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Future Generations Lobby Founding Document

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Founding Documentation of the Future Generations Lobby

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Future Generations Lobby Founding Document

  1. 1. Future Generations Lobby<br />I Alberto Kang, Californian, do here by represent all Future Generations of Humanity as their<br />Lobbyist to The White House.<br />From my many days of growing up in the state of California I learnt many skills of politics and also the great art of expressing myself in a clear civilised manner to those in power my point of view.<br />Previously I have been in China and feel free to read my Adventures there, they are posted somewhere on the internet for all to see in the interest of transparency<br />The Lobby was founded by decree from The White House<br />I have been using the new media of Social Networking Sites to Lobby my efforts to Congress people and Congresswomen as I am unable to afford the cost of going to Washington DC in person to Lobby on behalf of you Future Generations. If you search Twitter for #FutureGenLobby you will see some of my efforts.<br />I currently do not have an office but you people from the future can feel free to email me at<br />albertokang@gmail.com as you know soon there will be this Goggle Me thing , Have you Googled Me? What does show when you Goggle Alberto Kang? What is true? What is False? What do I believe? What do other people believe? When was it written? How much information do you know about me when you read that? Do you find it funny?<br />And are you from the Future? Meaning I have not met you yet, then yes you are my Client and so I need to hear what your thoughts are on Legislation<br />Who would have known that a person from Belmont High in LA could go on to grow up and be a Lobbyist to The White House?<br />Alberto Kang<br />Lobbyist for Future Generations Founder<br />