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9 November 2012    To whom it may concern    This letter serves as testimony to the work of Amanda Brinkman in my experien...
Reference anne van niekerk noah nov 2012
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Reference anne van niekerk noah nov 2012

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Work ethic and character: Indigo Consulting/Amanda Brinkmann.

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Reference anne van niekerk noah nov 2012

  1. 1. 9 November 2012 To whom it may concern This letter serves as testimony to the work of Amanda Brinkman in my experience of working with her in her capacity as Special Adviser to the Minister of Health & Leader of Government Business, as well as HOD: Strategic Partnerships - Western Cape Government, and mine as Director or NOAH. On a personal level, the most refreshing, different and appealing aspect of working with Amanda is her openness, warmth and accessibility. That, and her incredible ability to join the dots differently in seeking solutions, resolutions and making impact. She does this using her formidable vocabulary, punctuated with humour and human- ness. On a professional level, due to regular meetings, consistent and thorough follow through and introductions to relevant organisations and structures, we have made significant progress in understanding better the wheels of Government, strengths, opportunities, constraints and challenges. I can state categorically that the Older Persons’ sector could not have made the progress it has made in terms of the promotion of the rights and needs of this sector, had it not been for Amanda. This translates into real service delivery and change for those who most need it. Loyal to the Provincial Government and a fierce guardian of policy and process, Amanda is an innovative, strategic thinker who has been a great ambassador for Government with her genuine concern and dedication for service delivery. Please contact me for any further information or explanation that you may require. Yours Sincerely Anne van Niekerk NOAH Programme Manager 19 Regent Street, Woodstock 7925 | PO Box 142 Woodstock 7915 Tel (021) 447 6334 | Fax (086) 505 7981 Z69 Jama Crescent, Khayelitsha 7784 Tel (021) 361 3320 | Fax (021) 364 3625 Email noahhse@noah.org.za | Web www.noah.org.zaA programme of Catholic Welfare & Development NPO number 002-836 | Tax Exempt Section 18A | Affiliated to Age in Action