performance environment strategies. hrm economic growth impact and water recycled. incident rate reduction donation corporate social responsibility revenue company performance corporate sustainability random-effect iso9001 brewery bulan districts. effective leadership personal traits administrative behavior school heads targets. employees strategy vision-mission environmental factors organization behavior. domestic japonica rice preference consumer acceptability capital market authority (cma). earning management corporate governance purchase intention. eco-image price premium advertising packaging and branding labelling green marketing small penetration market management enterprise middle east saudi arabia audit quality adoption auditing effects of entrepreneurial challenges female entrepreneurs entrepreneurial nigeria microfinance institutions business human rights causality cameroon covid-19 financial performance project implementation inventory management fixed-effect model. disaster risk reduction and management (drrm) women entrepreneurs. urban settings social relations and networks resource-based theory mses marketing mix marketing competencies gender ‘customer intimacy’ capabilities entrepreneurial marketing entrepreneurial competencies ifrs industrial advancements. employee retention knowledge management education system. high school curriculum financial education flaws. cooperation features structure brics poverty reduction. civil society energy and environment. modernization colonialism globalisation global borders global security global immigration oyam. community development farmer smart farming drip irrigation global markets labour deflation global inflation mamfe indigenous economy female labour appraising female worker. worker protection malay businessmen and conduct of ethical practices small and medium enterprises business ethics sub-saharan africa. trade liberalization ahp. center of gravity dry port fixed-effect model windows analysis (dea) off-dock container terminals efficiency data envelopment analysis suspending classes as per deped guidelines announcements about the disaster malaysia conscience economy today economies regional developments ifrs. malaysia. impact on business development plan organizational management goals environment conditions air traffic controller high school. teacher performant teacher performance normative continuous affective commitment bhel – hyderabad. sustainability organizational culture application and usage of knowledge knowledge transfer knowledge storage information dissemination acquisition of information twin-deficit. trade deficit toda-yamamoto cointegration budget deficit training. procurement leadership compliance project performance. community participation capital adequacy and management efficiency. asset quality lexical ambiguity in pashto context. kinds of ambiguity ambiguity water scarcity. piped water accessibility availability water supply drinking water water noun programme noun students national open university information resources provision unit root test. time series model fdi real estate market turkey mass mobilization work in the northern mountainous mass mobilization work ho chi minh vietnam people's public security ho chi minh’s thought cultivation. income irrigation agricultural activities rural youth assam hill and plains abhi-neel ethnic diversity conflict yemen water use springs (al-ghyoul) indigenous knowledge water rights tanzania. kilimanjaro courts work performance appraisal system employees’ training professionalism classism profession teaching environmental destruction. governmental sovereignty technological prevalence fictional society fahrenheit 451 dystopia money laundering. combatting legal and institutional frameworks and modern tourism. modern world folkdance cultural heritage procurement/ procuring procurement process. ict applications e-procurement: lesson delivery lesson preparation information and communication technology teachers knowledge medical sociology. management of corona virus practices cultural beliefs children’s rights. rights child gcc. panel cointegration vec urbanization electricity consumption rent growth. household financial behavior consumer finance labor shortage housing supply interest rates mortgage rates work from home housing market boom covid-19 pandemic legal freedoms. enjoyment negative examining magistrate decisions appeals supply chain management performance. replenishment decisions inventory decisions communication mechanism supplier demand visibility order processing information flow and performance. transport management privacy. data covidiot biopower sensory power panopticon surveillance roce. agency theory audit committee project performance communication operational performance. product harmonization near shoring multisourcing critical thinking perceptions uncertainties education people living with hiv aids hiv
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