physics ppt fermentation uv-visible spectroscopy xray diffraction (xrd) raman spectroscopy fesem sem scanning tunneling microscopy fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (eis) atomic force microscopy gas lasers and atomic laser originlab software software vacuum pumps counters string theory curie law education thermal conductivity debeys model of heat capacitance logic gates study the output wave shapes. design a clipper and clamping circuit &amp to construct the operational amplifier by using d integrators and differentiators study of wave shaping circuits of diode to construct and study the wave forms at the base operational amplifier (op amp) rc oscillator circuit jfet(2) jfet load line & q point mosfet amplifier operational amplifier dielectrics materials constraints singularity & pole quantum mechanics an overview planks constant in action thermal detector & its type sing conventions for the radii of the lenses simple magnifier and eye pieces quantum detector optics and its terms optical display optical detector nodal points microscope lens and its types image detection fermat’s principle camera stem cell recombinant dna technology physics plant growth harmonies genetically modified organism (gmo) gene therapy biophysics and biomathematics proteins and amino acids protein structure prokaryotic cell memberane potential eukaryotic cell carbohydrates ii carbohydrates natural frequency and resonance circular polarization transverse waves and it's analysis sinusoidal waves polarization and it's types travelling waves and phase velocity of travelling waves speed and phase speed holography group velocity and dispersion forced oscillations and resonance lissajous pattern osmosis degree of dissociation of solutes society and its types 1 socialization and its agents social processes intro to sociology rural and urban community social group and types of social group culture in socialogy thermodynamics function cathode ray oscilloscope (cro) temperature coefficient of a wire vernier callipers question solution integration formulas collective behaviour in socialogy conversion of galvanometer into ammeter conversion of galvanometer into voltmeter conversion of galvanometer into ammeter 2 polarization identity for real inner space xrays le chateliers principal exercise 4.2 applications calculus and analytic geometry by thomas and finne applications of antiderivatives seebek effect refrigerator heat engine carnot engine sensation and perception perception and relation between laws of physics an neuron structure and types intro to psychology neurotransmitters synaptic transmission structure and function of a neuron protection and blood supply midbrain/hindbrain lobes of the brain (forebrain) brain structure and function
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