ppt introduction definition references objectives notes conclusion health isotope ions who quality aditya sharma uv-visible spectroscopy other - cd based techniques cd spectra of protein secondary structures advantages cd spectrum instrumentation for cd spectropolarimeter measurement of circular dichroism circular dichroism polarization of light amino acid structure & polarity spectroscopy protein structures circular dichroism spectroscopy dyes staining organelle cell turbidimetric method cylinder plate method method 2 method 3 method 4 preparation of inoculum test organisms sample solution standard solution buffer solutions preparation of media standard preparation and units of activity microbial assay of antibiotics ecd tcd npd fpd fid high-sensitivity detectors selective general-purpose detectors mass spectrometer photoionization detector flame photometric detector thermal conductivity detector electron capture detector nitrogen phosphorus detector flame ionization detector classification of detectors gas chromatography detectors iso 9001 niper guwahati regulatory audits external audits internal audits types of audits types goal intro audits pharmaceutical spiritual dimension social dimension mental dimension physical dimension narrow sense broad sense operational definition dimensions of health health & dimensions of health occupation political system cultural socio factors disease housing income education health services socio-economic conditions lifestyle environment heredity socio cultural factors related to health and disea ich q3c usp <467> residual solvents taxanes: complicating factors drug interactions of docetaxel docetaxel paclitaxel/taxol in cancer therapy side effects of taxol structure-activity relationship of taxol mechanism of action taxol and derivatives in therapy micro-rna induced pluripotent stem cells (ips) chimeric antigen recipient t (car-t) cell therapy crispr/cas9 recent advances clinical applications vectors for gene therapy methods of gene therapy gene therapy approaches gene therapy strategies types of gene therapy gene therapy expected benefits of the programme strategies objectives of the programme programme execution & expansion national programme for prevention and control of d recorder furnace temperature programmer/controller furnace sample holder recording balance components of instrumentation instrumentation of thermogravimetric analysis negative ions multiple charged ions metastable ions rearrangement ions fragment ions molecular ion (parent ion) types of ions produced in mass spectrometry the signal detector and recording system: amplifier oscillator radio frequency receiver field sweep method frequency sweep method radio frequency generator the sample probe the sample holder sweep generator the magnetic field sweep permanent and conventional electromagnets magnet nmr instrumentation nuclear overhauser enhancement short-comings of 13c-nmr spectra chemical shifts characteristic features of 13 c nmr principle 13c nmr spectroscopy theory of ft-nmr fourier transform nmr spectroscopy fourier transform principles of ft-nmr & 13c nmr industry general requirements semester examination b.pharmacy estimation of shelf life expiration date/shelf life cyclic temperature stress testing retained sample stability testing accelerated stability testing real time stability testing stability testing methods: shelf life stability inspecting maintenance commissioning qualification cleanroom monitoring program documentation requirement hvac systems elements tqm qms total quality management quality management system key benefits rationale statement relationship management evidence-based decision making improvement process approach engagement of people leadership customer focus seven quality management principles iso quality management principles limit test for arsenic limit test for lead limit test for iron limit test for chlorides limit test for sulphates limit tests methods to enhance dissolution rate. pharmacokinetic studies ypes of bioequivalence studies therapeutic equivalence bioequivalence in vitro drug dissolution testing models need for dissolution testing in vitro drug dissolution testing blood serum studies urinary excretion studies assessment of bioavailability improving bioavailability bioavailability & bioequivalence ppt ms detector elsd detector refractive index detector fluorescence detector photo diode array detector uv-visible detector desirable features hplc detectors practical considerations rationale of prodrug design classification applications example design prodrug for semester examination theory applications ofuv-visible spectroscopy examination semester good laboratory practices good manufacturing practices glp gmp schedule l1 schedule m
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