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  1. Portfolio
  2. LeadCollaborateDesign Adam Ben Beaulieu
  3. Table of Contents (207) 240 7463 I have moved on from a difficult time in my life and learned the true meaning of happiness. Since this transition I have dedicated everything I do to help the greater good. A once very shy child is now a leader. Through the collaborative process and my openness to others, my leadership skills have given me amazing opportunities. I have dedicated much of my time to further the community around me in hopes that they will do the same. I can only wish that my efforts will change the world someday. I am proud to be where I am and I am grateful to call myself a member of our global society. Casa Gaspar Addtion Keene Dowtown Parking Spofford Lake Boathouse
  4. Definition CASAGASPARADDITION “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” Winston Churchill This studio fucussed on a precedent study in southern Spain. I learned how to define my design gaols, create a “big idea” and develop this idea. The idea was based on the design of the original building: the use of light and shadow, and the essentials aspects of residential architecture.
  5. Public Semi-Public Private My addtion focused on the separation of essential spaces and the circulations through each space. I am also very intrigued by the relationship between the circle and the square. I used these two aspects to play with light and shadow through each space. Process: Fall 2012 CADIZ SPAIN CASAGASPARADDITION Casa Gaspar designed by Alberto Campo Baeza has been described as minimalist. Baeza sees his work as focussing on the essentials. His design’s focus on light, shadow and purpose.
  6. ORGANIZATION KEENEDOWNTOWNPARKING “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way” George Patton A critical emphasis on organization was given to this project. Creating a project binder and organizing all of the research took a lot of time. However the finished project was was extremely developed due to the attention to detail given to each piece of the project.
  7. KEENEDOWNTOWNPARKING A parking strucutre is being considered to alleviate the main street parking in downtown Keene, NH. This site was in five different overlapping zones; all of which had their own specified criteria. My role in this project was to organize project guidelines and materials, stay in contact with the clients, and make sure that regualtions were being followed. Spring 2013 This project was my first experience with a real client. As a second year student I was a bit nervous but I decided to take advantage of this chance and decided to lead my group and set project goals. Our clients were so impressed that by the final project they asked what our plans were for graduation in May. I was very excited on the professionality that we displayed and I truly learned how to talk and consult a client. Parti Two-lane Helix Ramp 260ParkingSpaces 2700SquareFeetofRetailSpace Keene’s New Transportation Hub
  8. Communication SPOFFORDLAKEBOATHOUSE Architecture has taught me about discipline. I have learned to set tangible goals and create a schedule in which I can accomplish and succeed. These traits have brought me to a place of leadership among the student body. I was the president of the society of architecture students at Keene Sate College and I also hosted a regional conference. I am ready to take these accomplishments and apply them to professional world functions. This site truly spoke to me. There was an emotional experience and a communication between the site and I. The great winds coming off the lake forced me onto the site. The natural lighting kept me on the site. It was these experiences that allowed me to design based on meteorological patterns coupled with geographical precedents.
  9. SPOFFORDLAKEBOATHOUSE Fall 2013 Site Section 1. 2.1. 2. 1. Boat Storage 2. Locker Rooms 1. Admin Space 2. Event Space With the assesment of the site in mind I pulled some knowledge of meteorolgy into the project. I wanted to portray the interaction of wind and water. This moment takes shape in many forms; waves, clouds, strong gusts and etc. Pinching Convergence Process: Event Space Admin Space I focused on mid-lattitude cyclones. Cyclones are large weather patterns that move across the United States. As they move they converge on a low pressure zone. My buildings reflects this by converging upon a central axis. This concept allowed a meeting area of different people; just like in cyclones, where water meets wind. This concept was built out of a long process of studying aspects of the interaction of wind and water in different phases and forms.
  11. Just because you failed does not make you a failure -Stanley McChrystal