Fair trade powerpoint

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Fair trade powerpoint

  1. 1. By: Jane Yap
  2. 2. Fair Trade is an organized social movement and amarket based approach to helping producers indeveloping countries to earn a fair amount of moneyfor their work. It also tries to support sustainability.
  3. 3. • Cocoa• Flowers• Honey• Fresh Fruit• Handicrafts• Tea• Coffee• Sugar• Beauty Products• Footballs• CottonAnd More…
  4. 4.  Fair trade benefits farmers, especially in Africa, Asia and LatinAmerica to earn money for their families. It provide farmers with the amount of money they deserve fromworking. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It helps developing countries improve trading conditions The money the farmers earn can be used to provide food, buildnew schools and buildings, provide proper medication and getclean water. Fair trade helps to make a stronger relationship betweenconsumers and producers It helps small farmers get a spot on the market The products have to reach a certain standard to achieve the FairTrade mark, so the quality is good.
  5. 5. In the Fair Trade system, one thing that makes the developmentprocess faster is something called the ‘Social Premium’.A social premium is an extra sum of money that is to be used forsocial developments such as building schools, buildings,roads, hospitals, getting better medication e.t.c. It alwaysequals to 14% of the regular income .
  6. 6. The cocoa beans are grown by KuapaKoko, a cooperative of 45,000 cocoafarmers in Ghana, West Africa. Theyplant cocoa trees in hot and dampcountries. Once the cocoa beans turnbright yellow, they get harvested.The cocoa beans are wrapped inbanana leaves and are left to dry inthe shade. This brings out thechocolate taste. When the leavesare dry, they get put in sacks to getweighed by the Kuapa Kokorecorder, the most trusted man inthe village.The beans areweighed and FairTrade which buys itfor a fair price whichis usually about £56 abag. Then the bags goto the factory to bemade into chocolate.
  7. 7. Fair Trade is so important because it is a way to give farmers the income theyneeds and deserve. One example of this is the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa beancompany. Before Fair Trade, the people who recorded the cocoa beans(therecorder) would manipulate the scales so to pay them less or they wouldwrite fake cheques. In Kuapa Kokoo, they elect their recorder so theyknow they aren’t being cheated. Fair Trade has also joined with the farmersand come up with a minimum price that they should be paid with inaddition to the social premium.
  8. 8.  You need to be eco-friendly You have to use your social premium for the reasons intended There a fixed minimum price No child or forced labour No discrimination against anyone (different genders or races) The organization must provide a decent working area for itsemployees
  9. 9. There are lots of companies supporting Fair Trade, including ; Cadbury Divine Kit Kat Star Bucks Marks and Spencer Oxfam Crossroads The Body Shopand more.
  10. 10. Fair Trade products can be found in a lot of places in HongKong if you look closely enough. In supermarkets andconvenient stores everywhere they sell fair trade chocolate(Park n’ Shop, Welcome, 7-11 e.t.c.). In some shopping mallsthere are Marks and Spencer shops and Body Shops.Starbucks are widely distributed throughout Hong Kong, so itwould be easy to find one in the city.