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  1. and Digital Portfolios John Rivera Specialist, Instructional Technology Educational Service Center East Los Angeles Unified School District Google Certified Teacher Twitter: @johnrivera
  2. What? Why? How? When? Where? What is a Portfolio? What is a Digital Portfolio? Why have a Digital Portfolio? Why use Google Sites? How, When, and Where do you facilitate Digital Portfolios?
  3. What is a Portfolio? From the Preface: "...reincarnations of large memory boxes... We formed part of our identity from the content of these memory boxes." Source: Wiley-VCH
  4. What is a Digital Portfolio? Digital documents organized and presented with some type of "authoring" software and stored in an electronic container... ● CD-R ● DVD-R ● Other Portable Memory Device ● On the World Wide Web!!!
  5. Why Have a Digital Portfolio? Source: Barbara Stauble, Curtin University of Technology, Australia Four key pillars of Lifelong Learning
  6. Why Google Sites? ● Free Web Site Builder ● Easy-to-Use ● Helps Build Student Technology Skills ● Automatically Stores Pages Online ● Interactivity and Feedback ● Collaborative Capabilities ● Integrated Container of Work with Google Drive ● Secured CIPA Compliance when used in Google Apps for Education and School AUP
  7. Portfolio Levels (Helen C. Barrett) Level 1 - Portfolio as Storage Collection Level 2 - Portfolio as Workspace Collection + Reflection Level 3 - Portfolio as Showcase Presentation
  8. Steps for Developing a Portfolio ● Create a first page as an introduction and table of contents ● Set up a structure around the goals/themes identified in purpose statement ● One page for each goal/theme with links to first page ● Upload artifacts to page or create hyperlinks to documents online ● Write reflections about how the artifacts demonstrate achievement of goals ● Write future learning goals ● Publish portfolio online
  9. Demonstration of Google Sites
  10. Sample Portfolios Designing the Orange County Fairgrounds 21st Century Learning Course Portfolio
  11. Essential Digital Portfolio Resources Creating an Interactive Portfolio with Google Sites (Helen C. Barrett, 2008) Google Apps for Education Google Sites Web Resources - EdTech Hacker (John Lenhardt, 2010-2012) Googlios (G. Alex Ambrose, 2010-2012)