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  1. Constraint Satisfaction Problem PREPARED BY: 20CE108 – UDAY PATEL Guided By :- Prof. Dhaval Bhoi
  2. Table Of Content 1. What is Artificial Intelligence 2. Advantages and Disadvantages of AI 3. Applications of Artificial Intelligence 4. Constraint satisfaction problem in AI 5. Solving Constraint satisfaction problem 6. Problems solved with constraint satisfaction problem 7. Cryptanalysis Problem 8. Solution
  3. What is Artificial Intelligence  Artificial Intelligence is a method of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software think intelligently like the human mind.  AI is accomplished by studying the patterns of the human brain and by analyzing the cognitive process.  The outcome of these studies develops intelligent software and systems.
  4. Advantages of AI It reduces human error It never sleeps, so it’s available 24x7 It never gets bored, so it easily handles repetitive tasks It’s fast
  5. Disadvantages of AI It’s costly to implement It can’t duplicate human creativity It will definitely replace some jobs, leading to unemployment People can become overly reliant on it
  6. Application of AI  Cyber Security Using machine learning algorithms and ample sample data, AI can be used to detect anomalies and adapt and respond to threats.  Banking Fraud Detection From extensive data consisting of fraudulent and non-fraudulent transactions, the AI learns to predict if a new transaction is fraudulent or not.
  7. Cont… Virtual Assistants :Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google now use voice recognition to follow the user's commands. They collect information, interpret what is being asked, and supply the answer via fetched data. Online Customer Support :AI is now automating most of the online customer support and voice messaging systems.
  8. Constraint Satisfaction Problems in AI •Constraint satisfaction is a technique where a problem is solved when its values satisfy certain constraints or rules of the problem. •Such type of technique leads to a deeper understanding of the problem structure as well as its complexity.
  9. Cont… Constraint satisfaction depends on three components, namely: •X: It is a set of variables. •D: It is a set of domains where the variables reside. There is a specific domain for each variable. •C: It is a set of constraints which are followed by the set of variables.
  10. Solving Constraint Satisfaction problem Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems The requirements to solve a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) is: •A state-space •The notion of the solution. A state in state-space is defined by assigning values to some or all variables such as {X1=v1, X2=v2, and so on…}.
  11. Problems that solved with constraint satisfaction •A cryptography problem •A map coloring problem •The n-Queen problem •A crossword puzzle
  12. Crpyptanalysis Problem 5 4 3 2 1 S E N D + M O R E c3 c2 c1 ------------- M O N E Y where c1,c2,c3 are the carry forward numbers upon addition.
  13. Steps to get solution 1.From Column 5, M=1, since it is only carry-over possible from sum of 2 single digit number in column 4. 2.To produce a carry from column 4 to column 5 ‘S + M’ is at least 9 so ‘S=8or9’ so ‘S+M=9or10’ & so ‘O=0or1’ . But ‘M=1’, so ‘0=0’. 3.If there is carry from column 3 to 4 then ‘E=9’ & so ‘N=0’. But ‘O=0’ so there is no carry & ‘S=9’ & ‘c3=0’. 4.If there is no carry from column 2 to 3 then ‘E=N’ which is impossible, therefore there is carry & ‘N=E+1’ & ‘c2=1’. 5.If there is carry from column 1 to 2 then ‘N+R=E mod 10’ & ‘N=E+1’ so ‘E+1+R=E mod 10’, so ‘R=9’ but ‘S=9’, so there must be carry from column 1 to 2. Therefore ‘c1=1’ & ‘R=8’.
  14. Solution 9 5 6 7 + 1 0 8 5 ---------- 1 0 6 5 2
  15. Values for each letter S=9 E=5 N=6 D=7 M=1 O=0 R=8 Y=2
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