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ankush CV

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ankush CV

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Permanent Add. : VPO Naleti ANKUSH SHARMA Tehsil Dehra, Distt. Kangra House no. 5, Sector 17 A Gurgaon, Himachal Pradesh 177104 Haryana, 122001, Near Bata Building. kushsharma85@gmail.com Mobile No.-+91-7827409640 CARRIER OBJECTIVE To serve the organization by utilizing my skills and experience to the optimum as a part of a team and thereby enriching the organizational and professional skills. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION  MBA from National Institute of Management. Specialization: Total Quality Management. EDUCATIONAL PROFILE  Done Bachelor Degree in Science (PCM) (2007) 64 %  Done Intermediate in NON MEDICAL from G.S.S.S.PRAGPUR (H.P.) 68 %  Done High School from K.V NALETI {C.B.S.E.} (H.P) 64 % SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE:- I have a proven record of good Team Player and capable of learning new Technologies within short time. CORE COMPETENCIES: Warehouse Management ▪ Logistics Management ▪ Vendor Management ▪Purchase▪ Team Management ▪E-Commerce Operations ▪ 3PL operations. Successfully completed many projects in Flipkart Ops which are:-  Improve picking productivity.  Space optimization.  Time reduction in packing of product.  Reduction in the uses of packaging material.  Time reduction from vehicle unloading to put away. ORGANISATION: - Presently Working with FLIPKART INDIA PVT. LTD. Designation: - Asst. Manager Operations Date of Joining: - 1st Sept 2014 PLACE: - Gurgaon JOB RESPONSBLITIES:-  Handling Complete Warehouse Operations of Flipkart.Com for North.
  2. 2.  Managing a team of 110 people including Inbound, Outbound, Packing, dispatch and QC team.  Understanding the forecast from Sales and marketing team.  Budget preparation for Warehouse and Logistics based on historical and forecast analysis for better co-ordination and efficiency.  Handling complete Logistics activities with more than 4 Logistics partners.  Handling entire 3PL operations with DHL Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd.  Timely submission of reports of Inventory as well as FLO (ERP) transaction on a regular basis.  Responsible for Physical Verification & Reconciliation of Stock.  To plan and monitor daily staffing schedules and adjust accordingly to ensure adequate staffing levels that support operational demands and business objectives.  MIS preparation regarding Inbound, Order fulfillment, RTO, RVP and Dispatch department.  Manage the receiving, shipping, handling, distribution, and storage of all freight, product, and supplies that come in and out of corporate warehouses. ORGANISATION: - Worked with “Asian Oilfield Services Ltd”. Designation: - Asst. Manager Supply Chain Management Duration: - 1st October2012 to 29August 2014 PLACE: - Gurgaon, INDONESIA, IRAQ, EGYPT & TURKEY JOB RESPONSBLITIES:-  Handled a Warehouse of One Lac Sq. / ft.as per ‘5S’ with a team of 25 People.  Handled supply Chain activities (Procurement, Logistics & Warehousing) for Global operations in INDIA, INDONESIA, IRAQ and EGYPT.  Handled Export & Import Shipments with proper documentation.  Transportation – Optimization of Distribution and Logistic. Co-ordination for Transportation of Goods. Negotiation with Transporters for Rates. Handling Surplus stocks movement across country.  Purchasing – Negotiate best rates and ensure competitive prices obtained for all activities pertaining to the operation.  Vendor management – Keep researching the availability of the capabilities in local market and develop vendors needed for the operational activities.  Tendering Vendor - Development and selection, Floating of RFQ as per the Purchase/Service Requisitions received from the Management Team and Pre-bid meetings are carried out with the vendors. Analysis of bids jointly with the user departments.  Negotiation & Award - Techno-commercial discussion with the vendors and Short- listing, Analysis of rates (jointly with user departments), Market research/ Comparison of rates with existing ones. Negotiation with the short listed vendors primarily in terms of Price, delivery schedule and Payment terms. Preparation of Business Case/ Financial approval. Preparation and Issue of LOI/ WO/ PO/ Agreements as per tendered requirements
  3. 3.  Coordination - Coordination between the Management team and contractors/Vendors for certification of bills. Coordination between the accounts team and contractors/Vendors for ensuring timely payments to the vendor. Follow up with the vendors for timely delivery.  Material Management - Ensuring the material is delivered at the right place. Quantity reconciliation and amending the order quantities, reordering & replacements. Follow up with the vendors for timely delivery.  Store Management – Manage inventories and all records of the consumption and purchases on monthly basis.  Contract Management - Follow up with the Contractors for timely execution and penalizing in case of delay. Settlement of vendor claims in terms of extra work. Contract Management as per the clauses mentioned in the tender documents.  Non-stop execution of work until completion. Selection of back-up vendors in case the vendor fails to deliver. To provide sub-contracting support to the vendors.  Timely Deliveries. Follow up with the vendors for timely deliveries  Legal – be aware of the legal and insurance requirements with regard to all activities, and ensure strict adherence to these. ACHIEVEMENTS – Saved 22 Lakhs in Transportation in one Year. ORGANISATION: - Worked with ABBOTT HEALTHCARE LTD. Designation: - Sr. Executive Warehouse & Logistics Date of joining:-18 .03.2010 to 15.07 2012 JOB RESPONSBLITIES:- Reporting: Head of the department  Stores function which comprises of receipt, issue, dispensing of raw and packing materials In SAP  Responsible for dispensing of Right materials, Right qty, Right batch No as per bill of Materials.  Planning and utilization of man, materials and machine to get desire result and productivity. .  Maintain balance calibration record, daily dispensing record of raw and packing materials, daily cleaning/change over cleaning record of dispensing, temperature and humidity record.  Physical stock taking and maintain records.  Maintain proper segregation of Quarantine, on test, Approved & rejected materials. 2. Receipt –  Responsible for receipt, warehousing of raw and packing materials and consumable required for production activity with respect to monthly plan.  Preparation of GRN in SAP indenting raw and packing materials.  Continues follow up with HO as well as suppliers for urgent materials
  4. 4.  Bill checking, accounting & submission to Purchase department for payment  Maintain record of returnable and non-returnable materials.  Ensuring that all raw and packing materials are coming from Approved vendors. ORGANISATION:- Worked as an Executive Warehouse & Logistics with “Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited”) at Baddi (H.P) From June 2008 to Feb 2010 Job Responsibilities:-  Monitoring and Ensuring the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods / materials.  Maintaining FIFO & FEFO system in Store and records like RGPs & NRGPs.  Prepare Daily / Periodical MIS i.e. Goods Received, Goods Dispatched, Inventory Visibility, Stock balance, Transport pending details, Discrepancy, Ageing stock, Stock transit & in / out transit.  Internal audit of all Inwards and Outwards transaction, Stock transfer, Vendors compliance  Checking and verifying records, handling questions or concerns of material shortages or overages and addressing any problems with inventory control.  Ensuring that all appropriate safety regulations are being followed both with regards to personal safety and safety of inventory.  Handled all Transportation activities regarding distribution of Material all over India.  Negotiating with the Transporters on Cost cut down through, Volume Discount/ Terms & Condition Negotiation.  Allocating and managing staff resources according to changing needs.  Planning & implementations for peak business seasons. AUDIT EXPOSURE I was a part of successful audits without any observation from warehouse.  WHO Audit  USFDA Audit PERSONAL PROFILE Date of Birth 7th March 1985 Father’s Name Sh. Pawan Sharma Nationality Indian Languages Known Hindi & English Marital Status Married Gender Male Passport Available Personal Strength:-  To work independently or in a group, self-motivation, & taking decisions independently & always ready to do initiation, grasp things in a short time.
  5. 5.  I hereby declared that all the above information given by me is complete and true. Date----------- Place----------- Ankush Sharma