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Growing Wisely (Communication Strategy and Strategic Communication perspective)

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Keynote presentation at Riga Business School Annual Networking Dinner, April 6, 2017 @ Latvian National Library

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Growing Wisely (Communication Strategy and Strategic Communication perspective)

  1. 1. Growing Wisely Zigurds Zaķis @zz_zigurds Rīga, 6/04/2017 Keynote presentation at Riga Business School (RBS/RBI) annual Networking Dinner, 2017
  2. 2. @zz_zigurds 56.25%RBI/RBS zz
  3. 3. @zz_zigurds Culture, 
 Creativity Strategy Strategic Planner / Account Planner / Strategist Customer and Society Economy 
 Business Technology, tools, opportunities Directing, Inspiring and Evolving
 Creative Work
  4. 4. @zz_zigurds Strategist CEO, CFO, COO, CIO Marketing Director Brand Manager Head of Coroporate 
 Communication =
  5. 5. @zz_zigurds A B The role of communication What do they
 DO today? Why? How do we 
 change their behavior? Changing behavior 
 of person, group, society What do we
 want them to DO?
  6. 6. @zz_zigurds Growth = Change
  7. 7. @zz_zigurds How do we grow?
  8. 8. @zz_zigurds ● Our own ● Our craft ● Our company ● Our industry ● Clients ● Latvia ● Europe ● World ● Changing with the time? Predicting future? Building the future
  9. 9. @zz_zigurds You change the story 
 people tell themselves about the future 
 they will live in!” Brian David Johnson, 
 INTEL, futurist How do you change the future?
  10. 10. @zz_zigurds
  11. 11. @zz_zigurds Estonia
 ("Brand Estonia")Countries 2007-2017 Significant, most successful change of 
 positioning (strategic story): e-stonia
  12. 12. @zz_zigurds
  13. 13. @zz_zigurds “Designer (Business Leader, Marketer) 
 is master storyteller whose skill is measured 
 by his or her ability to craft a compelling, 
 consistent and believable story (narrative)” “Change by Design” 
 Tim Brown, IDEO !
  14. 14. @zz_zigurds Compelling, 
 and believable
 strategic story (narrative) !
  15. 15. @zz_zigurds Communication Strategy Strategic Communication not just but
  16. 16. @zz_zigurds Why stories?
  17. 17. @zz_zigurds Articulate aspirations and expectations Provide direction Make us feel safer Motivate / mobilize / recruit Are key to changing collective action Stories: Essentially, a story expresses how and why life changes
  18. 18. @zz_zigurds Where strategic stories come form?
  19. 19. Rethinking 
 the Past Reimagining 
 Future Possibilities Reconsidering 
 Present Concerns Creating Strategic Narratives
  20. 20. @zz_zigurds Focusing on people and society, rather than us. Insights. New perspectives. Designing value. Doing things. Sources
 of strategic
  21. 21. @zz_zigurds The role of strategist (leader)
 is to design conditions that creates
 better opportunities (conversations)
 to re-imagine our future better
 conversations Better 
 future starts with
  22. 22. @zz_zigurds How do we grow wisely?
  23. 23. @zz_zigurds Systemic
 view Having bigger picture. Digging deeper. Having systemic view. Focusing on WHY? Creating change.
  24. 24. @zz_zigurds What is the key to wise growth?
  25. 25. @zz_zigurds You!
  26. 26. @zz_zigurds 1. People 2. Society 3. Culture 4. Politics 5. Ethics 6. Economics & Logistics 7. Organization 8. Administration 9. Information and Intelligence 10. Strategic Theory and Doctrines 11. Technology 12. Operations 13. Command 14. Geography 15. Friction, Chance, Uncertainty 16. Adwersary 17. Time 17competences of strategist via Lawrence Friedman "Strategy. The History"
  27. 27. @zz_zigurds Knowledge & Models Case studies 
 and history Practice Tools Theory, Mental Models, Applications Trial and error, learning,
 experience Digital, Analogue, Physical, Mental
  28. 28. @zz_zigurds
  29. 29. @zz_zigurds Personal professional growth 
 is a non-negotiable 
 minimum standard 
 and the key to growth =David Maister= "True Professionalism" Professional Services Firms (PSF)
  30. 30. @zz_zigurds There are NO shortcuts. There never will be.
  31. 31. @zz_zigurds "Reading is for 
 awesome people" ! Imagination ! Empathy ! Insights ! Mental Models ! Theory ! =Faris Yakob= YOU (!)
 have to do 
 the homework
  32. 32. @zz_zigurds based on
 = Hegarty on Advertising = Creativity (business) is expression of self. Be interesting 
 and your work will be interesting + [zz] Dig deep and your work will be meaningful + [zz] Have your own beliefs, theories and stands
  33. 33. @zz_zigurds Stratēģija ● Komunikācija ● Zīmolvedība ● Dizains Dzeltenā Zemūdene STUDIJA tw: @zz_zigurds blogs: www.ZigurdsZakis.lv