dr. t. annie sheron annie sheron kakatiya governme annie sheron ethnopharmacology ethnobotany భారతీయ వైద్య విధానాలు indian traditional medicinal systems ayurveda medicine on temples indigenous communities botanical surveys indigenous plant use ethnolinguistics traditional ecological knowled herbal medicine cultural practices data collection fieldwork ethnographic studies folklore traditional knowledge research methods milk sterilization methods dairy equipment sanitation milk sanitation practices milk quality control dairy farm hygiene milk testing pasteurization milk hygienic standards milk processing milk production practices gmp of milk haccp of milk proper handling and storage of milk hygiene importance of safe milk supply ancient medicine traditional medicine cultural botany tek traditional plant knowledge indigenous plant knowledge plant folklore ethno-botany ethnobiology natural pigments diatomaceous earth kieselguhr alginite alginic acid carrageenan agar aulosira fertilissima monostroma aonori kombu biofertilisers algal fertilisers biofouling red tides algal blooms bio fuel diatomite economic importance of algae beneficial aspects of algae mull humus mor humus moder humus humification soil ph soil organisms soil air soil water soil temperature soil colour soil structure soil properties edaphic factor mulching pan breaking terrace cropping contour agrostological methods dry farming soil erosion effects coastal erosion splash erosion sheet erosion rill erosion gully erosion wind erosion water erosion geological erosion soil conservation soil erosion near threatened (nt) vulnerable (vu) endangered (en) critically endangered (cr) extinct in the wild (ew) least concern (lc) data deficient (dd) extinct (ex) global extinction risk status red data book red list of threatened species red list united for life and livelihoods iucn international union for conservation of nature conference of the parties cop. basic countries paris agreement green climate fund the copenhagen accord copenhagan protocol earth summit 1992 kyoto protoco cbd biological pest control disease regulation climate regulation aesthetic value of biodiversity cultural value of biodiversity environmental value of biodiversity global biodiversity status levels of biodiversity concepts of biodiversity long term captive breeding biosphere reserve pollution methods of biodiversity conservation ex situ conservation consequences of biodiversity loss in situ consrevation poaching and hunting habitat destruction different threats to biodiversity loss competition predation saprophytism mutualism commensalism amensalism kakatiya government college dr. t. annie sheron dr.t.annie sheron adoxa type peperomia type penaea type plumbagella type plumbago type coenomegaspore coeno-megaspore embryo sac types tetrasporic bisporic monosporic megagametogenesis archesporial cell embryology megasporogenesis fertilization in plants heterofertilization polyspermy primary endosperm nucleus oburator movement of pollen tube in the style wet stigma mesogamy chalazogamy porogamy triple fusion double fertilization parasexual hybridization methods to overcome incompatibility heat treatment of style sporophytic self- incompatibility ssi s-gene activation gsi gametophytic self- incompatibility homomorphic incompatibility tristyly distyly heteromorphic incompatibility self incompatibility sexual incompatibility in plants sexual compatibility step wise events in pollen pistil interaction department of botany kakatiya government college pollen pistil interaction campylotropous anatropous types of ovule ovule structure హోమియోపతి homeopathy homoeopathy సిద్ధా వైద్యం siddha vaidyam siddha
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