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Building a learning culture within an organization

Read this presentation to know:

- Why is building a learning culture vital for a high-performing business organization?
- How to build a high-impact learning culture?
- Discover how AMWAY, a large multi-national with 20,000 employees and 7 million distributors leveraged technology enabled learning to achieve positive business impact

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Building a learning culture within an organization

  1. 1. Building a Learning Culture 1
  2. 2. What will we speak about today?• What is Culture?• What is Learning Culture?• Why is it so important?• How to build Learning Culture?• How to assess it?
  3. 3. What is Culture?Culture is like the air we breathe
  4. 4. What is Culture?Culture is hard, not soft
  5. 5. What is Culture?Culture is created by, reinforced by,and often destroyed by leaders
  6. 6. What is Learning Culture?Learning culture is very business-relevantand not at all academic
  7. 7. What is learning organization’s culture?
  8. 8. Why it is important to create effective Learning Culture Improves employee engagement Higher retention Learning Culture Business processes become more efficient & streamlined Higher ROI and long- term success
  9. 9. How to assess Organizational Culture? Give yourself a quiz Give the quiz to managers and business leaders Conduct focus groups with employees or customers Strategize at a retreat, business planning session, or at staff meetings
  10. 10. Key Questions to assess your Organizational Learning Culture?Q.1 In our organization leaders constantly emphasize the benefits of learning. They lead by example by investing in their own personal development.Q2. We regularly help employees create their "own career development plans" in our organization as a formal processQ.3. We have awards to encourage "innovative ideas" or "best cost-cutting idea" and other process improvement suggestions.Q.4. We routinely indulge in internal discussions on "internal spending on training vs. benefits realized" and take time to analyze the impact of our training interventions.Q.5. We actively encourage "internal job postings" and try to hire from within to fill job openings.
  11. 11. Key Questions to assess your Organizational Learning Culture?Q.6. We have a Learning Management System that allows people to monitortheir formal training programs and self-subscribe to eLearning courses orrequest approval to attend training programsQ.7. We have an internal portal to encourage people to "freely exchangeinformation and know-how" on topics of mutual interestQ.8. We routinely "talk to" or "poll" the learners on whether they found thetraining content to be beneficial.
  12. 12. Interpretation of Scores• Mostly As- Excellent! You have a great learning culture in your organization and introducing a new learning method or technology to your employees will be a cake walk for you. Your organization very well understands enhancing knowledge is the key to success.• Mostly Bs- Average! If you go with a well-planned road map to launch learning in your organization; it can lead to successful impact. By encouraging feedback and rewarding your employees for their innovative ideas or for their self-directed development you can build a strong foundation for learning in your organization.• Mostly Cs- Alas! This indicates that the department or organization isnt prepared to engage in other kinds of organizational learning practices. Prior to implementing training programs, the learning culture has to be strengthened. Employees should be motivated enough to realize the importance of training imparted to them in terms of value added to their self-development and career. Senior leaders have to visibly support learning. A serious study on the benefits of training in quantitative terms should be initiated to build internal buy-in.
  13. 13. How do you create learning culture? Recognize workers who learn new Emphasize learning as an information and abilities important activity Knowledge exists throughout the organizationCreate opportunities for staff “Collaboration with other to teach other employees” a crucial way to learn
  14. 14. How do you create learning culture? Routinely talk to and poll Share innovations and customers solutions companywide Organizations with strong learning cultures are great at meeting their customers needs.Communicate “customer ideas Ensure “most employees can and solutions within the explain” the firm’s beliefs to company” outsiders
  15. 15. How do you create a learning culture?Invest time, money, and resources in learning
  16. 16. How do you create a learning culture?Get buy-in from leadership and management
  17. 17. How do you create a learning culture? Promote knowledge-sharing
  18. 18. How do you create a learning culture?Empower employees to take charge of their own learning
  19. 19. How do you create a learning culture? Show, dont just tell
  20. 20. How do you create a learning culture? Measure, measure, measure
  21. 21. CASE STUDY
  22. 22. About Amway• Amway is one of the world’s largest direct selling companies• 13,000 employees worldwide and Amway distributors are part of a sales force of more than 3 million owners around the world• More than 450 unique, high-quality products in the areas of nutrition, wellness, beauty and home• Amway needed a powerful, way to sustain the culture of the company• At the same time attracting and building new leaders in the organization
  23. 23. Solution• Larry Looker, Manager, Global Leadership Development, and his team developed a plan to capture voices of distinction within the organization around the world by asking the simple question, “Who is leading the Amway way?”• They identified eighteen individuals across the organization, whom they felt exemplified the expression, “Leading the Amway Way,” and invited them to participate in a series of interviews delivering their story and voice on three key questions: What does leading the Amway way mean to you? What does it look like to live our Vision, Founders’ Fundamentals, and our Values? What advice do you have for newly hired or promoted Amway leaders?
  24. 24. Four themes were identified as a result of the interviews [1] Partnering for [2] Promoting Passion Shared Success for the Business [4] Balancing Culture [3] Leading With an and Performance Enterprise First Focus 26
  25. 25. Results• The video story telling sessions were edited and refined as short video presentations featuring Amway’s own voices of distinction,• Integrated in quarterly workshops conducted by talent and leadership development facilitators.• The goal of these sessions is to not only introduce the core principles to emerging leaders, but importantly, reinforce these principles with the stories of true-to-life individuals in the company acting out these principles throughout their operating units around the world.
  26. 26. Amway discovered three key ingredients tobuilding success for the business: Use of Strategic Stories Tapping Strong Internal Credibility Sustaining Company Identity
  27. 27. Impact• By capturing and sharing those powerful videos, Amway is able to sustain and reinforce the culture in a highly scalable manner.• Amway learners can more easily model that leadership in action to drive the kind of partnership, passion and performance to accelerate Amway growth without sacrificing their signature identity and mission of “helping people live better lives.”
  28. 28. How We Can Assist You In Reinforcing CompanyCulture by Voices of Distinction
  29. 29. 50 Lessons™-Video-Based Leadership Solution OVERVIEW• Over 1200 digital business lessons featuring more than 250 recognized global business leaders• Compelling story-based approach to capturing and sharing critical business lessons• 3-5 minute video lessons; short, engaging and shot to broadcast standards
  30. 30. 1200+ Video AssetsOver 240 Executives and Global Thought Leaders
  31. 31. CXO Insights Lessons Summary Ideas for action Questions to ask
  32. 32. Why Learning Cultures Make a Difference• In the annual survey of “elite organizations” conducted by Fortune and the Hay Group, the results continually show the one thing each of these elite organizations has in common is that their corporate cultures value people and how they learn.• Learning culture offers source of competitive advantage• Learning helps organization get better at getting better• Learning culture are constantly discovering new ways to satisfy customer needs, new ways to develop and deliver product and services.Learning culture inspires ordinary people to learn how to prosper in an increasingly turbulent world.
  33. 33. 24x7 learning team consults on the followingaspects