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  1.  Prepared by: Emrul kawsar jishan ID: 2018210000006  Prepared for: MD. Kazi Parvez jibon Lecturer, Law department Southeast university
  2. IAD
  3. Internet Addiction Disorder
  4.  There are 2 types of IAD: 1. Social networking 2. Computer games
  5. We know in 21st century all the social networking sites are blessing for us, but these every sites have demerits.
  6.  There is word called “narcisissim”.we are becoming narcissist day by day. We are busy in taking random selfies we are busy in posting every single activities. We are trying to attract others and we are trying to get attention virtually .
  7.  I know a girl who takes almost 100 selfies in a day. My question is , “does that girl have only work to do in a day?” doesn't she have any other work !.  Its funny but I can put 100+ examples of weird narcissist who are not living in real life.
  8.  What I am trying to say is “we should live in a real life rather then in virtual life.
  9.  This should be stopped by awareness and every individual positive steps.  Virtual life makes our real life easier, but by using social media we are forgetting the real life.
  10.  We have heard that, a man has died while playing games for straight 50 hours without any break. how pathetic is that !  In china, a married couple sold their 3 children for buying gaming instruments. Isn't it disturbing !
  11.  Now we can realize that virtual things are controlling us. But we have to control the virtual things  What we have to do? Which steps are mandatory to get rid of this virtual prison? Let me tell you---
  12.  We have to maintain a daily routine in our lives. Like physical exercise , raising early in the morning, extra-curricular activities.
  13. Thank you.