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Abishanth resume ETA c

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Abishanth resume ETA c

  1. 1. Abishanth S V No 15/09, ramachandra flats, Mail : sva.abishanth@gmail.com v.o.c street,gandhi nager, Mobile : +91-8828476108 saligrammam, Mobile(home) : +91-8220676668 chennai-600093. Career Objective Looking for an opportunity to work in an organization where my skills and knowledge form a part of organization goals and work in teams to achieve the objectives Academic Qualifications Software Packages Known  Completed AutoCAD Mechanical from Autodesk.  Completed Creo Parametric 2.0 (PRO-E) from PTC University.  Completed CATIA R6  Excellent and fast Computer Skills. Academic Project Title: Development of hybrid epoxy coconut, e-glass fibre reinforced composite with Coconut filler. Achievements  Published paper on “Development of Hybrid Epoxy Coconut E-Glass Fibre Reinforced Composite with Coconut Filler” at “ICFTET-2015” conducted by PSNA college of Engineering.  Published paper on “Improving Mechanical properties of Ti-HA Metal Matrix Composites” at ICRAMID’14 Inplant Training  Undergone inplant training in Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Limited, Hosur. Qualification Institute Year of passing Percentage Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) Ponjesly College of Engineering, Nagercoil. 2015 70% Higher Secondary Kings Matric HS School, Vallioor, Tamilnadu. 2011 65.75% S.S.L.C Kings Matric HS School, Vallioor, Tamilnadu. 2009 77%
  2. 2. Areas of Interest  Mechanical Design  Automobile Engineering.  Product Development. Extracurricular Activities  Played key role in Organizing International conference at our college. Professional Experience Over Seven (7) months experience mostly in engineering and maintenance activities such as Air conditioning, coordination, visual Inspection, planned preventive maintenance activities & Documentation. Organization : ETA Engineering Pvt Ltd Period of work : July (2015) till now Project site : Ticel Bio park Chennai. Designation : Maintenance supervisor. Activities performed : Preparing for PPM activities, Regulating maintenance activities in ISO standards Inspecting equipment and pipelines. Rectification of complaints in the unit. Ensure that instruments are calibrated & properly tagged. Record of all inspection and maintenance activities. Personal Profile Name : Abishanth .S .V Father’s Name : A. Senthil Kumar Date of Birth : 18-Apr-1994 Sex : Male Marital status : Single Passport Number : M5228819 Permanent Address : 9/139 E Senthil Bhavan, Pazhavillai st (P.O) Kanyakumari Dist, Tamilnadu, India - 629180. Declaration I hereby declare that all the information furnished above is correct to the best of my knowledge. Place: Date: (Abishanth .S .V)