Fender vs Gibson
Fender vs Gibson
Fender vs Gibson
Fender vs Gibson
Fender vs Gibson
Fender vs Gibson
Fender vs Gibson
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Fender vs Gibson

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  • The picture slides and adapt to you screen size, and it’s very pretty. The articles are annoying and unnecessary though. The top layout is wonderful, but the suggestion to sign it may frustrate some casual surfers. Fender’s website has wow factor, but the articles take away from that. The navigation is simple and easy to use. The text is stylish and easy to use. The website works on all browsers. The colors are distracting, but in a positive ADHD-like way. The website has a fun color scheme. The website loads relatively quickly. The consistency a subsections are wonderful.
  • While the website is a bit too empty, it is very straightforward and takes you straight to the guitars, which is what most viewers want. Near the bottom there is a bit too much extra unprofessional crap though. The wow factor isn’t as much here, but the website is definitely less cluttered. The navigation is also pretty good. The text is less flare-y but very easy to see. The grid is simple and straightforward. The website works on all browsers. The lack of colors is clean, but seems a bit boring. The website loads relatively quickly. Some of the pages consistency is a bit off.
  • When viewing products, Fender comes out on top. The organization of each category is very clear and easy to see. The basses have clear pictures and prices displayed, with enough fine detail to be clear but not an overwhelming amount.
  • The Gibson website is inferior, as it’s much harder to find what you want. The pictures of the instruments are very poorly laid out, and the prices of each is inconvenient. On the plus side, it’s a bit less busy.
  • The individual instrument page is also superior to Gibson’s, because the specs are a lot easier to find, and you can view the model in different colors. The price is clear and easy to see, and it links you to find a dealer near you. You can zoom in on the picture, and there’s a super handy compare button. The layout is simple, informative, and easy to look at.
  • This website is far inferior to Fender’s. The price is nowhere to be found, the specs are simply not there. The description is sort and reeks of marketing, and it’s full of RSS and HTML crap that has no place. The picture also has no ability to be zoomed in on. On the plus side, the open space is refreshing.
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