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So You Want a Mobile App? What Now?

  1. Mobile App Development, Strategy and User!
  2. Previously worked with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture)
  3. Apple iPhone launch started in 2007
  4. We have received over 1,000 mobile inquiries over the last two years, built a dedicated team
  5. Currently there are:
  6. 400,000+ apps on the Apple App Store
  7. ~30% free, ~70% paid
  8. 250,000 on the Android App Market
  9. 20,000 on the BlackBerry World
  10. This will drive the requirements for the application
  11. Data, web services, integration points
  12. Custom Graphics
  13. Android
  14. BlackBerry
  15. Share: Approximately 10 million iPads, 74 Million iPhones (all types), 50 million iPod Touches
  16. Share: Approximately 23% of the smartphone market, or 6.7% of the entire US cell phone market. It is projected that Android will overtake the iPhone in 2011.
  17. Share: Approximately 27% of the Smartphone market, 8% of the total US cell phone market’
  18. Share: Currently less than 1% of the smartphone market, but is rapidly growing.
  19. It’s all relative in the app market, .99¢ is a whole dollar more than free
  20. Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn
  21. App Review Sites
  22. Screen Shots, Images of what the app does
  23. Consider hiring short-term PR who can write blogs, press releases
  24. App Store Marketing