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Fabric8: A free, end-to-end, cloud-native development experience

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Fabric8: A free, end-to-end, cloud-native development experience

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Fabric8: A free, end-to-end, cloud-native development experience

  1. 1. Fabric8: A free, end-to-end, cloud-native development experience Abdellatif BOUCHAMA @a_bouchama #DevoxxMA
  2. 2. @fabric8io @a_bouchama Abdellatif BOUCHAMA I work at Red Hat on Open Source Integration technology. Contact Twitter: @a_bouchama Linkedin: https://fr.linkedin.com/in/abouchama Senior Middleware Engineer
  3. 3. “Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming.” Marc Andreessen @fabric8io @a_bouchama
  4. 4. EVOLVING ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE @fabric8io @a_bouchama Service Endpoints Webservices APIs Architecture Development Process Deployment Infrastructure Microservices CI/CD Container Cloud Monolith Waterfall Server/VM Data Center
  5. 5. @fabric8io @a_bouchama My Service Container Mgnt Tracing Resilience & Fault Tolerance Discovery Logging DevOps LoadBalacing, Scaling Elasticity Metrics Authentication Invocation Messaging/ IPC
  6. 6. @fabric8io @a_bouchama Let's develop Microservices faster and have fun!
  7. 7. @fabric8io @a_bouchama Continuous Improvement Systems Availability Automation Collaboration Social Development OpenShiftKubernetes Docker Taiga GogsGerrit Elasticsearch Jolokia Slack Jenkins Arquillian Nexus
  8. 8. @fabric8io @a_bouchama
  9. 9. @fabric8io @a_bouchama
  10. 10. @fabric8io @a_bouchama
  11. 11. COOL, What about fabric8 v4.X ? @fabric8io @a_bouchama
  12. 12. @fabric8io @a_bouchama ❏ It’s too difficult and expensive to set up tools & environments ❏ Lack of fidelity between dev & production leads to massively expensive prod only bugs ❏ Tools & processes do not support easy creation of orchestrated microservices for continuous delivery ❏ Most software changes are unverifiable guesses ❏ The entire project team needs to realign to the continuous delivery of the value & quality THE VERY NATURE OF SOFTWARE IS CHANGING
  13. 13. @fabric8io @a_bouchama Move to an end-to-end, integrated, development platform. Use build pipelines to enable deployment excellence. Use crowd-sourced and analytically produced insights to mitigate risk. A NEW AND BETTER WAY TO WORK
  14. 14. @fabric8io @a_bouchama Codegenerator IDE (Eclipse Che) Pipeline (Jenkins) Codebase(git) Planner Auth (SSO-keycloak) Fabric8 is an opinionated open source integrated developer platform based on Docker, Kubernetes and Jenkins Platform
  15. 15. @fabric8io @a_bouchama Identity Access Management: ● Built on KeyCloak ● Single Sign On (OAuth + SAML) Planner: ● Project tracking ● Issue tracking Code Editor: ● Built on Eclipse Che Pipeline: ● Built on jenkins
  16. 16. AWESOME! How do we get Started? @fabric8io @a_bouchama
  17. 17. @fabric8io @a_bouchama
  18. 18. Time for Demo ;-) @fabric8io @a_bouchama
  19. 19. @fabric8io @a_bouchama ★ An end-to-end development platform ★ From ideation to beyond production ★ Creation of cloud native application & Microservices ★ Plan,build, test and deploy your applications via pipelines ★ Run and manage them via continuous improvement
  20. 20. @fabric8io @a_bouchama Contributors are welcome https://fabric8.io https://github.com/fabric8
  21. 21. Questions ? @fabric8io @a_bouchama