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[Infographic] The State of Social Business: Social Media Matures, Yet Many Companies Still Lack a Strategic Foundation

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Based on findings from Altimeter Group's State of Social Business 2013 report, this infographic shows how companies are formalizing, organizing, and growing their social media efforts — yet still lacking an enterprise wide strategic foundation.

Download and read the full report at: http://bit.ly/ssb-2013.

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[Infographic] The State of Social Business: Social Media Matures, Yet Many Companies Still Lack a Strategic Foundation

  1. 1. THE STATE OF SOCIAL BUSINESS: Social Media Matures, Yet Many Companies Still Lack a Strategic Foundation COMPANIES ARE ORGANIZING AND FORMALIZING SOCIAL MEDIA INTO SOCIAL BUSINESS. 78% This team has grown, from 11 of companies have a dedicated social media team, up from 67% two years ago. people in 2010 to 15.6 people in 2013 IT’S SPREADING ACROSS THE ENTIRE ENTERPRISE. In which of these departments are there dedicated social media staff? There are dedicated social media staff in at least 73% 66% 40% 37% 35% 29% 16% 16% 15% 14% 11% 9% 8% Marketing Corporate Comm/PR Customer Support Digital Social Media HR Product Department/R&D Advertising Customer/User Experience IT Executive Legal Market Research 13 departments. And, social media headcount across the enterprise has more than doubled at the largest companies, ... from to 20 49 staff in 2010 staff in 2012 COMPANIES ARE TYING SOCIAL BUSINESS TO POSITIVE BUSINESS OUTCOMES. About We have formalized metrics that show positive outcomes in: 1/2 60 of companies say social business has improved marketing optimization, customer experience, and brand health. Nearly 50 53% 45% Marketing Optimization 45% Customer Experience 40 30 20 24% Brand Health Revenue Generation 10 1 4 0 in have seen increase in revenue. BUT COMPANIES HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO: MANY SOCIAL BUSINESS PROGRAMS LACK A STRONG FOUNDATION. Only 17 % of companies identify their social strategy as mature. Only 26% of companies approach social media holistically, operating against a cross-enterprise level strategy. Only 52 % of companies say that executives are aligned with the social strategy. UNDER CONSTRUCTION To Succeed, Build a Foundation for Social Business Benchmark your program with Altimeter’s State of Social Business 2013 report. Document existing challenges and opportunities to address in 2014. Align all social business efforts with business objectives and priorities. Based on Altimeter Group’s report: “The State of Social Business 2013” Download the report at: http://bit.ly/ssb-2013