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  1. Presentation Title My name My position, contact information or project description Digene
  2. About the company Founded in 1888, by a young Chicago based physician, Dr. Wallace Calvin Abbott, the organization has been devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health Abbott India Limited is one of India's fastest growing pharmaceutical companies and part of Abbott's Global Pharmaceutical business in India
  3. Executive Summary Results 2014 2014 Key insights In Rs Cr. 2014 2015 Sales Target 100 123 Market Share 17% 19%  Successful re-launch of brand Digene in 2014 ▪ Brand achieves growth after stagnation of 4 years ▪ Brand franchise successfully extended through entry into high growth category of Powders ▪ Category of Antacids poised to reach Rs.2000 Crores by 2020 ▪ Low penetration of the category poses high potential for growth ▪ Prescriptions for Antacids are declining as they lose preference to PPIs ▪ Growths of Gels and Tablets are flattening
  4. Brand Plan devised based on research various researches various cities various respondents depth interviews HCPs + Chemists
  5. Brand Re-launched with multiple improvements Superior Taste Profile ▪ Existing flavours’ taste profile enhanced with cooling New Communication ▪ New Thematic commercial ▪ Tactical announcer film for Fizz Rural Outreach ▪ Increased distribution to smaller towns Revamped Packaging ▪ Consumer-friendly, less- medicinal look ▪ Replaced glass bottle with PET Sales team expansion ▪ Expansion of sales force to cater to the OTC market
  6. Digene is the number 2 player in overall antacids Category evolution continues towards Powders Reach in chemists similar across segments. 65% of powder sales occur outside of chemists Gel & Tabs growths are stagnating Powders has evolved to be the biggest segment
  7. Market Share ▪ Eno continues to dominate the Powders’ category with >92% market share ▪ Digene Fizz is at ever highest share (higher than Fastmelt) ▪ Digene Gels – Overtaken Gelusil in Q3’14 Tablets Market Share Gels Market Share Digene Powder Market Share
  8. Fizz launch – Brand Extension Digene Fizz Launch (activities till date) Sales ▪On course to achieve huge monthly sachet sales by Dec’15 Media ▪High frequency announcer film ▪Aired across all major GEC, News and Movie Channels ▪Extensive reach BTL ▪Extensive Visibility across the country – numerous posters & dangler dispenser ▪Sampling – sachets sampled to retailers and wholesalers
  9. Product Consumerization of Brand  Reposition the brand to create emotional connect and strengthen functional connect with the consumers  Existing flavours’ taste profile enhanced with cooling
  10. Price
  11. Place
  12. Promotion High frequency announcer film Aired across all major GEC, News and Movie Channels Average reach of 55 at 3+ ~15,000 spots aired
  13. Segmentation and Targeting India’s population 1360m1360m 1400m1400m Rs. 2,000CrRs. 2,000Cr 20152015 20202020 Population suffering from acidity 870m870m Population taking remedy 830m830m Total modern remedy users 329m329m 1015m1015m 960m960m 453m453m Assumptions Decadal populationDecadal population growth rate of 17.6%growth rate of 17.6% Increase inIncrease in urbanization fromurbanization from 33.5% in 2015 to 36% in33.5% in 2015 to 36% in 20202020 Increased accessibilityIncreased accessibility & acceptability to drive& acceptability to drive growth by ~5%growth by ~5% Total Estimated MarketTotal Estimated Market
  14. Segmentation and Targeting Consumer driven Medicinal “Serious” suffering“Casual” suffering Target all sufferers of acidity and not only current users of modern remedies
  15. Major Competitor AwarenessAwareness EnoEno DigeneDigene Brand SalienceBrand Salience 21 25 32 44 80 99 14 15 22 30 64 98
  16. Marketing Mix of ENO v/s Digene Product
  17. Marketing Mix of ENO v/s Digene Price Rs 6
  18. Marketing Mix of ENO v/s Digene Place
  19. Marketing Mix of ENO v/s Digene Promotion
  20. Multiple Competitive Frame of Reference DIGENE : •Instant Relief •Provides proof of its effect •Recommended by Experts •Well advocated by family/ friends •No issues as such with availability •Not very popular wrt taste ENO : •Flavors / Taste •Slight differentiation on relief •Good advertising •Not long-lasting •Not easily available GELUSIL: •Long lasting relief •Recommended by doctors •Popular brand, with good ads •Safe to use •Lack of more convenient packs •Not found very easy to consume •Availability an issue PUDIN HARA •Preventive, multi-purpose •Natural, good flavor •Lack of more convenient packs/(pack sizes)
  21. Points of Parity
  22. Points of Difference
  23. Perceptual Map Performance Security