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Modernising NHS Patient Flow with a Booking System

Would you like to watch the webinar recording instead of browsing through the slide deck on your own?

Watch the recording of our Interactive NHS Webinar where we looked at three success stories of NHS Trusts that implemented the 10to8 Patient Scheduling System. Listen to one of our NHS clients talking about how they eliminated long queues at their Phlebotomy clinic and what other results they have seen.*

We asked our webinar audience to participate in three poll questions to gauge their opinion on topics related to data insights, software solutions, and patient flow improvements. We reflect on these results at the end of the video.*

Watch the recording here: https://10to8.com/blog/interactive-nhs-webinar/

If you have any questions about the webinar or our booking solution, please reach out to us via nhs@10to8.com. You can also book a discovery call here: https://10to8.com/nhs-book-a-call/​

*The video interview is only available in the webinar recording or upon request.
*Find the poll results and listen to the discussion in the webinar recording.

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Modernising NHS Patient Flow with a Booking System

  1. 1. Hosted by Anna Kocsis - 10to8 11th March 2021 Modernising NHS Patient Flow with a Booking System Jacob Buckland Head of Business Transformation 10to8 Patient Booking System
  2. 2. ● Welcome ● Modernising the patient flow with self-service bookings ● Automated scheduling for mask fittings on a giant scale ● Transforming crowded walk-in clinics ● Poll results ● Questions Nice to meet you Jacob Buckland Head of Business Transformation 10to8 Patient Booking System
  3. 3. Modernising the patient flow with self-service bookings
  4. 4. The problem... ● Crowdedness: how to transform clinics from walk-ins to scheduled appointments ● Backlog of booking requests: how to tackle 2000 email and phone booking requests ● Heavy workload and admin staff pressure: 10+ staff members allocated to manually managing appointments Book a chat: 10to8.com/nhs-book-a-call “We are dealing with a crisis, and we could absolutely not manage without 10to8.” - Sanjiv Luckhea, Assistant Director CHSCS - NHS North East London Foundation Trust.
  5. 5. ● Implemented self-service patient booking website ● Introduced auto-reply email to appointment requests ● Extracted patient behaviour insights with 10to8’s reporting tools Book a chat: 10to8.com/nhs-book-a-call The solution...
  6. 6. The results...
  7. 7. Are you struggling to implement effective changes - because you don’t have a way of gathering insights into patient behaviour? (Such as forecasting demand, crowdedness, missed appointments and overall clinic performance.)
  8. 8. Automated scheduling for mask fittings
  9. 9. The problem... Book a chat: 10to8.com/nhs-book-a-call ● Replacing the manual process of organising face mask fitting on a large scale ● Forecasting demand and crowdedness to keep staff safe ● Optimising staff workflows and the CCG’s budget allocation “As a CCG, we hardly ever need to schedule appointments on a large scale directly, so we didn’t have a system in place. I didn’t anticipate how greatly useful 10to8 was going to be, especially in predicting the demand and planning ahead.” - Thomas Kinrade, PPE Manager, NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG.
  10. 10. The solution... ● Appointment booking private link sent to care providers and put on news bulletin ● Information gathered safely, in advance, at the point of booking through 10to8’s customisable pre- booking questionnaire ● Gained insights with 10to8 reports and forecasting busy times and services Book a chat: 10to8.com/nhs-book-a-call
  11. 11. The results...
  12. 12. Did your NHS Trust have to quickly implement a software solution in the last twelve months to deal with the implications of the pandemic? (For example, patient booking system, virtual queuing, patient reminders.)
  13. 13. Transforming a walk-in clinic to safe appointments
  14. 14. I agree that an automated patient booking and reminder system would improve my clinic’s performance. (Modernise the patient flow, help avoid overcrowdedness, reduce missed appointments and admin.)
  15. 15. Remote consultations: ● Only see patients face-to-face when necessary ● Avoid crowded clinics ● Keep staff safe Schedule remote consultations, staff meetings and training via: ● Telephone ● Microsoft Teams ● Zoom Video Conferencing Book a chat: 10to8.com/nhs-book-a-call
  16. 16. Urgent GP referrals Reduce the manual process of GP’s referring patients to hospital appointments. Control who can book appointments: ● Private booking links ● Dedicated booking pages ● Questions asked at the point of booking Book a chat: 10to8.com/nhs-book-a-call
  17. 17. COVID-19 and other vaccinations Use 10to8 for arranging flu jabs, COVID-19 and other vaccine appointments: ● Schedule short appointments at scale ● Send reminders to increase patient engagement and attendance Book a chat: 10to8.com/nhs-book-a-call
  18. 18. Results of the poll
  19. 19. Please ask any questions and book a call with us for today Contact us: +44 208 106 5590 or nhs@10to8.com