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AWS Summit 2013 | India - Web, Mobile and Social Apps on AWS, Kingsley Wood

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Build your next-generation, internet-scale, applications with low upfront costs using on demand access to web and application servers with AWS. Start small and grow to any scale with automated scaling. Stop reinventing the wheel, offload the undifferentiated heavy-lifting, and accelerate time to market using scalable storage, databases, content delivery, cache, search and other application services that make it easier to build and run apps that deliver a great customer experience.

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AWS Summit 2013 | India - Web, Mobile and Social Apps on AWS, Kingsley Wood

  1. 1. Kingsley Wood Business Development Manager Web, Mobile and Social Apps on AWS
  2. 2. innovation
  3. 3. You begin your Startup in a garage…
  4. 4. …and build a fantastic app
  5. 5. people love it!
  6. 6. and everyone wants to use it… Now what?!
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  9. 9. Do-It-Yourself Headaches Uptime Guarantees Bandwidth Capacity Concurrent Connections Acceptable Latency Download Speed Access Control Audit Logs Customer Locations ?
  10. 10. Core Components Media Storage S3 Relational Database RDS Compute EC2 NoSQL Database DynamoDB Scalability ELB & AutoScaling London Paris NY Content Distribution CloudFront
  11. 11. Putting it all together
  12. 12. • OFFLOAD static content • CACHE at the edge (static and dynamic) • DRY (don’t repeat yourself) • LOAD BALANCE from the start • AUTO SCALING done right • DATABASE smarts • A/B TEST and templatize Must-know best practices
  13. 13. Static Content
  14. 14. Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service for static content
  15. 15. 2GB free millions of users
  16. 16. Go Global in Minutes
  17. 17. Global Infrastructure Components Regions An independent collection of AWS resources in a defined geography A solid foundation for meeting location-dependent privacy and compliance requirements Availability Zones (AZ) Designed as independent failure zones Physically separated within a typical metropolitan region Edge Locations To deliver content to end users with lower latency A global network of edge locations supports global DNS infrastructure (Route53) and Cloud Front CDN
  18. 18. On a global footprint 9 Regions US-WEST (Oregon) EU-WEST (Ireland) ASIA PAC (Tokyo) ASIA PAC (Singapore) US-WEST (N. California) SOUTH AMERICA (Sao Paulo) US-EAST (Virginia) GOV CLOUD ASIA PAC (Sydney)
  19. 19. 25 Availability Zones On a global footprint
  20. 20. US West Region (Oregon) Availability Zone A Availability Zone B Singapore Availability Zone A Availability Zone B EU West Region Availability Zone A Availability Zone C Availability Zone B Each Region has multiple Availability Zones. Availability Zones are distinct locations that are engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones and provide inexpensive, low latency network connectivity to other Availability Zones in the same Region.
  21. 21. 40 Edge Locations Dallas(2) St.Louis Miami JacksonvilleLos Angeles (2) Palo Alto Seattle Ashburn(2) Newark New York (2) Dublin London(2) Amsterdam Stockholm Frankfurt(2) Paris(2) Singapore(2) Hong Kong Tokyo Sao Paulo South Bend San Jose Osaka Milan Sydney On a global footprint Seoul
  22. 22. Amazon CloudFront Flexible content delivery network (CDN)
  23. 23. Stockholm Dynamic pages (PHP, Java) (from web servers) Static content or streaming (with CloudFront) Instant Global Reach Web servers in Singapore Hong Kong Sao Paulo San Jose
  24. 24. Amazon Route 53 On-demand DNS service
  25. 25. Multi-Region Latency Based Routing Route 53 now powering CloudFront, EC2 and ELB Application instances in several AWS Regions Users automatically routed to lowest latency Region
  26. 26. Mobile Game Application
  27. 27. OFFLOAD static content to CDN • reduce your compute capacity demand and costs • improve end-user experience • increase fault-tolerance and durability +
  28. 28. ENTIRE APPLICATION via CDN • minimize client-server chatter (keep it at the edge) • reduce server-database traffic (cache the common calls) • speed up mobile app response (persistent connections) +
  29. 29. Best Practices DRY (don’t repeat yourself) • original vs. derived assets : 33% savings • single reference and consistency • control, accurate logs and tracking S3 (or Glacier) RRS
  30. 30. Amazon ELB & Auto Scaling Distribute load for highly scalable applications
  31. 31. 6:00 AM
  32. 32. 8:00 AM
  33. 33. 8:00 AM
  34. 34. 8:00 AM
  35. 35. 7:00 PM
  36. 36. 7:00 PM
  37. 37. 7:00 PM
  38. 38. When you turn off your cloud resources, you actually stop paying for them
  39. 39. LOAD BALANCE from the start • uninterrupted growth and evolution • ready for massive scale, high reliability • stateless and fault-tolerant arrays Availability Zone Availability Zone
  40. 40. REAL-TIME reaction response • notification of pending news flash (with audible alarm) • on-demand ramp up of capacity (6 mins.) • subscriber alert push delivered • mass response traffic handled (followed by ramp down)
  41. 41. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Load Hour Daily CPU load 25% savings Optimizeby the time of day $52 / hr day $15 / hr night
  42. 42. 18m users 410TB data 12 staff
  43. 43. "2 backend engineers can scale a system to 30+ million users."
  44. 44. « Want to increase innovation? Lower the cost of failure » Joi Ito MIT Media Labs
  45. 45. Automation enables rapid prototyping & innovation • Reference architectures, scripts, SDK’s, libraries, etc. • Rapid development and test agility • “Infrastructure as code…” • A / B Testing
  46. 46. Data Storage Relational Databases
  47. 47. Amazon RDS Relational Database Service
  48. 48. Database Relational Database Service Database-as-a-Service No need to install or manage database instances Scalable and fault tolerant configurations Feature Details Platform support Create MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS Preconfigured Get started instantly with sensible default settings Automated patching Keep your database platform up to date automatically Backups Automatic backups and point in time recovery and full DB backups Backups Volumes can be snapshotted for point in time restore Failover Automated failover to slave hosts in event of a failure Replication Easily create read-replicas of your data and seamlessly replicate data across availability zones
  49. 49. Data Storage "NoSQL" Databases
  50. 50. Hardware provisioning Data sharding Data caching Cluster management Fault management Requirement: predictable, consistent performance Reality: performance degrades with scale Scalability Performance The scalability challenge
  51. 51. Amazon DynamoDB Fully managed NoSQL database service
  52. 52. DATABASE smarts • enhance reliability, ensure data safety • optimal performance, minimize load • scale out and share work • cost reduction Availability Zone Availability Zone
  53. 53. We are sincerely eager to hear your feedback on this presentation and on re:Invent. Please fill out an evaluation form when you have a chance. AWS is a set of infrastructure building blocks
  54. 54. 1. Use multiple availability zones
  55. 55. 2. Use RDS with replicas and slaves
  56. 56. 3. Use auto-scaling groups
  57. 57. 4. Use Elastic Load Balancing
  58. 58. 5. Use CloudFront and Route53 at the edge
  59. 59. Flexibility, Freedom of Choice
  60. 60. Kingsley Wood Business Development Manager kwood@amazon.com Thank You ! http://aws.amazon.com