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The Deadly Truth about Heartworm in Cats

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There are many options for preventing heartworm infection in cats but NO treatments. Learn the deadly truth.

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The Deadly Truth about Heartworm in Cats

  2. 2. If your cat isn’t protected against heartworms, he or she is at risk.
  3. 3. Heartworms don’t discriminate; they L VE cats AND dogs
  4. 4. Like dogs, cats contract baby heartworms through the bite of an infected mosquito.
  5. 5. And because heartworms know how to come inside, “indoor” as well as “outdoor” cats get heartworm infections.
  6. 6. In dogs, it takes multiple heartworms to make them sick. But just one or two heartworms can make a cat very sick—or even die.
  7. 7. And the REALLY bad news?
  8. 8. There’s no approved medication for treating heartworms in cats.
  9. 9. Veterinarians can only provide supportive care to affected cats.
  10. 10. But there’s GOOD NEWS for cats… …and their owners.
  11. 11. Heartworm infection in cats can be easily prevented with one of 9 different monthly medications.
  12. 12. Furthermore, these medications protect cats and their families against other parasites while they’re preventing heartworm disease.
  13. 13. So protect your cats against deadly hea So see your veterinarian and protect your cats from heartworm disease 12 months a year.
  14. 14. A message from the