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ValueCheck! — Reaching Engaging Communication Beyond Ourselves | 2006

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We published our thoughts about Smart Communication in a year when Social Media was still a hidden secret!

Nevertheless: Have a look!

Smart Communication:
Reaching Engaging Communication Beyond Ourselves

“A smart communication application would facilitate my correspondence with my social circle. It would advice me, at the appropriate time, of what card and gift my particular contact would desire... And know my preference of what to give, say and afford. It would then ask me if it should execute the plan... While sending me interesting news clips and newly released .mpg files of a favorite band to my PURL...”


About ValueCheck! and how it works

ValueCheck! is a unique approach. It unifies Communication, art and culture in three steps via Analysis, Audits and Coaching.

Our POV: It’s time for a disruptive approach via ValueCheck!: The performance promise of Value Communication is “connect innovation to profit”. In order to realize this promise, a questionnaire including eight different parts is organized so that customers get an opportunity to check out their companies’ marketing communication level by answering ValueCheck questions.

After receiving answers, Value Communication promises to provide customers with the results based on Value Score Index. In this way, customers become more aware of their tendencies and inadequacies on track of making benefits in the market. They get a chance to increase the effectiveness of all communication activities with regard to the success of their companies.

Your benefits

• ValueCheck! is something like a fitness check-up to be prepared for The Age of the Customer.
• ValueCheck! delivers orientation how to optimize all dimensions of your internal and external business communication success.
• ValueCheck! guides you through the digital world to accelerate your profitable growth.

You want to check it out?

Just send us an email!
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More Information about Value Communication

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ValueCheck! — Reaching Engaging Communication Beyond Ourselves | 2006

  1. 1. ValueCheck! 
 — We Value Smart Communication! ! Presented by
  2. 2. A clear understanding of communication becomes an important step towards self-analysis, priorities, character and values of life...
  3. 3. Please answer yes or no: 5 Question Checklist: 
 Putting the principles of spoken communication to work
  4. 4. Please answer yes or no: 1. Is this quote still valid today?: 
 “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.”
 — Ralph Waldo Emerson, (1803 — 1882)
  5. 5. Please answer yes or no: 2. Do you plan what you are going to say before and during meetings, interviews and telephone calls?
  6. 6. Please answer yes or no: 3. Has anyone found anything you have said or written in the last week to be lacking in clarity?
  7. 7. Please answer yes or no: 4. Have you taken steps to become a clear thinker?
  8. 8. Please answer yes or no: 5. Which of these statements better describe you: • “He/she has a gift for making the complicated sound simple.” • “He/she tends to turn even the simplest matter into something that is difficult and complicated.”
  9. 9. Suggestion Improve on any no-responses and incorporate your effective communication into everything 
 you do.
  10. 10. The communicative components are: (Gudykunst, 1991; Adler and Towne, 1996)
  11. 11. communicators, (Communicators are senders and receivers of messages.)
  12. 12. message, (The message is the content.)
  13. 13. medium, (The medium is the particular means of conveying the message. Donald W. Fiske (1990) described three types of media: ! 1 Presentational-e.g. the voice, face, body. ! 2 Representational-e.g. books, paintings, architecture, photographs. ! 3 Technological/mechanical-e.g. television, radio, CD, telephone.)
  14. 14. channel, (A 'Channel' 'connects' communicators and accommodates the medium. 
 For example, a telephone cable.)
  15. 15. code, (A code is a system of meaning shared by a group.)
  16. 16. noise, (Noise is any interference distorting or degrading the meaning of the message.)
  17. 17. feedback (Feedback is the receiver's response to a sender's communication.)
  18. 18. and context (All communication takes place within a context and is crucially influenced by it.)
  19. 19. "All communication reduces uncertainty." (Berger and Calabrese, 1975)
  20. 20. Communication requires at least two parties to inform each other...
  21. 21. ... And maybe why examples of 
 Customized Direct Marketing have been successful.
  22. 22. Preface: The “Smart Communication” white paper was written as a thought-provoking guideline.
  23. 23. Smart Communication Reaching Engaging Communication Beyond Ourselves
  24. 24. The Oxford dictionary defines "smart" as intelligent. fashionable & stylish. computer-controlled to appear intelligent. clean & neat.
  25. 25. “Smart” + “Communication” reveals the challenges in reaching optimal communication.
  26. 26. Smart communication applications should be completely seamless 
 and integrated.
  27. 27. “Consumers appear overwhelmed with content and are interested in personalization to cut clutter 
 in their lives.” — 2006 ChoiceStream Personalization Survey
  28. 28. Dissatisfaction occurs
 when service fails.
  29. 29. In our service-oriented society, 
 the client expects to be served and communicated to.
  30. 30. Once the consumer accepts a brand, the brand enters into an agreement to foster a relationship and grow with its consumer.
  31. 31. IMAGE? Relationships between consumers 
 and brands are not dissimilar to interpersonal relationships.
  32. 32. A “Smart Dialogue” increases • Brand Image. • Loyalty. • Sales.
  33. 33. IMAGE? In the past, 
 a producer would directly represent 
 their goods in the marketplace.
  34. 34. IMAGE? In the advertising age, 
 marketing agencies helped transition 
 direct producer contact with media.
  35. 35. “Smart Communication” reunites producer & consumer.
  36. 36. Before Customisation, brand dialogue was • sorely a monologue with advertising. • slow & tedious between consumers 
 & brand. sorely a monologue with advertising. slow & tedious between consumers 
 & brand.
  37. 37. Smart = CommunicationSmart Communication
  38. 38. IMAGE? Smart Communication is a breath of fresh air...
  39. 39. 2007|2014 © Andreas Weber, Mainz @ValueCommAG a.weber(at)value-communication.com