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[Slides] Social Business Governance, Altimeter Group

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Achieving momentum for a social business strategy is challenging enough, but execution is often fraught with unanswered questions: Who “owns” social? How are key decisions made? How do we organize to execute social?

In this 1-hour webinar, Ed Terpening and Charlene Li share research on how successful organizations scale social business strategy and manage social media risk through a formalized governance system.

Watch the webinar replay at: https://www.slideshare.net/Altimeter/webinar-social-business-governance-altimeter-group

Download the full report at: http://pages.altimetergroup.com/social-business-governance-report.html

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[Slides] Social Business Governance, Altimeter Group

  1. 1! Social Business Governance:! A Framework to Execute Social Business Strategy! Ed Terpening, Senior Consultant! Charlene Li, Principal Analyst! #socialgovernance!
  2. 2! WELCOME! Turn on computer audio.! Slides and this recording will be emailed to you after the webinar.! Use the Readytalk control panel to submit questions at any time.! Today’s hashtag: #socialgovernance! Ed Terpening! Senior Consultant! Charlene Li! Principal Analyst!
  3. 3! #socialgovernance! Why Social Business Governance?!
  4. 4! #socialgovernance! Hidden between great strategic ideas and business results lies the messy mechanics of governance.!
  5. 5! Read the Open Research report! Download at altimetergroup.com/research! ! Based on! · Interviews with 20 ecosystem contributors! · Survey of 76 social strategists and executive, conducted !
  6. 6! Today’s Presentation! #socialgovernance! · Why Social Business Governance Matters! · Definition! · A Social Business Governance System: 4 Ps! · Best Practices! · Resources!
  7. 7! Strategy and Governance are Partners! Source: Altimeter Group!
  8. 8! 53%! Percentage of organizations say social business strategy forms the basis for governance.! ! Source: Altimeter Group! #socialgovernance!
  9. 9! 16% ! Percentage of organizations that say social business governance is well understood and deployed throughout the organization. ! ! ! Source: Altimeter Group! #socialgovernance!
  10. 10! What about you?! Do you believe governance is in place to manage social, and that it’s well understood and followed?!
  11. “11! The word governance comes across like police. Rather, you have to approach it as helping: here’s how to approach social and be successful.! — Paul Michaud, SVP of Social Media at Citi!
  12. 12! Our Definition! Social Business Governance (SBG) is an integrated system of people, policies, processes, and practices that defines organizational structure and decision process to ensure effective management of social business at scale.!
  13. 13! The Four P’s of Social Business Governance! Source: Altimeter Group!
  14. 14! People! Source: Altimeter Group! #socialgovernance! ü Get leadership aligned. ! ü Ensure cross-functional participation.! ü Clarify who gets to make which decisions.! ü Measure participation and alignment.! ü Have an organizational roadmap that evolves over time.!
  15. 15! USAA’s cross-functional social committees unite strategy and governance! Compliance is embedded in the social team to respond quickly!
  16. 16! SBG Involves Paying Attention to Organizational Structure & Evolution! Source: Altimeter Group!
  17. 17! Policy! ü Don’t reinvent the wheel.! Source: Altimeter Group! ü Ensure your policy reflects the culture, mission, and vision of your organization.! ü Involve the right stakeholders, including executive sponsors. ! ü Ensure consistency with related polices.! ü Think about measurement.! ü Maintain and update on a schedule.!
  18. 18! Only 7% of Organizations Have ! All Key Policies in Place! “Which of the following policies or guidelines are in place?”! Source/Base: Altimeter Group’s Survey of Social Business Strategists, December 2014 (n=76) ); Note: Percentages do not total 100 because “I don’t know” answers are not reported!
  19. 19! Ensure Policy aligns with Company Culture and Guiding Principles!
  20. Benchmark Policy against Best 20! Practices! Foundation! Transparency! Confidentiality and Privacy! Best Practice! Conduct! Composite!
  21. 21! Process! Source: Altimeter Group! ü Leverage your baseline.! ü Define clear roles and be complete.! ü Design to measure. ! ü Be flexible.! ü Make it visual.! ü Test and maintain.! ü Use process to enable innovation.! #socialgovernance!
  22. 22! The Decision Matrix: A Tool to Align!
  23. “23! I don’t want to always create a new process just for social. Whenever I can feed into current processes, that’s best.! — Joel Nathanson, SVP of Social Media at Bank of the West!
  24. 24! Practice! Source: Altimeter Group! #socialgovernance! ü Automate to scale through tools and technology.! ü Develop playbooks to ensure best practices are followed.! ü Measure practices for effectiveness. ! ü Use training to develop the skills of a social business.!
  25. 25! “Which of the following do you use to support Social Business Governance on an ongoing basis?”! Source/Base: Altimeter Group’s Survey of Social Business Strategists, December 2014 (n=76) ); Note: Percentages do not total 100 because “I don’t know” answers are not reported.!
  26. 26! “We have to take the proper time to educate. We can’t leave those behind that we’ll need to help you get us there. It will enable greater dividends on adoption longer term.! — Renee Horne, VP of Social Business at USAA!
  27. 27! The Four P’s of Social Business Governance! Source: Altimeter Group!
  28. 28! Developing Governance! · Understand maturity level! · Seek a leadership imperative! · Assemble a cross-functional working team! · Start with decision-making! · Align strategy and governance!
  29. 29! The Social Business Governance Maturity Map! Source: Altimeter Group!
  30. 30! How Altimeter Can Help! Social Business Governance Assessment! Social Business Governance Roadmap! Workshops, Education, and Advisory!
  31. 31! Pragmatic & Research-Based Reports! Download at altimetergroup.com/ research! Social Business Governance: A Framework to Execute Social Business Strategy (2014)! Social Media Education for Employees: Reduce Social Media Risk and Activate Employees for Scale (2013)! Scaling Social Business: How Brands Manage Complex, Distributed Programs (2013)! Guarding the Gates: The Imperative for Social Media Risk Management (2012)! A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation (2012)! Social Business Readiness: How Advanced Companies Prepare Internally (2011)!
  32. 32! Developing holistic governance is key to moving beyond isolated social media engagement to initiatives that leverage social broadly, across all functions. !
  33. 33! Developing holistic governance is key to moving beyond isolated social media engagement to initiatives that leverage social broadly, across all functions. ! In other words, a social business.!
  34. 34! Thank You! Charlene Li! charlene@altimetergroup.co m! charleneli.com! @charleneli! ! #socialgovernance! Ed Terpening! ed@altimetergroup.com! @edterpening! ! Altimeter Group provides research and advisory for companies challenged by business disruptions, enabling them to pursue new opportunities and business models. ! Disclaimer: Although the information and data used in this report have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or use of the information. The authors and contributors of the information and data shall have no liability for errors or omissions contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Reference herein to any specific product or vendor by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the authors or contributors and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.! !