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The Professional Information Designers 15 Golden Rules

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The Professional Information Designers 15 Golden Rules

  1. 1. To design professionally, information designers should 1 2 3 Be able to think both innovatively and systematically 4 5 6 8 Be able to consider the possible benefits of the communicated information to the users 10 9 Be knowledgeable about pictures and text creation, static and animated, and information other than visual, for facilitating task related activities and the balance to achieve optimal effects 11 Understand to make information and information systems interactive so that adjustments governed by changing requirements can be made, to safeguard the continuing use of the information 13 Be able to design information in a formal interesting and attractive way to conjure attention highly adequate to the communicative purpose of the message 12 Be able to communicate effectively in both their mother tongue and English 14 Have a detailed knowledge of the cost factors relating to the various design stages and their implementation Be familiar with human communication capabilities with regard to perceiving, cognitive processing and responding to information using all senses Be familiar with the technical requirements of the communications media, specifically visual ones Know the relevant customs, conventions, standards, regulations and their underlying theories 7 Be knowledgeable about the communicative features of the components of visual messages and their interrelationships Be as well informed as is necessary about the subject area they are working in Render their services in a format that corresponds both with the value they represent to the clients and the conventions required by them Understand the capabilities of support sciences and be able to co-operate with specialists to evaluate and improve the design of messages with due regard of different cultural sensitivities of the users 15 Behave in a responsible manner with regard to the needs of the target users and society as a whole Icons colouring and infographic created by Anna Nicoli (www.annanicoli.portfoliobox.me). All rights reserved. Icons source: Iconfinder.com (Feather by Cole Bemis). Numbers 6 and 10 have been modified. Text source: International Institute for Information Design - IIID (www.iiid.net/Qualities.aspx). Numbers 8 and 10 have been slightly shortened for design pruposes.