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Sustainable Success by Valuable Communications

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All you need to know how to survive in the digital age doing a better, valuable communications job. As a marketing communication professional or as a business leader.

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Sustainable Success by Valuable Communications

  1. 1. + by Success Sustainable Valuable Communications!
  2. 2. What is NOT Valuable Communications? Advertising as 
 harassment communication Push-Advertising 
 (purely sender-driven) On Buzz-Words/Claims reduced to Content Staccato
  3. 3. This is Valuable Communications: Meaningful final exchange of Ideas, opinions, insights, Facts 
 and recommendations for action! !
  4. 4. This is Valuable Communications: ! Emphatic Care 
 (with Charm and Esprit!) Reliable Link between 
 Demand and Supply
  5. 5. Effectiveness of Valuable Communications! 1. Creates sustainable Relationships 
 (equally with customers, employees, partners, mediators)
 2. Convinced sustained by 
 Honesty and Authenticity ! 3. Permits und enables Innovation 
 of products, services, business models
  6. 6. What hinders Valuable Communications? 1.Analog Thinking 
 in a digital world
 2. Marketing ignorance and penetrance hunting for revenues like a chicken without a head
 3.Inadequate communication skills in the management 
 (Communication competencies can’t be delegated!)
  7. 7. What inspires Valuable Communications? ! Interaction Lust + conversation Passion 
 Sovereign Attention + ability to Anticipate
 Dealing in the best way with all relevant technologies for Presentation, Media Work, Interaction 

  8. 8. We share 
 our knowledge and expertise to make communication in the digital age valuable.
  9. 9. We enable our 
 customers and partners a profitable appreciation of its market activities.
  10. 10. We combine the strengths of our strong culture & creative industries with the requirements of economic leadership.
  11. 11. Contact: ! @ValueCommAG (Twitter) https://facebook.com/ValueCommunicationAG http://www.linkedin.com/in/andreasweber Text and © 2014: Andreas Weber Illustrations: Lidia Lukianova !