reasons for slow progress of vocationalization need and importance of vocationalization inclusive education role of a class teacher in guidance programme language barriers national mission on education through ict (nmeict) aims and objectives of national policy on informat youtube swayam mooc e-educational learning resources and platforms input and output device disadvantages of computer advantages of computer software: meaning and types memory and storage central processing unit input and output devices types of hardware components of computer what is computer limitations of directive counseling advantages of directive counseling basic assumptions of directive counseling steps of directive counseling directive counseling characteristics of counseling meaning and definition of counseling challenges in integrating ict in school education characteristics of ict concept of ict vocational guidance educational guidance types of guidance functions of guidance characteristics of guidance definitions of guidance meaning of guidance common misconceptions about guidance and counse need for guidance services 20. need of personal guidance 19. purpose of personal guidance 18. nature of personal guidance 17. personal guidance. 16. vocational guidance at different stages 15. need of vocational guidance 14. aim and objectives of vocational guidance 13. vocational guidance. 12. scope of educational guidance 11. educational guidance at different levels 10. need of educational guidance 9. objectives of educational guidance 8. meaning and definition of educational guidance 7. types of guidance 6. guidance services 5. need of guidance 4. functions of guidance 3. characteristics of guidance 2. meaning of guidance 1. common misconceptions about guidance and counse suggestives steps for vocationalization vocationalization of secondary education in uk usa principles of vocationalization concept of vocationalization vocationalization secondary education in ussr vocationalization secondary education in uk vocationalization secondary education in usa suggestive programmes for vocationalization objectives of vocational education principles of vocational education usa and india. comparison and description of secondary education secondary education in india secondary education in usa secondary education in uk comparative education
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