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Unesco heritage sites turkey

  2. Here is the map of Turkey.In this map you can see some of the important historical sites.Now we are going to tell you about them which are inscribed to UNESCO World heritage
  3. APHRODIS 2017 -in southwestern Turkey -dates from the 3rd century BC
  4. ANI ANCIENT CITY AND RUINS 2016 -Located in the northheast of Turkey on the Silk Road -Forms the natural border with Armenia -One of the World’s most sacred spots -The former capital of medieval Armenian kingdom Important Sites: The lion engraving on the city walls,Cathedral of Ani,Menucehr Mosque,Seljuk Caravanserai,Tgran Honesnts Church and the Seljuk Bath
  5. CAPPAD OCIA 1985 -In Nevşehir,Cantral Anataloia region -Natural landscapes -The region was covered with the tuff from tyhe volcanoes including Erciyes,Hasan,Göllü Mountains -Land was sculpted out of this tuff through millions of years by sand and water erosion -Its unique geological structure since the Paleolithic Era -Hundreds of churches sculpted in the rock at Göreme -Underground cities such as Derinkuyu
  6. HIERAPOLIS (PAMUKKALE) 1988-Pamukkale is the Aegean Region’s gem,gift from the nature -The thermal pools, temples and other Greek monuments at this heritage site -Pamukkale Travertine deposits span a 160 metres tall and 2700 metres long cascade -Brilliant White color -Water temperatures between 35-36 degree celcius -Hierapolis also means the sacred city
  7. EPHE SUS 2015 -Located 3 kilometers West of Selçuk town,Izmir -Its history dates back to 6000 BC -Ephesus Ancient City consist of temples,theaters,libraries,houses and statues -It has been inhabitat about for 9000 years throughout the Hellenistic Era,Roman Period,Byzantine Era,The Period of Principalities and Ottoman Era
  8. MOUNT NEMRUT TERRACES AND STATUES 1987-The highest open air museum in the world -It is known as the Eight Wonder of the World with its 2000 year old giant statues -It belongs to the Hellenistic Era in ancient Anatolia -Antiochus I had a monumental tomb,a tumulus of cut stones over the tomb and terraces along the three edges of the tumulus built to show his gratitude to the gods and his ancestors
  9. ANCIENT CITY OF XANTHOS 1988 -Located in Antalya -Dating back to 3000 BC -Known as the city of monuments,was the capital of the Lycian Union -Illustrates the blendin of Lycian traditions and Hellenic influence -Rock tombs,sarcophagus,monumental tombs
  10. CITY OF SAFRANBOLU 1994 -Well preserved Ottoman Townscape through its historic buildings -Cavus grapes unique to the area -The architecture of the houses shows the respect for the nature and neighbours.
  11. TROY ANCIENT CITY 1998-Dating back to 3000 BC -One of the most famous ancient city with its 4000 years of history -Famous for being the site of Trojan War that Homer described in his epic poem -The city of Troy besieged by the Greeks during the Trojan War,as immortalised in Homer’s Iliad -Trojan War was close to Mount Ida -The three beauties of the contest were Hera,Athena and Aphrodite,and the judge was Paris.
  12. HATTUSHA:THE HITTITE CAPITAL 1986-The first Anatolian organized state of Hittites’ capital -Founded around 1600 BC after Hattus was destroyed -Located within the Bogazkoy- Alacahoyuk National Park -Open air museum
  13. CUMALIKIZIK 2014-700 year old village -Located in Bursa -Good example of commercial culture and Ottoman lifestyle
  14. GOBEKL ITEPE 2018-Located in Şanlıurfa, of South- eastern Anatolia -Age between 9600 and 8200 BCE -It was even built before the invention of writing,Wheel and the pyramids Egypt and Stonehenge
  15. CATALH OYUK-Located in Cumra district of Konya -7400-5200 BC -How humans made the transition to settled life and started farm
  16. PERGAMON MULTI-LAYERED CULTURAL LANDSCAPE 2014-Located near İzmir -Ancient temples,theatres,library,cultural heritage and richness -2nd century BC -Hellenistic,Roman,Eastern Roman
  17. GREATE MOSQUE AND HOSPITAL OF DIVRIGI 1985-Located in Sivas -One of the finest examples of Seljuk stone carving and archiecture in Turkey -This building complex was commissioned in the 13th century
  18. MIMAR SINAN ‘S MASTERPIECE:SELIMIYE MOSQUE -Located in Edirne -Ottoman architecture -Built between 1568 and 1575 for Sultan Selim II
  19. BASILICA CISTERN -Located in Sultanahmet/Istanbul -It was built in the 4th Century
  20. MAIDEN’S TOWER -Located in Uskudar/Istanbul -It started to be used as a lighthouse
  21. TOPKAPI PALACE -Located in Gulhane/Istanbul -It was built in 1461 by Mehmet the Conqueror -Is the symbol of the city
  22. DOLMABAHCE PALACE -Located in Dolmabahce/Istanbul -It took 13 years to build -Completed in 1856 - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died in this palace
  23. HAGIA SOPHIA MUSEUM -Located in Sultanahmet/Istanbul -The oldest mosaic dates back to the 9th century AD. -Hagia Sophia Turkey opened as a museum in 1935.