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Through the dashboard: See your support clearly with Explore

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Understanding your customers isn’t as tough as it seems—with Zendesk Explore, it’s easy to build dashboards that track every aspect of the customer experience. Join Andrew Forbes (Zendesk) and Vincent Dollet (Zendesk) as they dive into Explore.

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Through the dashboard: See your support clearly with Explore

  1. 1. TRACK 1B NOW Through the dashboard: 
 See your support clearly with Explore
  2. 2. TRA C K 1B Through the dashboard: See your support clearly with Explore Senior Product Manager Zendesk Product Marketing Manager Zendesk VINCENT DOLLET ANDREW FORBES
  3. 3. A little bit of background Agenda Getting to know Zendesk Explore What’s next for Explore
  4. 4. Zendesk Explore 
 is now available. Yeah, we said it.
  5. 5. There’s a need for better 
 analytics SOURCE: ZENDESK RESEARCH 70% ...also said they didn’t 
 have adequate analytics tools to support them 90% of respondents said 
 their immediate team 
 is data-driven
  6. 6. Customer Experience leaders need analytics that… Customizable Give users the flexibility to customize their reporting without code Collaborative Make it easy to collaborate and take action on data Omnichannel analytics Make it easy to understand how customers interact across channels
  7. 7. Say hello to Zendesk Explore Analytics to measure and improve the entire customer experience
  8. 8. Explore provides analytics 
 for every Zendesk channel
  9. 9. “Since I've started building queries and dashboards in Explore, I've managed to solve for all of the pain points I had with reporting. Turns out, the main things I needed are 
 things you were already thinking about!” – Justine Matison 
 Director of Customer Service and Support
  10. 10. Serve your customers more efficiently SOURCE: ZENDESK RESEARCH 8.6% Faster first reply time 18.4% Faster full resolution time
  11. 11. What makes Explore great for customer experience teams? Show what you know Explore has intuitive collaboration options that make it easy to share insights and analysis with the entire team—or company. The expertise is included Explore comes packed with pre-built analytics to give your business the metrics that matter, right out of the box. Customize where it counts When you’re ready to really own it you can build personalized charts and dashboards, fit for your business.
  12. 12. The expertise 
 is included • 20+ pre-built, best practice dashboards • 100+ charts and metrics out of the box • Intuitive filters and drill-ins 1
  13. 13. Customize where it counts • Point-and-click chart and dashboard builder • Intelligent chart selector • 20+ chart types • Powerful calculations • 500+ customizations 2
  14. 14. 3 Show what 
 you know • Dashboard sharing • Scheduled dashboard delivery • Export data in formats that work for your business
  15. 15. Break free and dig in
  16. 16. Let’s talk about some of our favorite features.
  17. 17. Slice and dice data with intuitive filters Drill-down on every chart to understand underlying trends Dig in, anywhere “I love the dashboards that come out of the box with Explore. They give me a birds-eye view of everything I need to know.”
  18. 18. Understand the impact of AI Instantly understand the impact Answer Bot has on your support Learn how agents and AI work together to solve tickets from your customers
  19. 19. Forecast ahead and be ready 
 for future support trends Powerful predictive analytics help support organizations make smarter decisions
  20. 20. Questions? Stop by the Zendesk booth, we’re happy to chat.
  21. 21. Dedicated developers 40+ Development headquarters Montpellier Dublin Powered by Launched in 2018
  22. 22. Real-time 
 monitoring 2019 Operational reporting Customer intelligence Today
  23. 23. Key principles Performance Simplicity Customization
  24. 24. Explore provides analytics 
 for every Zendesk channel Datasets Knowledge Capture App Answer Bot Datasets Tickets Ticket Updates Ticket Backlog History Ticket SLAs Datasets Engagement Datasets Calls
  25. 25. Meet Explore Analytics to measure and improve the entire customer experience. Dashboards & charts Data exploration Collaboration
  26. 26. Let’s see Explore 
 in action
  27. 27. What’s next 
 for Explore?
  28. 28. 2019 Themes Platform Query API
 Embedding Explore Transformed data Real-time Monitoring Realtime Dashboard Support + Talk + Guide Customizations
 Operational Reporting New Datasets Sharing beyond Support Data security
  29. 29. We have more Explore content tomorrow too
  30. 30. #zendeskrelate @zendesk 1B TRACK Happy