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Netixia Zimbra Collaboration Roadmap

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Présentations de Rob Howard lors du forum Zimbra 2014

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Netixia Zimbra Collaboration Roadmap

  1. 1. Zimbra Roadmap Rob Howard | CTO rob@zimbra.com 1
  2. 2. Product Vision
  3. 3. Mail Voice Contacts Calendar Tasks Briefcase Open Source 3
  4. 4. Zimbra Next Releases New user experience (HTML5) Outlook support for iPhone, Mac and Apple Mail Web Services Mobile-first design (Responsive Web) Gamification to increase engagement Starter kits for rapid community creation Custom workflows for rule management Continued investment in OSS Always-on and multitenant architecture
  5. 5. Zimbra Future Analytics-Driven Results Invest heavily in analytics to deliver better results to the inbox Inbox 2.0 Completely re-imagine the way that people think about email Universal Messaging Single message, enables communication through all channels Share Files and Media through all Channels Connected through both mobile and desktop experiences
  6. 6. Anywhere at any time and on any device
  7. 7. [INSERT VIDEO] Collaborative Content Creation Length 6:15
  8. 8. Roadmap Overview Theme 2014 2015 Analytics Big Data Lake Email Analytics Unified Search Priority Inbox Stream Management Capability HTML5 and EWS Clients Mobile File Sync and Share Instant Messaging Service Social Tasks and Events Real time Document Collab Voice and Video Chat Secure Mobile Email App Delivery Web Hosting Automation Single Sign On Always ON Phase 1 Encryption / Compliance Web Migration Tools Custom App Integration Always ON Phase 2
  9. 9. Zimbra Collaboration Roadmap 8.5 Zimbra Collaboration 8.5 (2nd Half-2014) • New: Tablet mobile user experience (HTML5 and Responsive) • New: Native support for Exchange Web Services (Outlook) • New: Always-On Architecture (phase 1) • New: Zimbra Community integration & enhancements • Enhancements: New Platform APIs
  10. 10. HTML5 Mobile Web New user experience based around HTML5 & responsive design. ▷ Sencha Touch HTML5 Mobile App Framework ▷ Customize through standard HTML and CSS ▷ Zimbra experience on iOS and Android devices Zimbra Confidential 11
  11. 11. HTML5 Offline The anytime, anywhere mailbox without additional client software or configuration. ▷ Cache 1 day to 1 months worth of data ▷ Responsive design with background sync ▷ Register device to cache web app and data Zimbra Confidential 12
  12. 12. Exchange Web Services Supporting the broadest range of desktop clients for a native user experience. ▷ Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail support ▷ Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks ▷ Freebusy interoperability with Exchange Server Zimbra Confidential 13
  13. 13. Always On Phase 1 Clients Proxy Node nginx (Reverse Proxy) Static Requests (HTML, JS, CSS, Images) UI Node Jetty /zimbra (End User UI) Dynamic Requests (SOAP/REST/ IMAP/POP/etc) Mail Server Node Jetty Updates to the web application without service disruption and storage resiliency. /service (Mailbox Backend) /zimbraAdmin (Admin UI) ▷ Separating the client web app from the server ▷ Support for clustered file systems with blobs ▷ Switch to MariaDB for email metadata Zimbra Confidential 14
  14. 14. New Investment in Extensibility UI Customization 1. 2. 3. Themes and Skins SOAP APIs Open Source Zimlet Framework 1. 2. 3. 4. Web Service Mashups Create custom workflows Server Extensions http://gallery.zimbra.com 15
  15. 15. Zimbra Collaboration Roadmap 9.0 Zimbra Collaboration 9.0 (2015) • New: Instant Messaging (XMPP) & Presence • New: Real-time Document Collaboration • New: Always-On Architecture (phase 2) • Enhancements: Zimbra Community integration & enhancements • Enhancements: File Sync & Share, WebRTC
  16. 16. Always On Phase 2 Proxy Node nginx (Reverse Proxy) Mail Server 1 Mail Server 2 Mail Server 3 Jetty (Java Server) Jetty (Java Server) Jetty (Java Server) Metadata DB File Storage No user downtime for upgrades, maintenance, or unplanned outages. ▷ Distributed persistent data stores ▷ S3 compatible store support ▷ Automatic load balancing of users (active/active) Zimbra Confidential 17
  17. 17. Instant Messaging Communicate with people or teams in real-time across devices, organizations, and channels. ▷ Unified presence across applications and devices ▷ P2P and group chat across any device ▷ Chat with people outside your organization Zimbra Confidential 18
  18. 18. File Sync and Share Securely access and collaborate with people and teams across any device. ▷ Versioning, annotation, hi-fidelity preview ▷ Secure files with encryption and data wiping ▷ Mailbox and social communities integration Zimbra Confidential 19
  19. 19. Integration with Social Communities my workspace team workspace Enabling collaboration with integrated experiences between personal and team workspaces. ▷ Subscribe to team tasks and calendars ▷ Share Files and email threads to groups ▷ Unified presence, search and streams Zimbra Confidential 20
  20. 20. High-Level Release Timeline 8.0 2013 • • • • • • • • • Streamlined UX Desktop integration Smart mail filtering Cal Views / Schedule Wizard Cisco / Mitel Voice and SDK MDM and remote device wipe Litigation hold / secure email New Exchange Migration Tools KVM / Xen Hypervisor support 8.0.7 8.5 Beyond 8.5 2014 2015 • HTML5 Mobile Web Mail • • Enterprise Social Enhancements • HTML5 Mobile Web Calendar • HTML5 Offline Client • Exchange Web Services • Always On Phase 1 • Platform APIs • • • • • • File Sync to Devices • Instant Messaging Zimbra Confidential • WebRTC Voice/Video Realtime Document Collab Unified Search Priority Inbox Stream Management Web Migration Tools Always On Phase 2 21
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. THANK YOU! Rob Howard rob@zimbra.com @robhoward
  23. 23. ©2013 Zimbra, Inc. All rights reserved. Zimbra and its symbol are registered trademarks of Zimbra, Inc. Other company and product names mentioned are property of their respective owners. The contents of this publication are subject to change without notification, are the property of Zimbra, and cannot be reproduced without Zimbra’s written permission. The contents of this publication are not a commitment by Zimbra to provide the features and benefits described. Zimbra 3000 Internet Blvd., Suite 200 Frisco, TX 75034 USA Main: +1 972-407-0688 Main US toll-free: 877-492-9484 www.zimbra.com February 21, 2014 24