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AMAGF... Who we are.

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Who, what when where why and how AMAGF is the leader in Small Business Loan Packaging and Placement Assistance.

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AMAGF... Who we are.

  1. 1. AMAGF<br />SBA, USDA and Commercial Loan Packaging and Placement Assistance<br />Who. What. Why. Where. When. How.<br />
  2. 2. American Association of Government Finance<br />www.amagf.org<br />877-91-AMAGF (26243)<br />Who we are…<br />1<br />What we do…<br />2<br />Why we do it…<br />3<br />4<br />Where we do it…<br />When we do it...<br />5<br />6<br />How we do it…<br />7<br />Contact Us<br />
  3. 3. Who we are…<br />AMAGF is a Veteran Owned, <br />Small Business Packaging and Placement Firm.<br />We assist start-up and existing businesses to obtain the necessary operating capital needed to increase cash flow that leads to increased sales, which ultimately gives the business owner the ability to grow and hire more employees.<br />
  4. 4. Provide consulting services<br />Preparation and completion of Loan Submission Package<br />Tax Return, Cash-flow, Credit Memorandum, Collateral and Credit analysis<br />Offer packaging service<br />SBA – 7a; 504; Express USDA Commercial<br />Placement assistance<br />If the borrowers have not already secured their own funding, their loan package may be placed into the AMAGF Placement Department to assist in potential funding options available<br />Membership services<br />Preferred Advocate Affiliate<br />Education and Training services<br />Seminars Webinars Home Study Books<br />We are Small Business Advocates<br />What we do…<br />
  5. 5. Why we do it…<br />Benefits of the SBA Loan programs:<br /><ul><li>Reduces lender’s risk, making it more likely to approve a small business loan application
  6. 6. Provides a longer loan term, or maturity
  7. 7. All SBA loans are fully amortizing, i.e.,
  8. 8. no balloon payment
  9. 9. An SBA guaranteed loan may be the answer and possibly the best way of obtaining long term financing for new and existing businesses and is the most popular loan program for start-up franchises.
  10. 10. See letter on packaging issues</li></ul>Benefits of the USDA Loan Program:<br /><ul><li>Designed to Stimulate growth in rural communities</li></ul>Benefits of the Commercial Loan Program:<br /><ul><li>If Government Guaranteed funding is not the solution for your financing needs
  11. 11. Real Estate amortized 20-25 years</li></li></ul><li>Where we do it…<br />All 50 States <br />Guam<br />We are located throughout the United States and are able to assist our clients throughout the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico.<br />Puerto Rico<br />
  12. 12. When we do it…<br />Once prequalification of Eligibility Questionnaire is obtained and client has been quoted and agrees to fees.<br />Prequalify <br />Once documents have been signed and received from client:<br /><ul><li>File will be placed into AMAGF Packaging Department where the loan</li></ul> package will be completed with the assistance of the borrower and <br /> formatted based on the rules and regulations of the specific loan <br />requirements.<br />Sign initial documents<br />Once loan package is complete:<br /><ul><li>Client will receive their loan package; One hard copy and one</li></ul> digital disc copy <br /><ul><li>Loan file will be assigned to the AMAGF Placement </li></ul> Department to assist the borrower in obtaining the loan funds <br /> needed if they have not already secured their own financing. <br />Loan Package Completion<br />
  13. 13. <ul><li>First by determining Eligibility by using our Eligibility Questionnaire.
  14. 14. Collect all required documents and forms to complete a loan package that meets lender requirements and guidelines.
  15. 15. Maintaining relationships with banks and credit unions, Nationally.
  16. 16. Educating and keeping clients informed on current business trends to help their business grow and succeed.</li></ul>How we do it…<br />
  17. 17. www.amagf.org<br />877-91-AMAGF (26243)<br />3161 E Warm Springs Rd #200<br />Las Vegas, NV 89120<br /> American Association of Government Finance<br />