str holography and its application construction of holograms numerical apperture acceptance angle fiber optics acceptance cone crical angle propogation through optical fiber population-inversion laser three level & four level laser system stimulated radiation relation between einstein coefficent double reffraction birefringness circularly polarised light malus law polarizaion eliptically double & n-slit fraunhoffer diffraction single slit fraunhoffer diffaction diffraction. constructive and distructive interference thin film interference newtons ring youngs double slit exp bcs theory uses of buckyballs type of superconductors carbon nano tubes (cnts) london penetration depth meissner effect (effect of magnetic field) applications of superconductivity production of buckyballs properties of nanomaterial's superconductors and nanotechnology crystal structure for all graduate students meisner effect langevins theory of diamagnetism dielectic loss dielectric and magnetic properties of materials polarizability distribution function free carrier charge density semiconductors variation of fermi level with temprature fermi-dirac probability band theory of solids maxwell equation and electromagnetic waves
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