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Jedemi Chronicles - Doin' It: Taming of the Suit - Overview

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This is an overview of the action taking place in Jedemi Chronicles
Doin' It: Taming of the Suit. The third of our launch trilogy.
Available on Kindle mid-June.

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Jedemi Chronicles - Doin' It: Taming of the Suit - Overview

  1. 1. 1 Start of Act 1 Katie in café writing… Very driven & intense (Wed) Steven observes rapid departure and makes a wise crack The Gang debates the Journal’s content The Boys seem motivated to read it and try to “crack the code” The Gang observes and debates what to do Frankie takes matters into his own hands… and ends up scaring Katie off Journal is left behind Katie takes off on a rapid walk through the woods near her house to get air. Steven sees the journal, but Viv retrieves it first. Katie makes dinner and realizes her journal is missing. Decides to retrieve it in the AM (Thurs) Wednesday Dossie & Frannie, appalled at this breach of privacy Decide that “sisters” need to take the lead here.
  2. 2. 2 Start of Act 1 Katie gets message that there’s an 8am meeting, so she needs to get in early. Forced to postpone retrieving the journal Thursday Admin tells her meeting has been postponed Katie is disappointed, but is soon buried in work Katie heads to the 2pm meeting carrying a stack of reports… nods to Admin and engineer since hands are full. Forced to postpone retrieving the journal Admin talks to about Golden Handcuffs… She has mentioned it to Katie a number of times Katie returns to her office head down… barely acknowledges Admin 5pm: Admin checks in with Katie… on her way out the door. Reminds her to journal about it, rather than sit there upset. 2PM Meeting. Katie hung out by Mktg VP (who steps out and leaves her to explain numbers) Sales EVP rips her Meeting is adjourned and she’s bummed Oh crap! Katie is reminded about her journal. Admin already made arrangements.
  3. 3. 3 Act 1 (continued) Katie is relieved… Shares with Admin what happened at the cafe Thursday Cut to: Admin returns and says it’s in good hands. Admin says everything happens for a reason… Encourages her to embrace & enjoy the adventure! Katie says “yeah right… no time for that..” Admin laughs as she heads out the door… Golden handcuffs and matters of consequence she says, but Katie doesn’t hear her.
  4. 4. 4 Act 1 (continued) Katie’s journal time gets truncated when her cell rings… While making Katie’s Chai, Nicole talks about the journal writing process and how it opens up possibilities. Steven settles in… Takes a table near Katie… really wants to engage her in journal talk. Thursday Evening Cut to: Front counter. Steven has arrived and Nicole explains the journal mistake. Tim thought it was Steven’s 7PM Jedemi Cafe. Katie arrives at the café and is greeted by Nicole. Katie leaves abruptly after a near repeat of harassment… this time by Steven (who repeats Frankie’s “why are you here” question The Gang observes and then notices a work interrupt PDA is left behind this time Steven picks it up and Nicole gets it away from him… He rants about people who are PDA driven. Katie makes dinner and realizes her PDA is missing. This time, decides to go back and get it (sets aside her dinner) Nicole lets her in the locked café. Tells her she knows why she is back… and runs off to get the PDA out of the office. Nicole talks about using a PDA
  5. 5. 5 Act 1 (continued) Tim leaves… Nicole has one more call and then she’ll lock up. Nicole hears the door shut as she hangs up. She sets the alarm and walks out. Thursday Evening Cut to: Katie bouncing out the back door, but stopping short (before the door closed) realizing she nearly forgot the PDA in the bathroom. Katie exits the bathroom and finds the café quiet and dark. She finds her way to the back door and stops when she sees a red ARMED sign. She backs away and considers her options. Tim arrives and they invite her to stay for Pizza. Katie’s stomach gives her up and she settles in Finds she enjoys hanging with Nicole & Tim. Nicole brings Katie a Jedemi t-shirt to change into because Katie accidentally spills pizza sauce on her shirt. Nicole checks on Katie, who is scrubbing her shirt. Hands her the PDA and says to let herself out the back door when she is ready. Leaves to make the call. One of the Gang remarks… It’s showtime!
  6. 6. 6 Start of Act 2 Katie gives it a try Part 1 Dossie, Frannie Applaud her efforts Break time Fun discussion No time; PDA rules Yellow Ball Appears… “Righty Lefty” exercise… Katie loosens up Journal discussion Bette’s Bet Quit when over No time… Resume Throwing Yellow Ball More talk If money was already Plentiful, what would you do? Katie stands quietly… I don’t know… New targets to throw at… Dossie says what she’d do Frannie says what she’d do Need to make the time to figure it out. Late Thursday Evening
  7. 7. 7 Katie says can’t breakaway PalmPilot seen on screen becomes new target Katie is reluctant… and fear of failure is obvious D & F say, you have to schedule time in that thing… No excuses. PalmPilot now shows shows scheduled café time We learned how to juggle and make time A second ball appears juggling lesson begins… Omelet discussio n Start NSR [remote control] lesson Doc & Joe y comment from above Act 2 Continued Late Thursday Evening
  8. 8. 8 Use the Remote D & F step Katie through how to use the remote control to proactively approach/handle situations that arise. Visualize … Katie sees herself up on the screen juggling like a pro… smiles initially but then protests. Katie gets a chance to use remote to fix a work situation… seeing that she, indeed has control Katie dances for joy… Janet Jackson’s Control Take it offline story… After RC use, Katie gets how powerful it is Dance1: I could learn to like this… Katie matches Janet on the screen Dance 2: Katie successfully performs the chair dance. Act 2 Continued Late Thursday Evening
  9. 9. 9 Read, Write Recreate D&F present final message… Nicely written on a napkin dropped into Katie’s lap Song ends & Katie chills… sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall with a smile on her face. Yeah, I could learn to like this… Act 2 Continued Katie tucks the napkin into her pocket and closes her eyes. Cut to: Backdoor. The sound of keys can be heard and then the beeping of disarming the alarm. The Jukebox plays “Get Busy Child” Cut to: Katie’s eyes opening to the clunk of Tim dropping some boxes. She makes herself small and sneaks out the back door when Tim has his back turned Tim does a double-take as he sees the backside of Katie walking away from the cafe Song continues Get Busy Child!! Katie picks up Yellow ball in In parking lot Early Friday Morning Katie looks back at the café, then checks her pocket for her PDA, pulls it out and the napkin… and smiles She walks away bouncing the ball.
  10. 10. 10 Get Busy Child!! Cut to: Katie arriving at the office. She is dressed casually. As she passes the front lobby, she leaves a bouquet of carnations for Bette. Katie boots her computer and sees yellow sticky note… meeting has been moved to 11am. She smiles. Opposite reaction to frustration shown the day before. Katie says she’s doing casual Friday. Start of Act 3 Friday Morning Reaction shot as Project manager notices something is different. Sees Bette in break room. Noticing something is different, she makes a comment about Katie not going home last night. Bette mentions casual look… and lack of dry cleaning Phone rings… and they both “Get Busy” Cut to: Katie heading to meeting. Talks to Bette who notices different car in parking space. Katie smiles. Bette thanks her for the flowers Cut to: Katie in meeting. Again she’s called on to explain numbers since the Mktg VP (Mr. Teflon) has conveniently disappeared. Sets up future confli ct with VP. Katie hands her the Journal
  11. 11. 11 Cut to: Katie skips through the lobby super stoked. She notices Bette’s chair is pushed in and the flowers are gone. Katie finds out Bette was heading to the bank and only left 5 minutes ago. So she jumps into her Alfa and goes looking for Bette. Got the afternoon off? Start of Act 3 Friday Early Afternoon Project manager notices and tells Katie that Bette was let go. She was a temp anyway… it happens. Pulls into BofA parking lot luckily catches Bette walking out of the bank. Katie beeps and beckons her to hop in. Bette smiles and remarks that’s the risk of being a temp. Katie smiles and says she’s celebrating… Victory in E-Staff. They high- five and zip away… Cut to: Jedemi Café Get snack. See Tim. Katie thanks Bette… and says this is where she’s been writing. Reminds Bette and she hand journal back. Doc & Joey, Dossie & Frannie comment from above They are surprised and ecstatic!
  12. 12. 12 Dissolve to: Katie and Bette still hanging out. PDA goes off, Katie ignores it. Got other ideas. Katie & Bette head out to Nordstrom’s. As they pull out, Katie notices Steven and waves. Start of Act 3 Friday Late Afternoon Nicole & Tim watch as they drive away… Remark: Seems so different… Cut to: Alfa driving off into the sunset. Katie turns on the radio, and Sinead’s “Feels so Different” is playing Copy of The Little Prince is on her seat. Bette says great book! Nicole arrives for work and waves at Katie. Katie talks about returning the Jedemi shirt, but is told to keep it. Fade to Black… Pause… then, like in Rhythm Nation, “That’s the end? No!” To be continued…