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Edtech 1 review and edtech 2 overview

A short review of Educational Technology 1 before going to Educational Technology 2

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Edtech 1 review and edtech 2 overview

  1. 1. A Review of Educational Technology 1
  2. 2. Aware Appreciative Equipped Educational Technology 1 Modern Educational Media Traditional
  3. 3. Four phases of Application a. Setting of learning objectives b. Designing specific learning experiences c. Evaluating the effectiveness of the learning experiences vis-à-vis the learning objectives. d. Revision as needed of the whole teaching- learning process, or elements of it, for further improvement of future instructional activities.
  4. 4. EdTEch 1 Fittingly refined the distinction between educational technology and instructional technology .
  5. 5. EdTech 1 served: • To orient the learner to the pervasiveness of educational technology in society. • To lend familiarization on how educational technology can be utilized as media for the avenues teaching- learning process in the school. • To uplift human learning through the use of learning technology.
  6. 6. • To impart skills in planning, designing using and evaluating the technology- enriched teaching – learning process. • To acquaint learners on basic aspects of community education, functions of the school media center, • To introduce the learner to what is recognized as the third revolution in education, the COMPUTER. EdTech 1 served:
  7. 7. Self - Help Fill in the graphic organizer to summarize learning outcomes derived from Educational Technology EdTech 1
  8. 8. Educational Technology in Asia Pacific Regions England See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3KeDm hOQ4w
  9. 9. Educational Technology in Asia Pacific Regions SINGAPORE See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_pIK7gh Gw4
  10. 10. Educational Technology in Asia Pacific Regions AUSTRALIA See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9lZUjV GxCA
  11. 11. Reflection 1. Discuss the disparity in educational technology and advancement in school of industrialized First World country (such as the U.S., England, Japan, Singapore, Australia) and a developing country namely the Philippines. 2. Given the lack of resources in our rural areas in the Philippines, what media can still be used for effective learning in schools? 3. Computer shops are pervasiveness around schools, but these are mainly used for playing games. Without judging on the possibility dehumanizing effects of excessive computer game habits, how can a learner best use computer resources as they may be available in school or at home?
  12. 12. Education Technology 2 “ Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning “
  13. 13. EdTech 2 is focused on : Knowledge & Skills This course intends to help our target learners to weave technology in teaching, with software becoming a natural extension of their learning tools. Reinforcing
  14. 14. • Involve a deeper understanding of the computer as well as hands-on application of computer skills, • This course is primarily directed at enhancing teaching-and-learning through technology integration. • It aims to infuse technology in the student- teacher training, EdTech 2 . . .
  15. 15. • To provide education in the use of technology in instruction by providing knowledge and skills on technology integration-in-instruction to learners; • To impart learning experiences in instructional technology-supported instructional planning; • To acquaint students on Information Technology or IT-related learning theories with the computer as a tutor EdTech 2 objectives
  16. 16. • To learn to use and evaluate computer-based educational resources; • To engage learners on practical technology integration issues including managing IT classrooms, use of the Internet for learning, cooperative learning through the use of information technology; and • To inculcate higher-level thinking and creativity among students while providing them knowledge if IT-related learning theories. EdTech 2 objectives
  17. 17. 1. Make a ladderized diagram (like a stairway) with summary words of the learning objectives of Educational Technology 2 course. 2. In small group, also formulate your personal anticipation on what you can learn/achieve from the course, given your own experience with computers and fun/enriching activities you presently get from it. List your anticipated expectations in PowerPoint Presentation for class presentation. Self – Help . . .