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Building Great Programs for Seniors (October 2018)

  1. Goals • Topics for Today’s Seniors • 35+ Program Trends to Replicate or • Turn Into Clubs or Recurring Events
  2. Eat it up Wear it out Make it do Or do without
  3. Greatest Generation: 1901 - 1925 Silver Generation 1926 - 1944 Baby Boomers 1945 - 1964
  4. • Non-binding registration • Microphones • Visibility (even subtitles) • Lighting • Short handouts • Time for sharing • Early seating • One Page reminders for upcoming events • No fines • Punchcards for fines, bonus materials, extensions • Discounts for trips, events • Technology drop ins • Appointments for extra help or designated times • Repeating popular event
  5. Second Chapter Café Whitehall Public Library, PA • Coffee bar • Collection including puzzles, gadgets • Programs All Libraries Provide: • Social Opportunities • Education • Entertainment • Assistance and Training • Resources • No or Low Cost Services • Independence
  6.  Fits lots of requirements from previous page  Maybe a younger Friends group is needed also  Can fund senior programs or special events  Should have its own special events/rewards  Train library volunteers  May have to end and restart periodically as members change
  7. Options for Growing Clubs “Club Connection Slides”  Realistic timeline for staff while retaining interest: monthly, weekly, quarterly  Duplicate club during day and evening  Multi-generational  Streamlined registration  Easy to participate  Rotate leaders or project leaders
  8. Club Connection: Library Academy What do you wish more of the public knew?  Four Weeks  Presentation on Each Department  Quick Trainings  Fun Handouts  Based on Community Police Academy
  9.  State Department on Aging  Spousal Impoverishment  Illinois Family Caregiver Support  Grandparents Raising Grandchildren  Basic Overview of Types of Retirement Accounts  Voter Registration
  10.  AARP Card discounts  Feature Chamber businesses with senior promotions  Senior business fair  Travel and transportation for less (handout in summer or around holidays)
  11. FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT SUPPORT  Gaming Night  Reading Night  Healthy Snacks  Movie Nights  Crafts  Special Events  Day Trips or Free Tickets to Museums  Grandparents Raising Children Groups  Materials on State Support  Family Programs  School Readiness  College Application Process Support  Financial Aid or Family Finance Workshops at Same Time as Kids’ Events
  12.  Partnerships with hospitals, health departments, agencies  Living Wills  Screenings and drives  Information and resources  Medicare  Showing people how to look up medicines  Housing funding
  13. Health and Fitness Health Fair: gyms, simple screenings, demonstrations of classes Self-Defense Wellness and Healthy Living Grocery Stores: new food choices No Sweat Sugar Free Couponing Mental Health: stages of grief, holiday stress
  14.  Microwave magic (also good for new adults)  Four ingredient recipes  $5 dinners  Super salads & soups  Ethnic foods and history  Restaurant festivals
  15. Safety and Scams Internet and phone scams Basic self-defense Travel safety – international and domestic Identity and password safety
  16. MYSTERIOUS EVENTS Crimescene as display or one-time program 2008 Texas Teen Reads Manual Mystery flavors Classic crime TV & movies T/F Town ordinance laws vs. historical Self-Defense Puzzle tournaments Puzzle & Scrabble crafts
  17.  Organizations to help Age in Place  Information on Hospice  Representatives from Day Programs  Organizations with Senior Programs  Housing Representatives  Veteran Benefit Speakers
  18. Value of items • Selling Online • Antiques Expert Fair • By Theme: Books, Jewelry, Glassware • Values of Popular Items by Decade • Display of Items with Resources
  19. • Oldest cookbook • Oldest recipe • Apron • Treasure • Ribbon or trophy • Letter • Photo/Polaroid • Prom Picture
  20.  Budget  When to have the events  Spotty attendance  Staff time  Subjects that appeal  All of the above
  21. WWI From Over There to Your Library •Meatless meals •Famous ads and marketing campaigns or commercials •Genealogy program on military records •Live Streaming lectures from National War I Museum and Memorial: visit
  23. WWII AND THE BATTLE ON THE HOMEFRONT  Rationing, Vegetable Gardens and Spam: WWII Foods  Norman Rockwell, Marvel and other memorable art from WWII  Skype program with WWII Museum Staff:  Local Veterans’ groups or reenactors  Rosie, Spies and Farm Corps: the role of women during WWII (Marilyn Monroe)  Memorabilia sharing Victory Tea
  24. • Not Just in November • Collect Photos, Memorabilia • Veterans Benefits, Spouses • Records of What Units from Area Were in Each Major Conflict Including Civil War
  25. • Vintage Car Shows • Vintage Apron Decoration (or Poodle Skirts) for multiple generations • History of Billboard Hits • Soda Fountain Mixology • James, Audrey or Marilyn Movie Fest • Korean War
  26. 60’S  Elvis, the Beatles, Neil Diamond and Woodstock  October Sky, the Rocket Boys and Space mania  Tie Dyeing (socks, accessories, something different)  Cooking Trends: in the van,easy gourmets,  Cocktail Parties  Anniversaries: Assassinations of JFK, Bobby and MLK Jr.
  27. 70’S •10 Tips for Saving Energy in Your Home •Retro Game Night , or What can you build with an Erector set or Tinkertoys? •Woven Oven Mitts, Macrame •Saturday Night Fever Moves •History of Tupperware •Owls Everywhere Again •Bingewatch Bradys and other popular TV Sewickly PL Pinterest Board decades-1970-s/
  28.  Fashion  Food  Music  Books, movies or TV from that time or set in that time (Happy Days)  Tutorials and demonstrations of dance steps  Photos – ask patrons for memorabilia, prom pictures, recipes from that era for contest  Trivia Contests
  29. World of Ideas Virtual Travel and tasting for countries, regions World of Flavors tour with phrases International holiday traditions World famous candies Artists by country, copy their style on tiles, t-shirts Local travel through time
  30. LIBRARY LUAU  History of Hawaii  Dancing  Decorations  Ukulele  Taste of the Hawaiian Islands  Pineapple, Poi and Spam?  Volcanoes and more travel presentation  Drink mixology  WWII tie-in with history
  31. • Electronic library resources and downloadables • E-readers changing print size • Simple photo and movie editing from phones • Help with gadgets
  32.  Setting up Goodreads shelves, other social media  New library technologies: 3-D printer, downloadables  Test gadgets or services for other seniors
  33.  Prizes for completing or entering  Online chat with reference  Downloadable app – show staff  Sign up for program  Link to library social media  Put item on reserve online, or online search  Use online databases  Download ebook or audio book
  34. Part-Time or Volunteer Opportunities Resume Writing, Tips Job Hunting Computer and Social Media Training Flea Market or Craft Fair
  35. RECIPE SCRAPBOOKING  Glue copies onto 8 ½ x 11 cardstock or scrapbook paper  Stickers, printed recipes and quotes from cutters  Page protectors for 3-ring binder  Have patrons bring copies and exchange for drop in program  Ties in with holiday or international themes
  36.  Retro Recipe Exchange  Jello  Vintage Holiday Foods  Classic Chicago Candies  Desserts by the Decade  Vintage Tea Parties  Kolackies and More  Apple Pie and History of Harvest Foods
  37. RETRO CRAFTS MODERN FUN  Flower Loom  Quilling  Pom Poms (think roller skates)  Macrame (but no plant hangers)  String Art  Woven Barrettes  Fascinators  Scrapbooking  Knitting/Crochet  Quilting  Computer Crafting: printing transfers  3-D Paper Crafts, origami, ornaments  Terrariums
  38. Club Connection: Crafting for Charity • Cards for Senior Centers, Veterans • Knotting Blankets • Knitting/Crocheting: clothing, blankets, squares for blankets • Blankets for Animal Shelters • Sell or Raffle Items for Charity
  39. Club Connection: Creative Writing • Memoirs • Flash Fiction • Calligraphy • Journaling • Basic Blogging • Website Creation • Non-fiction Writing • Query Process • Magazines Seeking Senior Stories: Reminisce • Self-Publishing • Book Talk on Writing Craft Books
  40. MUSIC DANCE  Festival  Connected to Dates: Elvis’ Birthday  Summer or Outdoor Programs  Beatles’ Tribute Bands, Civil War Music, Renaissance  Big Bands  High School Musicians  Veterans and Memorial Day Events  Local Trips for Concerts  Preview Upcoming Seasons  Teach dance steps for classic steps  Victory Tea or Prom for Seniors  Demonstrations with Music from Professionals  Ethnic Dance Groups
  41. HOLLYWOOD COMES TO THE LIBRARY Gourmet Popcorn After Hours Oscar Night Party Short Movie Festival Local Actors, Filming Locations Hollywood History by Decade
  42.  50 Shades of Racy Reading  Sweet Reads w/Cupcake Decorating  Crafty Reads  Delicious Reads  Forgotten Reads or Shocking Reads  Novel Bites: Book Club Food Suggestions  Edgy and Sexy Reads
  43.  Easy lending, registration  Flexibility in choices, themes  Skype with authors  Books set in past, even children’s  Non-fiction  Play audio
  44. CREATURES Adults read to dogs too! Local animal scavenger hunt Pet parades – virtual or live  Get Caught Reading with an Animal  Vacation pet photos Dog food for fines – help the shelters and pantries Make Blankets for Shelters
  45. Questions? Amy Alessio

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  1. Union City Library Packing them in! What subjects are of particular interest to today’s senior citizens and why. How to use trends and short programs to replicate and create your own programs. How to extend popular topics into clubs or recurring events for seniors. Census According to the Census Bureau's "middle series" projections, the elderly population will more than double between now and the year 2050, to 80 million. By that year, as many as 1 in 5 Americans could be elderly. Most of this growth should occur between 2010 and 2030, when the "baby boom" generation enters their elderly years. During that period, the number of elderly will grow by an average of 2.8 percent annually. By comparison, annual growth will average 1.3 percent during the preceding 20 years and 0.7 percent during the following 20 years. (See graph below.) After my background: I enjoy both teens and seniors. Enthusiasm shown in different ways, often very frank, but respect library services that are geared towards them. I am a sandwich generation – helping my mother arrange care for my father with Alz and Parkinson’s. Many issues and limitations facing seniors from meeting hundreds of them at my programs and getting to know many. Both teens and seniors continually surprise me. Building Great Programs for Seniors (ALA Editions Workshop) A 90-minute workshop, Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 2:30pm Eastern/1:30 Central/12:30 Mountain/11:30am Pacific By building programs that engage and attract active seniors to your library, you can help reinforce your library’s status as an important community center for residents of all ages. Topics include: What subjects are of particular interest to today’s senior citizens and why. How to use trends and short programs to replicate and create your own programs. How to extend popular topics into clubs or recurring events for seniors.
  2. My Grandma Alessio – I show her picture at the beginning of many of my vintage programs What subjects are of particular interest to today’s senior citizens and why. How to use trends and short programs to replicate and create your own programs. How to extend popular topics into clubs or recurring events for seniors. First – history – how many seniors, who are they, where do they come from Second – why would they come to the library and how we serve them Third – program ideas at least to take and replicate easily either by hiring low cost speakers in many cases or how to replicate them realistically in library settings that are stretched already with staff, funding and time constraints **many of these can be adjusted for different ages to include families, or another separate event Fourth – what to do when something is really popular and why this is both a good and bad situation to have!
  3. If I use your library photo or mention your library, email me to get a prize. Enter a program you did even if it is exactly what I discuss in the text box. Or enter something else that worked well for you – or didn’t. Equally important to hear about failures! I’ll draw randomly among all comments for these prizes. If you enter a lot of comments, you’ll have a lot of chances to win. I’ll get your email and ask for shipping address – and get it out to you. These are two new books out this summer.
  4. Social Security website During the Great Depression preceding the passage of the Social Security Act, "soup kitchens" provided the only meals some unemployed Americans had. This particular soup kitchen was sponsored by the Chicago gangster Al Capone. Stone Soup type parties. Stretch the tiny bit of meat even further
  5. National archives time life photo all info on next slides Named by Tom Brokaw who wrote: “It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.” Grew up during the Great Depression Many served in the armed forces during World War 2 Racial and ethnic minorities of the generation, especially African Americans, endured extreme prejudice and abuse, including shameful institutionalized racism that was Jim Crow law and segregation Characteristics: Perseverance in face of adversity Courageousness Frugal spending habits Traditional values Also known as the Post-War Generation, the “Lucky Few”, and “The Traditionalists” May have grown up during Great Depression but generally too young to have served in Second World War Most Korean War veterans are Silent Generation members Silent Generation African Americans also grew up during era of Jim Crow but fought for and achieved significant strides in civil rights during their adulthood Characteristics: Hardworking Logical Loyal Traditional outlook and clear sense of right and wrong Conformist Interviewing a baby boomer couple about civil rights - 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Came of age during the civil rights movement and desegregation Witnessed Vietnam and corresponding anti-war movement, with many members of this generation having been drafted into the service Ushered in a more permissive and socially liberal culture Characteristics: Independent Competitive May have more open-minded social values than older generations Focused on health and wellness Values individuality Understanding their interests: In common: hardworking, independent, courageous, frugal, and then more open minded and socially aware when we get through to the Boomers
  6. Photo of Southern Vintage Treats Talk logistics for a minute: Recently I had to take my mom for eye treatments and was struck by how un-senior friendly the place was, though seniors were main customers. Had to yell names often. Confusing parking lot with small perpendicular rather than slotted spots. Dim lighting with chairs facing away, no clear set up for appointment and insurance lines. Having mom make appointments for 3 months ahead with patch on her eye. Logistics: samples on plates ready to hand out – keeps germ spread and confusion to a minimum Many take registration, but let others come. If fee, some can come later Microphone – I’m loud but seniors need to hear Handouts but understand they may not be cooking at home – like to have something to look at during program, and no age likes size 10 type! Short and sweet. Lighting – safe to come in. May not be used to meeting rooms or night set up at library. Is it clear where the program is? Allow participation – many seniors at my shows have told me no one listens or cares about their stories. Plan time for talking afterwards. Some may come visit you and talk a lot later. Many come in early for their seats – depending on sight and hearing issues. Short reminders about upcoming events. I’ve seen sign up sheets with cards on upcoming programs where they could sign up and take a reminder. No fines, punchcard or discount for bus trips, events Book a librarian – few took advantage Training for staff on working with seniors. Bookmobile | Massillon Public Librarywww.massillonlibrary.org1280 × 960Search by imageAnne Juhasz, Outreach Services Manager, at Faith in Action's Senior Health and Lifestyle Fair at the Massillon Recreation Center on September 27.
  7. Http:// Whitehall Funded by a $4,000 LSTA grant, this space is primarily for older adults– Enjoy a cup of coffee at our self-service coffee bar! Explore our special collections of books, DVDs, CDs, games, puzzles & gadgets! Attend a wide variety of programs Meet friends & have a great time! **Social opportunities slow memory loss Social Opportunities Education Entertainment Assistance and Training Resources No or Low Cost Services Independence **for other ages too like teenagers Pew Study Among seniors with an annual household income of $75,000 or more, 90% go online and 82% have broadband at home. For seniors earning less than $30,000 annually, 39% go online and 25% have broadband at home. Fully 87% of seniors with a college degree go online, and 76% are broadband adopters. Among seniors who have not attended college, 40% go online and just 27% have broadband at home. Among older adults, tablets and e-book readers are as popular as smartphones: Among the general public, smartphones are much more common than either tablet computers or e-book readers, such as Kindles or Nooks. But tablets, e-book readers, and smartphones are each owned by an identical 18% of older adults. In fact, the proportion of older adults who own either a tablet or an e-book reader is actually larger than the proportion owning a smartphone. Some 27% of seniors own a tablet, an e-book reader, or both, while 18% own a smartphone. 27% of older adults use social networking sites such as Facebook, but these users socialize more frequently with others compared with non-SNS users One-quarter of seniors use online social networksToday 46% of online seniors (representing 27% of the total older adult population) use social networking sites such as Facebook, and these social network adopters have more persistent social connections with the people they care about. Some 81% of older adults who use social networking sites say that they socialize with others (either in person, online, or over the telephone) on a daily or near-daily basis. Among older adults who go online but do not use social networking sites, that figure is 71%; and for those who are not online at all, it is 63%.
  8. Just like a TAB Friends of Birmingham PL
  9. Do you have a group that is large, opinionated, feisty and would come in every day if they could and discuss certain topics? This as we know is both good and bad. Quarterly to start if not enough real interest – like quarterly community fairs, such as job fairs, volunteering fairs, housing fairs, flea market During the day Multi generational maybe for families in evening w/ youth services, Streamlined registration – sign up at end of each, by phone, in person Tie in to Charitable Efforts Opportunities to Welcome New Folks – no one likes lots of rules – imagine if you have memory issues Rotate Leaders or Project leaders – inclusion w/o division Will mention several with club potential and ideas after topic in Club Connection Slides
  10. Volunteering opportunities: Many libraries have volunteer coordinators as it can be necessary to harness the volunteer help and opportunities. The popularity of Friends groups indicates a willingness of library volunteer candidates.
  11. Friendship club – where they come each week for different programs Library Council Where they run their own – like TAB Move on to popular topics for seniors
  12. Surveying seniors at the end of programs will help lead to new topics, but also ask about life concerns. While big numbers will not be the goal at these programs the library can be a lifeline for information and support. Of course we can’t handle legal concerns but they can know about benefits. More than a link, the library could offer podcasts about these laws, or speakers. My siblings and I went to a few speakers on benefits to learn about money my parents qualified for with their housing. The IL one has a directory of services for seniors. No doubt the reference desk will use these. Any of these topics could go for another program. Library board or local candidate forums – or info on how to run!
  13. From Morguefile Neighborhood places with senior discounts – filer, website, or fair At next Chamber meeting, ask who has discounts for seniors. Would those folks like to participate in a local business fair? Again, coupon clipping National parks, nearby sites. Do they know about library resources? Bookmarks in reserves are a good way to promote events.
  14. Financial experts to meet with them
  15. No club connection here! But necessary and continually important topic Working with local hospitals and agencies. Many have classes or clinics – could some be offered at the library? County health dept. does screenings for depression and other illnesses Medicare and medicine affect most areas of seniors lives, worries, and future issues Health Screenings, drives Information, insurance realities, links and resources for signing up List of Medicare housing – changes in medical or senior laws and benefits each January? Many libraries had links on Obamacare or q/a prominently on their sites. Do many seniors have wireless networks at home or smartphone? No, but know how to use ones at library. Many have e-readers or devices to watch things on. Drivers tests – laws, procedures, local information
  16. Health fair for families – classes at YMCA Fairs are not intimidating – requiring exercise, people can pick up materials at leisure Health Fair time – not like a club, but maybe class demonstrations at lunchtime each Thursday or something like that. May attract more than seniors
  17. AARP found seniors eat fast food when they don’t feel like cooking. Food programs are always popular, and seniors may well attend cooking ones even if they no longer have a kitchen or inclination Ethnic food fests – run by high school foreign language clubs, attended largely by seniors $3 fee, restaurant food Who else might enjoy these programs? Everyone! Tour restaurants bus trip. Does your library have bus trips? Our library is planning some for Route 66 for the summer – day trip. Good after holidays when children gave them gadgets or cookbooks
  18. Scams with local police dept. Some police depts. Do basic self defense Internet and phone scams – very well attended, local pizzeria offered food to get people to come – offered in morning and at night. FIL didn’t know credit card needed to fly, pay for luggage – anniversary trip
  19. CSI for seniors Library crimescene – one day or set up as display **Prize for most creative, most elaborate (no truth needed) Footprints on floor Texas 2008 Teens Read Manual Local police always popular (drug sniffing dogs at teen holiday program) Mystery flavors – drop of essential oils, unusual chocolates and prizes for guessing correctly, potato chips
  20. Housing fair: many libraries have preschool fairs or a booklet describing those facilities. You may want to consider having a virtual housing fair. Send an electronic form to the directors of senior facilities and day care centers asking for information on types of care, special programs, if Medicare, Social Security or Veterans benefits are accepted, how many people are there and how many staff. Those could be compiled with links or printed for handing out at applicable programs. A housing fair would have representatives from facilities for a drop in program at the library.
  21. Programs on buying and selling homes appeal to lots of different ages, including the sandwich generation who may have to help their parents clear out and sell. It may be information that can’t wait for a program and you will be compiling it at the reference desk but some good speakers on the topic can help others get ready. Topics and speakers related to these needs include: Director of senior center on what to bring and pack, storage options Realtor on how to get the house ready in economical fashion – or what repairs really get value in house sale? Estate sale company
  22. Some of my own collection, some from coworkers’ parents who were downsizing. Had to tell folks to stop giving me items Any of it valuable? Not much. But valuable to me and my business. Antiques fair, how to put stuff on ebay, do it at class Antiques expert – get registration ahead of time, or first 50 people at time slot, maybe some would make offers Mid-Century glasses and dishes Decades fashion show Help them look up value with display/resources
  23. Aprons and more: program basically on nostalgia. I talked about Mitts, Trivets, Aprons and more. Some were crafty, some just remembered what they had and used and gave away. Local cty fair has oldest contest. They have likely saved some old treasures Bring in oldest cookbook, - idea from fair collections Oldest recipe Ribbon or trophy
  25. At Exploritas, formerly known as Elderhostel, the proportion of travel adventurers over age 85 has increased more than 70 percent since 2004. In another study, seniors reported their common activities were reading (71%) and pursuing religious activities (53%). Other popular activities included bicycling, gardening, talking on the telephone and watching television. Even tennis, swimming, golf and exercise classes were more frequent forms of recreation than bingo or sewing. Could be a Club – Seniors could put a tack where they’ve been on trips on a map to advertise it Popular event – Taste of Greece Europe, International Vintage recipes
  26. Grandfather’s regiment. Arrow with Me. Public Relations War Fewer kids know about this – at least with other wars there are some veterans left to meet and listen to stories. Local public libraries in my area did a One Book program with M.L. Stedman, the Light Between Oceans. Food of WWI, served oreos, … First time Victory Gardens were introduced War of propaganda – public opinion was actively courted and united for the US to get involved NYPL did exhibits on the art and media used “ The Fight for the American Mind.” Music from Irving Berlin National War Museum in Kansas City, MO 1914 – 1918, some libraries delve into the 20’s and the Great Depression
  27. Extension centers from state universities Rationing, Victory Gardens and Spam: WWII Foods Normal Rockwell, Marvel and Other Memorable Art from WWII Skype program with WWII Museum staff:
  28. Veterans and VA events and speakers US Navy 060526-N-4014G-019 Veterans from the Tidewater chapter of U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II (WWII) watch as the names of lost WWII submarines are read off Nice to do program for Veterans day – many schools do not have the day off any more Memorabilia for display Have kids, teens make cards for area veterans hospital
  29. 50’s and 60’s were distinct in terms of fashion and music as well as in terms of historical happenings Car shows Aprons – pocket decorations, circle skirts, poodle decorations inexpensive lots of chefs aprons, or invite people to bring in a plain one, show some cute pocket or painting decorations. Use markers, printed and iron on transfers Not hard to set up soda fountain bar Luau – grass skirts, history, pineapple, Spam, music Memorabilia sharing and showing at Korean War presentation and Social
  30. Have any of you eaten Space Food Sticks? Email me for a prize Blast Off or Space themes also work with some of the 60’s tie ins Space exploration: Rocket Boys, October sky (set in late 50’s, start of 60’s space mania) Show Blast From the Past Play oldies plus new covers
  31. Photo from national archives, Florida State Archives
  32. Teens always ask if I have fashions in my closet Books – Peyton Place vs. 50 Shades of Grey Bestsellers from each decade Series – programs in each month by decade Make it easy – same program – fashion photos, costume snack themed night, watching the movies
  33. Sister City – had to have a German, Indian, Japanese, French – music, food, craft particular weeks Turkish Delight British Cadbury Belgium Chocolates – Pepperridge Farm History Japanese Pocky Kolackies Invite local patrons Riverview Park was an amusement park in Chicago, Illinois which operated from 1904 to 1967.
  34. American Fork PL National Archives Atlantic City Dancing Ukele music Can hire Serve pineapple Make a volcano Travel
  35. Preserving Family Recipes Writing memoirs Story history for local history collections at library
  36. Clubs – not just seniors, but lots of senior interest Speakers from veterans groups Electronic resources Everyone shares progress at beginning Example of speaker: The Genealogy program will be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 7:30 PM in the 2nd floor Classroom. The guest speaker for the evening will be Dr. Daniel Hubbard. Dr. Hubbard will present a program titled “Researching At Appomattox Court House: Genealogy through the Lens of the Civil War”. This talk reviews how Civil War era records aren’t just about soldiers and sailors. Before, during and after the war, a wealth of different types of unusual records were produced that speak of that time and tell the story of a whole generation. Daniel Hubbard is a full-time professional researcher who has been researching almost as long as he can remember. Inspired by family stories and a pair of genealogist aunts, he began to seriously conduct family history research at about eleven years of age. He spent eight years at CERN outside Geneva, Switzerland learning to handle very large research projects while performing research in particle physics (Ph.D. University of Michigan, Post-doc Harvard).
  37. South Tynesdale, UK Technology for seniors – new gadgets My mother was indicating it is harder to order from catalogs over phone any more, has me help her with websites. She still sits and works with me, even though she doesn’t have a computer. Many can’t afford smartphones, and wireless technology in their homes. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want the skills or want to be left behind. FIL with Netflix – is there someone there who can help you? Tax forms Movie and photo editing, digital scrapbooking After gift times – bring in gadget and get basic help, some libraries worried about being responsible – patrons agree teens help, can’t download things on to it, just do basic operations, connect to manufacturer.
  38. **Classes taught by seniors Senior appointment times? Used to make appointments – or have particular shift that’s not too complicated to remember – Mondays 9 – 11 a.m. Small Class Sizes Tip Sheets Hands On Follow Up Social Support/Encouragement Individualized Attention
  39. By topic too Set up senior blog, site
  40. Tech scavenger hunt Online chat Program sign up info. Download an ebook or audio book
  41. Reality that many seniors have to work at least part time. Often part time is all that’s available after layoffs or early retirement. Some just want them to keep busy or for entertainment. Help them find part time jobs. A job fair will attract different ages, but a part-time job fair will bring out the seniors as well.
  42. Seniors show in booths also take classes Makerfest for Seniors Or involve them in your Maker Fest
  43. Cookin’ Up Nostalgia
  44. All remembered this, one did it before I came back Some seniors just love to make one thing over and over Some can’t do it, enjoy trying Show short presentation – You Tube! And let them work. I am not good at these crafts, I don’t have to be.
  45. Talented folks – opportunity to socialize, give something back NLW raffling items for charity Flea Market/Craft Fair – or library group has tables at local fairs to raise money for Charity or Friends groups
  46. Blogs/Topics for Seniors Will draw more than seniors, depending on when and how you host it
  47. Like Decades club High schoolers play lots of marches Opera and ballet previews – may not be able to afford to go there Love to watch – more about memories
  48. Academy Award Winners: history, show one from each decade Academy Award Party Family Movie Nights Hollywood Trivia Film Discussion Group Foreign Films Movie trivia Dan and Raymond theme nights – Chase scene night was really popular Anything filmed in your area? Prizes for catching scenes, buildings, etc. Crossover from Decades also – winners by decade Hollywood fashions by decade Movie Fest Ideas Gourmet Popcorn Demos different spices cheeses Mix with pretzels, caramel sauce Oscar Night After Hours, fundraiser movie fest Oscar fest leading up to it Local Famous People festival, places Woodstock IL, Groundhog Day Hollywood Hauntings Dress Like Actor contest Short Movie Night Movie Theaters review Decades of Movie Candy
  49. Books with Pizzazz: Don’t be afraid to do sexy – remember that one? Senior center – last topic Banned books Divergent or Dystopian Will talk in detail about some of these on June 18 at book program webinar
  50. Civil War tea, Anne Ylvisaker
  51. Animals, last year we did Paws to Read in IL Read to a dog popular in youth areas, why not for adults. Many seniors had to give up pets when they move to assisted living, and would enjoy this, or participating if they do not want to read out loud. Animal scavenger hunt – take pictures of sightings in the area of birds, lizards, anything unique to your area Pet parades outside the library - photo contest? Does your pet join you when reading? Get Caught Reading with an Animal Do local pet shelters need something? Knitted blankets, supplies? Bring something in to erase fines, or have a Knit In to make the pet blankets Creatures – also horror, we will get to that.