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apidays LIVE Paris - Data Gateways: building “Data-as-a-Service” for the Hybrid Cloud by Hugo Guerrero

  1. Data-as-a-service for the Hybrid Cloud Data Gateways Hugo Guerrero APIs & Messaging Developer Advocate, Red Hat DATAGATEWAYS 1
  2. Agenda DATA GATEWAYS 2 Architecture Evolution The inevitable transformation Microservices Data The rise of the gateways Microservices Data Data Gateways Types Hugo Guerrero Mexican @ MA, USA APIs & Event-Driven Specialist | Open Source Advocate | History, Travel & Food Enthusiast @hguerreroo
  3. @hguerrerooDATA GATEWAYS Modernize this ● 10,000+ types of interconnected apps ○ function focused … ○ 300,000 system interfaces ● 100,000+ databases ○ 95% unused data ● Siloed product/service orgs/processes
  4. @hguerreroo McKinsey: Next-generation core banking platforms: A golden ticket? DATA GATEWAYS
  5. @hguerreroo Source: IDC Moving toward the future of banking infrastructure DATA GATEWAYS Cornerstone of Hybrid Cloud
  7. @hguerrerooDATA GATEWAYS 7 Source: Distributed Architecture
  8. We don’t need ESBs anymore, but we still need integration
  9. @hguerreroo 9 DATA GATEWAYS The Rise of API Gateways Developer Apps API Backend 2 API Gateway API Request Authorized API Request API Backend 1 API Backend 3
  10. @hguerreroo 10 DATA GATEWAYS Microservices Data ● Independent database per microservice ○ Independent database instance ○ Independent schema and logical grouping of tables ● Only one microservice owns the data ● Polyglot persistence layer
  11. @hguerrerooDATA GATEWAYS 11 Source: Gateways
  12. @hguerreroo Source: “A data gateway is like an API gateway, but it understands and acts on the data layer implementation rather than the networking layer” DATA GATEWAYS 12
  13. @hguerreroo 13 DATA GATEWAYS Data Gateways Developer Apps API-based Data StoreData Gateway API REST / OData / GraphQL Authorized API Request Relational Data Store Non-relational Data Store BI Users Data Scientists ODBC JDBC
  14. @hguerreroo 14 DATA GATEWAYS Data Gateway Capabilities ● Abstraction / Decoupling ○ Hides implementation ○ Abstracts physical source ● Security ○ Access control based on data model (row, column, etc.) ● Scaling ○ Caching and materialized views ● Federation ● Schema-first based on SQL standard
  15. @hguerreroo 15 DATA GATEWAYS Many Types of Data Gateways ● Classic Data Virtualization ● Database with Federation ● GraphQL bridges ● Cloud-hosted ● Secure tunneling data-proxies ● Open source data gateways
  16. @hguerrerooDATA GATEWAY Virtual Application Network ● An abstraction layer between the network and the application services / processes ● Applications don’t need to be modified ○ HTTP/REST ○ gRPC ○ Messaging ○ General TCP/UDP (JDBC, etc.) ● A natural fit into container platforms: Kubernetes /Docker ● Application topology independent from network topology
  17. @hguerrerooDATA GATEWAY Skupper Project @skupperio
  18. @hguerrerooDATA GATEWAY Secure data gateway with Governance SSO
  19. @hguerrerooDATA GATEWAY Federation and abstraction
  20. @hguerrerooDATA GATEWAY BIAN Open Banking
  21. “Data has gravity, requires granular access control, is hard to scale, and difficult to move on/off/between cloud-native infrastructures. Having a data gateway component as part of the cloud-native tooling arsenal, which is hybrid and works on multiple cloud providers, supports different use cases is becoming a necessity.” DATAGATEWAYS 21 Source:
  22. THANK YOU! DATA GATEWAYS @hguerreroo