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Ziyad Hamedd C.V

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Ziyad Hamedd C.V

  1. 1. Electrical Engineer Zeyad Hameed salih Contact Info.: PhoneNo.: 00964-07710691456 E‐mail: zyadhameed202@gmail.com Passport No. :A2837683 Seeking a career to gain relevant experience and apply my educational background and personal skills. I expected to be a team player professional reliable and playing an active role in multinational firm. And I am presenting this resume to gain a great experience and a full time job considering my work experiences background and my electrical skills. Academic Training B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering University of Tikrit ,tikrit, Iraq Zeyad Hameed Salih Electrical Engineer I can work in the field of Design ,I can do supervision .I can work in coordination and operation . I can do project Management and Testing and I can work in the field of programming microcontrollers .I can do controlling systems .I can work in hospitals and oil companies and excavation companies And other establishment Languages can speak and write: (Arabic, English)
  2. 2. Experiences: (Finance, Filed survey, IDP helps). Description:  From 15-2-20015 to 11-8-2015) Post title: distribution asset to IDP, account responsible. The project was distribution assistance to the IDP includes foods. blankets, mattresses.  from 1-2-2016 to 1-4-2016 finance in local company for providing construction materials.  I have worked in different specialties, especially in finance department and accounting,  I trained with north oil company Iraq. • In the finance field I have experience in many places. General Information : Age : 24 years Marital Status : single Father name: Hameed salih Education : B.Sc. economic. Job:general Brigadier in Kirkuk police Mother name :Ronak Tahseen Education: B.Sc. civil law. Job: lawyer Brothers : 1-moataz Hameed Education: master of civil law. 2-anas Hameed Education: third stage college of medicine 3- abd-albary hameed Education: high school student Skills:  Design Electrical Control Systems .  Good in programming Micro Controllers .  Good in using AutoCAD  Microsoft certified Systems Administrator good  Microsoft certified Systems Engineer good  Microsoft operating Systems XP very good MS Word – Ms Excel – Ms power point. Very good