cryptocurrency management apps skyrocket to success. Unlock key insights on the state of retail banking, financial services and fintech apps and how best to navigate this evolving industry.

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The State of Finance Apps in 2017

  1. 1. — R E T R O S P E C T I V E —
  2. 2. Finance Apps: Mobile Disrupts Traditional Banking & Financial Services COPYRIGHT 20182
  3. 3. Indonesia Brazil Russia China** Germany Japan Spain UnitedStates SouthKorea France United Kingdom Finance App Adoption Is Gaining Momentum More Financial Interactions Are Happening on Mobile Platforms, Significantly Outpacing Growth in Apps Overall in the Markets Below *iOS App Store and Google Play combined **China is iOS App Store only Mobile apps have accelerated the digital transformation of the personal finance space. Instant person-to-person payments, aggregators and the emergence of digital wallets/payments have already made traditional services less relevant for many consumers. The convenience delivered by apps further raises consumer expectations for instant, innovative and effortless service available 24/7. Vast investment in banking technology in Brazil has resulted in exceptionally rapid growth in mobile banking. Percentage Growth in Finance App Downloads* in Select Markets, 2017 vs 2015 COPYRIGHT 20183
  4. 4. ONLINE PAYMENTS AND PERSON-TO-PERSON TRANSFERS BANKS LOCAL PAYMENTS & POS SERVICE CONSOLIDATION AND BUDGETING INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT / TRADING PLATFORMS INSURANCE CREDIT CHECKING A Full Range of Financial Services Are Available to App Users The Traditional Full-Service Retail Banking Model Is at Risk Google Wallet PayPal Samsung PayAlipay Apple Pay WeChat Pay Lloyds Bank China Construction Bank Sparkasse Atom Bank HSBC Wells Fargo Sberbank of Russia Starling Bank Monzo Credit Agricole BBVA Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Chase Barclays Digibank by DBS KB kookmin bank N26 Commonwealth Bank of Australia KakaoPay LINE Pay Android Pay Zelle Venmo Revolut Lydia Square iZettle PayPal Here Credit Sesame Credit Karma Experian ClearScore Zaim Bankin’ Linxo Money Forward Centralway Numbrs 51 Keeper HSBC MyMoney Haitong Ant Finance DaZhiHui HuaTai Nutmeg Acorn JD Finance Credit Ease Lu.com Pingan Life Insurance DB Insurance Hyundai Marine Insurance Samsung Direct COPYRIGHT 20184
  5. 5. “For Lloyds, the app is a strategic asset to meet our customers’ changing needs, enabling us to provide a more personalised and relevant banking experience. We want everything we do going forward to be mobile-first.” Quote provided to App Annie by Martin Rowbotham Head of Mobile Insight and Strategy Lloyds Banking Group COPYRIGHT 20185
  6. 6. Booming Cryptocurrency Prices Have Created a New Category of Cryptocurrency Management Apps Cryptocurrency management apps have seen a significant boost in the face of growing market excitement. By allowing users to monitor, store and trade currency at any time or place, these apps have become a critical tool for currency traders. The performance of cryptocurrency management apps is tied closely to currency values and consumer excitement. Peaks and troughs in trading values will continue to be reflected in app usage. Smartphone Monthly Active Users for Leading Cryptocurrency App* and Average Bitcoin Value Worldwide * By MAU, App Name Anonymized ** Produced from http://www.coindesk.com/price/ Jan 2016 Jul 2016 Jan 2017 Jul 2017 MAU (Millions) Average Monthly Bitcoin Value (USD)** Jan 2016 Jul 2016 Jan 2017 Jul 2017 COPYRIGHT 20186
  7. 7. Our Full Report Offers: ● Further In-Depth Insights on mobile’s disruption in finance ● Rankings: See the year's top apps across markets and categories ● Video Streaming: How consumer spend is exploding in video streaming apps ● China: The staggering growth of the app economy in China ● Ride-Sharing: Local variations within the extremely competitive ride-sharing space ● Much more... APP ANNIE Use Annie Data For Free, Today, To Help With Your Own Analysis ● App Annie Intelligence ● Text about App Annie Intelligence, what it does, and that there’s a free option available ● Sign up for free now! ● ● App Annie Connect ● Text about App Annie Connect, what it does, and that there’s a free option available ● Sign up for free now! APP ANNIEAPP ANNIE COPYRIGHT 20187 Download Our Full Report
  8. 8. About App Annie App Annie delivers the most trusted app market data and insights for your business to succeed in the global app economy. Over 1 million registered users rely on App Annie to better understand the app market, their businesses and the opportunities around them. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with 450 employees across 15 global offices. App Annie has received $157 million in financing, including from investors such as Sequoia Capital, Institutional Venture Partners, IDG Capital Partners, e.ventures, Greenspring Associates, and Greycroft Partners. For more information, please visit appannie.com, check out our Insights Blog and follow us on Twitter (@AppAnnie). To find out more about our products, visit our Market Intelligence and Connect product pages. For the most current monthly rankings of apps and publishers, check out the App Annie Index. Report methodology and updates are available here. COPYRIGHT 20188