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Second Glass Media Kit 2008

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Second Glass Media Kit 2008

  2. 2. About Us Online Magazine The Second Glass is a Boston-based publication dedicated to presenting the world of wine to a new We publish an online magazine, which is continuously audience in an accessible and entertaining way. updated wine related with articles, blogs, local events and retail store evaluations. Our mission is to both empower and amuse readers as we educate them about varietals, Wine of the Weekend regions, styles, and techniques. A weekly email blast hitting thousands of wine drinkers’ The goal of The Second Glass is not to mailboxes every Thursday with the perfect wine to drink critique wine, but to present all of the over the weekend. The wine is always inexpensive (under relevant information in a down-to-earth $20) and accessible. and humorous tone. Wine Events We host events ranging from a few dozen to hundreds of people throughout Boston. The idea is to expose people to new and different styles of wine and places to drink them. 617-605-1464 www.thesecondglass.com adsales@thesecondglass.com YOUR MAGAZINE FOR THE NEW ERA OF WINE DRINKING
  3. 3. Audience The Second Glass targets young professionals, graduate students and recent college graduates. The goal is to reach people who enjoy drinking wine as well as people who are interested but don’t know where to get started. We work with wine industry professionals behind the counters of stores and behind the bars at restaurants to highlight the best wines available. Our Readers • 76% fall between 21 to 35 years old • 68% buy more than one bottle of wine at a time from stores • 36% dine out at least twice per week • 64% spend at least $40 per person when they go out • 52% live in the Metro Boston area Press “...a cheeky Boston-based publication aimed to make wine both pleasurable and accessible.” -The Weekly Dig “The Second Glass editor and publisher Tyler Balliet uses the magazine to show his readers how to drink like Dionysus on a mortal budget.” - Boston Metro “...a magazine for the everyday drinker rather than the upscale enthusiast.” -Boston Herald “the independent voice for wine in Boston” -Bostonist 617-605-1464 www.thesecondglass.com adsales@thesecondglass.com YOUR MAGAZINE FOR THE NEW ERA OF WINE DRINKING
  4. 4. Website Advertising The Second Glass Online Magazine is the most comprehensive online resource for the modern wine drinker. It features regularly updated wine related articles, blog posts from wine professionals working around the world, local wine event listings and wine store and restaurant evaluations. The site has a regular traffic flow, which peaks after the Wine of the Weekend is released on Thursday afternoons. Advertisements on the website are sold on a monthly basis and link back to your site. We can assist you with the layout and design of your advertisement free of charge. $400 /mo 300 px by 100px $350 /mo 30 px by 880px Partnership Opportunities: Link exchanges are always $250 /mo welcome, simply send us an 250 px by 125px email and we’ll post it under our ‘Links’ section. We are always looking for new writers. Should you be interested in contributing to $350 /mo your publication, email: 250 px by 250px editor@thesecondglass.com $500 /mo 250 px by 500px 617-605-1464 www.thesecondglass.com adsales@thesecondglass.com YOUR MAGAZINE FOR THE NEW ERA OF WINE DRINKING
  5. 5. Wine of the Weekend Weekly Email The Wine of the Weekend is a weekly email sent out on Thursday afternoons, by the editors of The Second Glass. The email highlights a single wine that is “perfect” for the particular weekend, whether it pairs well with an upcoming holiday, event or simply the time of year. Local Boston stores, restaurants and bars that carry the wine are listed. The Wine of the Weekend is a great way to directly target the 21-35 year old demographic. The majority of the recipients reside in the Metro Boston area and the remainders live across country. All recipients are incredibly interested in wine, use the Internet daily and regularly comment on the Wine of the Weekend. Additionally, thousands of people read the email and clicked the links. $250 /week 120 px by 600px Partnership Opportunities: Have your Store Listed: The process is simple and FREE. A weekly email is sent on Tuesday, listing the Wine of the Weekend for the next four weeks. Should your establishment carry the wine, simply respond to the email and alert our staff. We require your store offer the wine for at least 10% off the suggested retail price to our users who mention the site or print out the email. The Wine of the Weekend is always less than $20 per bottle* so the markdown on a single bottle is minimal. Small and large displays are available free of charge from The Second Glass. Ask us for our most recent shelf talker or case display board. Suggest a Wine: We want to hear about it. Let us know what your current favorites are of if you have a deal too good to pass up. * twice a year we suggest a bottle more than $20. Typically it is for Mother’s Day/ Graduation and New Years Eve and the bottle is a well known Champagne. 617-605-1464 www.thesecondglass.com adsales@thesecondglass.com YOUR MAGAZINE FOR THE NEW ERA OF WINE DRINKING