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  1. Lesson 2 TOURISM IN NEPAL Prepared by Ankit G.C
  2. The people who travel from one place to another within the country to another for business, pleasure, adventure, spending holidays, pilgrimage, observing culture, etc are called tourists. Any Business activity concerned with providing accommodation, entertainment, supplies or services is called tourism industry. Introduction
  3. Tourism is one of the important industries of the world. The industry has high scope in Nepal because of it’s natural beauties. Snow capped mountains, cultural diversity, cultural heritages and protected areas are the major attractions for the tourists. Besides, 8% of birds (848 species), 4% mammals, 600 endangered plants and 2% of all the flowering plants of the world are found in Nepal. Tourism is one of the important factors for the economic development of the nation, which occupies 3.2% GDP of the nation. Tourism is providing employment for 2,62,000 people directly and 6,14,000 people indirectly. Contribution of tourism industry is 26.4% of the total export of the nation and 10.6 percent of the total investment is occupied by the tourism industry in Nepal.
  4. Domestic tourist International tourists The people who travel from one place to another within their own country for various purpose are called domestic tourists. Those people who travel from one country to another for certain period of time are called international tourists. Types of Tourists
  5. Importance of Tourism industry ● Source of foreign currency ● Employment opportunities ● Development of small and cottage industries ● Increase in revenue collection ● Promotion of trade and culture ● Advertisement of the country
  6. Prospects of Tourism in Nepal Snow-capped mountains, fast flowing rivers, cultural heritages, diverse topography and variation in climate are the major attractions for the tourists in Nepal. Nepal is another destination for the adventurous for the tourists in Nepal. Nepal is another destination for the adventurous tourism: bungee jumping, rafting, kayaking, mountaineering and expedition are few of them.
  7. Major attractions for the tourists ● Great Himalayan Trail ● Natural beauties ● Religious and historical places ● Diverse climate ● Diverse biodiversity ● Adventurous tourism ● Cultural diversities
  8. Problems in the tourist industry ● Lack of proper transportation and communication facility ● Lack of preservation of cultural and religious places ● Lack of means of entertainment ● Lack of organized tourists centers ● Lack of good publicity ● Lack of proper accommodation ● Lack of proper sanitation
  9. Solutions ● The number and capacity of domestic and international air services should be increased ● There should be a good provision of transportation and communication in tourism areas. ● Tourists should be provided with the things they need like market, banks and security. ● Provisions must be made to produce the things necessary for tourism industry in our own country ● There should be provision of simple and easy access to fulfill the requirements of tourists ● Nepal should be introduced to the world through advertisement of its art, culture and natural beauty ● Cultural and religious places must be maintained and preserved for the development of religious tourism ● Domestic and international investors should be encouraged for the development of tourism industry
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