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Digital Marketing Cases: presentation for BBDO Moscow Digital Wordshop

  1. “Welcome to the age of PULL” Selected Cases Zigurds Zaķis Strategic Planning Director, DOMINO BBDO Moscow, September 11, 2009
  2. Step 0: Getting Your “Now What?” Right Source for “Social Systems”: David Armano,
  3. The age of PULL: What pulls? 1. 2. Creating content Designing that customers the value for seek or share customer
  4. A. big ideas that work across different platforms
  5. simple, single-minded ideas (concepts) that work across different channels
  6. Watcher Voyeur On Demand Trailer Teaser Trailer Watcher Film Wall Screening Event Print Mobile Online Banners Content Go Cards Event Invitations Ancillary Websites
  7. High entertainment value Outstanding storytelling Applications to different channels: Translating, not copying
  8. Trans-media experiences
  9. B. Managing participation in social platforms right
  10. 14
  11. 15
  12. 16
  13. 17
  14. Big idea + consistency Heavily non-traditional media based A lot of branded applications On-line (Twitter, Facebook) Involving people (donations, recommendations)
  15. C. Creating extraordinary digital experiences
  16. IKEA, 2009 Agency: CP+B Agency: Love Brindfors
  17. IKEA, 2007
  19. D. Designing services
  20. “.... the future of advertising is great products that have marketing embedded in them.” Jeff Hicks CEO, Crispin Porter + Bogusky October 2006
  21. Agency: CP+B
  22. Agency: RG/A
  23. Agency: RG/A
  24. Agency: RG/A
  25. Location
  27. Insight: Nobody runs a marathon on their own. Runners depend on the support of friends and family to reach their ambition. 35’000 Runners, hundreds thousands follows Strategy Make adidas a crucial part of the conversation about the London Marathon on social media by giving the community something innovative and useful.
  28. E. Help learning new skills
  29. Nike Signature Moves
  30. Nike Signature Moves
  31. Nike SPARQ training program
  32. FIAT: Eco Drive
  33. G. Helping to build and supporting communities
  34. Agency: RG/A
  35. Nike+ and Nike Human Race
  36. H. Unleashing collective intelligence making them work together to solve the challenge or help each other
  37. Best Buy: Twelpforce Twelpforce A collective force of Best Buy technology pros offering tech advice in Tweet form.
  38. • Strategy: to get people talking and working together to solve a puzzle too tough for just one person • Digital Brief: make them to watch every second of TVC
  39. F. Creating platforms for their self-expression
  40. 0. Getting your “Now-What” right A. Big Ideas B. Managing participation in social platforms C. Creating extraordinary digital experiences D. Designing Services E. Helping Learn New Skills F. Building and supporting communities F. Creating platforms for self-expression
  41. Summary 1. 2. Creating content Designing that customers the value for seek or share customer
  42. In the age of pull we all are in the business of Designing the value for customer
  43. = Making his life better, easier, richer
  44. Try a lot of things! Fall often! Fall forward!