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Global Ultrasound System Market_Amrit Verma

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Global Ultrasound System Market_Amrit Verma

  1. 1. Global Ultra Sound System market with segmentation – 2014 – 2020 •Companies Trends •Drivers Restrains
  2. 2. Ultrasound is Exciting and Growing •Ultrasound is used in Operating rooms, Radiology, Cardiac cath labs, Doctor’s offices, Emergency rooms. •Ultrasound devices are the oldest imaging devices and their usage and popularity is very high in the market. •The major usage of diagnostic ultrasound are Radiology, Oncology, Obstetrics and Cardiology. •As per the studies conducted, there is a very little entrance barriers in the emerging markets for the ultrasound devices. •The top players in the ultrasound market are : GE Healthcare Philips Healthcare Siemens Healthcare Hitachi-Aloka •First Hands-Free Ultrasound Device for Pain Launched NanoVibronix announced the launch of PainShield MD, the first hands-free, patch-based ultrasound device for the treatment of pain and soft tissue healing. – July 10, 2015 •Pocket-sized ultrasound machines make imaging easy A new kind of ultrasound machine is making its way into the pockets of doctors around the world. New handheld devices about the size of a smartphone allow doctors to image patients instantly. - October 19, 2014 Key News !
  3. 3. Market Segmentation Diagnostic Products : Cart Based Portable Hand-Held Applications: Gynecology Radiology Cardiology Others Technology: 2D 3D & 4D Doppler Therapeutic Geography Applications : Uterine Fibroids Others (Renal Denervation, Cosmetology, Atrial Fibrillation) Technology: High Intensity focused ultrasound Shockwave Lithotripsy •North America •Europe •Asia-Pacific •ROW
  4. 4. Company Trends •The ultrasound market is cemented with 4-5 major players like GE, Philips, Siemens, Hitachi-Aloka, Mindray. •GE is the world leader in the market share when it comes to ultrasound market and its ultrasound business generates $ 2 billion a year in revenue. •According to the studies, GE has around 25% share in the global ultrasound systems market, followed by Philips Healthcare with 19%. The leading 5 companies accounted for 74% of the global ultrasound systems market. •The point of care ultrasound device sales will see significant growth in the future driven by new, radiation-free needle placement procedures. •Other market trend that is visible in the global market is the growth of real time, cost-effective ultrasound imaging systems that are replacing the costly radiation based imaging techniques. •Zonare, Esaote, Analogic, U-systems, Terason and Mindray are few other small players that are likely to grow in the ultrasound market globally. “According to the studies, the US ultrasound imaging equipment market is projected to pass the $2 billion mark by 2020” “The number of ultrasound procedures performed by anaesthesiologists more than doubled between 2010 and 2013” GE 25% Philips 19% Others 56% Global Market Share of companies in the ultrasound system market “Ultrasound market expected to exceed $7 billion by 2019”
  5. 5. Drivers and Restraints • The devices used for general imaging used by departments are usually very expensive and there is a shift towards the smaller, specialized devices within the hospital budgets. Also, the radiology ultrasound equipment sales are limited by the increasing number of hospital departments performing their own ultrasound exams, and not seeing patients to radiology. •The one of the major driver in the ultrasound system market globally is new and groundbreaking technologies. •The other drivers in the ultrasound industry are the new uses of the ultrasound systems for the liver diseases. Ultrasound may be able to gauge the stiffness of liver tissue. •The other driver is the new markets which have untouched growing opportunity for the companies like the breast mammography market. •The drivers also include hand-held ultrasounds and the world believes that hand-held ultrasounds will become as ubiquitous as stethoscopes in 10 to 20 years “Technological advancement, an increased number of applications and portability of ultrasound systems are expected to drive future growth”
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