uml introduction to database ns2 behavioral modelling software engineering tcl ooad computer networks software tesing software engineering : software testing state diagram sequence diagram class diagram uml class diagrams ooad using uml srs requirement analysis & specification agile development models spiral model rad model incremental model prototyping model v model iterative waterfall model classical waterfall model software development life cycle models introduction basics database query sql database design simulator otcl simulation awk gnuplot accept connect udp sockets read/write listen close bind network programming tcp/ip diagrams unified modeling language things relationships point-to-point communication network of workstations collective communication message passing interface spmd master slave parallel programming memory management swapping thrashing segmentation paging address binding fragmentation demand paging virtual memory process scheduling synchronisation & deadlock operating systems operating system services kernel mode interrupts user mode storage structure unix file system unix system architecture unix process structure computer system organization recovery concurrency transaction relational calculus formal query language 2nd normal form relational database design 1st normal form normalisation 3rd normal form e r model congestion control & quality of service applica network layer protocols transport layer network layer error detection and correction data link control a data communication networks & internet protocols physical layer exception in c++ polymorphism in c++ template in c++ file in c++ inheritance in c++ class and objects c++ programming object oriented concepts c++ class objects object oriented programming c programming computer fundamentals
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